10 Bestselling Ways to Decorate With Novels

Much like throw pillows, floral centerpieces and wall treatments, bookshelves and book displays can show our allegiance to a decorative design and ethos. Some of us are meticulous collectors of hard-to-find first versions and hardback copies, which we proudly display in high ranking areas, while some prefer the candy-colored allure of paperbacks. And then there are many others who purchase secondhand books and magazines from the bushel and from spine color to fill shelf space in libraries. Whether you love to read or simply enjoy the expression of books, you are sure to find inspiration in the structures below.

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Tilted. The jagged edges and tilted shelving units make this custom bookshelf a dialogue piece. I would love the screen even more if it didn’t have a TV facing it. However, the arrangement inspires the question: Would you rather read Shakespeare’s work or watch Shakespeare in Love?

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Modular. Book lovers with contemporary leanings will adore the modular layout of this stackable Cloud unit, together with circular cubbies that are broad enough to home coffee table books. The Cloud’s double-faced layout enables you to reach for books from both sides of the unit when it’s freestanding and not from a wall.

Beccy Smart Photography

Stacked. Interior designer Abigail Ahern displays stacks of novels on her kitchen island countertop. The unconventional placement isn’t for everybody, but it’s the ideal choice for Ahern’s stone’n’ roll lifestyle and also for those who use the kitchen less for cooking and more frequently as a location to unpack ready-made food from a catering company.

Home Completions

Curved and constructed in. A curved basement hall doubles its own cool factor with this curved built in wall. Instead of regressing into the wall, the shelving unit swells and invites passersby to reach out and grab a book.

David Howell Design

Shelved. A floor-to-ceiling library wall in this office on Manhattan’s Upper East Side keeps favored titles handy and draws attention to the high ceiling.

Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interiors Design

Upcycled. A terrarium protects and exhibits classic books in this Los Angeles home. The book arrangement complements the vintage cottage look of the home.

Lauren Donaldson

Remembered. If you’re looking for a way to upcycle book covers since separated from their webpages, think about this craft maven’s DIY. She shows off treasured family photographs by pasting them on discarded book covers, including texture and interest to an otherwise staid wall — giving fresh life to the book covers.

Carol Vaughan-Davis

Color coordinated. The book styling in this living area along with the custom shelving unit are magnificent. The designer grounds that the space with furnishings that are neutral and layers on splashes of colour by way of book spines.

Orange books add pops of colour in this conventional home’s hallway library. The tangerine splashes add visual interest without overpowering the all-white space.

Glenn Gissler Design

Piled low. Here, a low pile of novels draws the eye to a stunning yellow urn. Although putting the pliers in one of the shelving components is definitely a safer choice, it’s not nearly as visually or unique intriguing.

Michelle Salz-Smith

Ready for studying. The book display in this trendy modern bedroom is ideal for people who read before going to sleep — and who always forget where they left off. The display’s design enables you to hang the book based on the previous page you’ve read and call it a night.

Afternoon Project: Declutter Your Bookshelves

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