Advantages and Disadvantages of Container Homes

Container homes are handyman San Jose made from shipping containers that are used for transporting goods through ships, trucks, and trains. Nowadays, people are using these giant Lego blocks to build their house in different shapes and sizes.

The smallest of these containers is capable of making a home with 100 square feet of space. Eight containers should be enough to build a 2-story home that’s about 1,400 square feet in size.

But are container homes a good investment?

Read on to find out the pros and cons so you can decide if they’re really worth investing on.


– Prefab – The container homes are usually prefabricated, which makes building a home much easier. There are even some companies that claim to deliver the containers within ten weeks! The building code inspections are usually done within the factory, making things faster and simpler. So if you’re someone who loves DIY projects, the containers are fun to work with.

– Ease of Transport – There’s a worldwide system that exists for moving these containers so as soon as they reach your place, all you have to do is to set them up in the foundation you’ve prepared.

– Predictable Cost – The work required to build a container home usually comes at a fixed price. The only variable costs required are the costs for site preparation, assembly, foundation, and utility connections. Having said that, container homes aren’t always cheap. The cost varies a lot depending on certain factors.

– Recycling – The environmental aspect of using a container to build handyman San Jose CA lies in the fact that you’re reusing a product from the shipping industry.


– Structural Issues – A shipping container may be strong in some aspects, but the roof is not really that strong. Therefore, you may need to build another roof covering.

– Hazardous Materials – You’ll never know what materials were stored in the container in the past. It could be products made from hazardous materials that could put your health at risk. Furthermore, the paint and the finishes used for these containers are intended for shipping and not for residential purposes.

– Space and Shape – You are limited to the space and shape that you can make out of these containers. The containers are designed to fit on a train so they are understandably narrow. As a result, bulky furniture may not be able to fit in it.

– Bad Insulation – The container’s narrow shape means that it isn’t insulated properly. A thin layer of insulation is usually used when building San Jose handyman out of these containers.


You probably want to use containers to build a custom home because you love the idea or the look of it. The opportunity to play with blocks for your do-it-yourself project is a fun idea. But never assume that this will cost you less than building a regular home or that it’s more eco-friendly.