Toilet Layout: Renew Body and Mind With Colorful Light

After we’re blessed with great weather, we view that the sun’s warm rays as bright white. On winter mornings, the sky is almost pink, and in the summer, warmer colours like orange and red could be viewed at sunset. The spectrum of white light is made up of orange, red, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple — and those seven colours have an unbelievable impact on our physical and psychological wellness.

Chromotheraphy has been researched and practiced for more than 4,000 decades. Once reserved for the pharaohs of Egypt, this therapeutic technique is currently possible in our own houses to help improve our health and everyday outlook. Many times, the shower may be the best spot to receive a dose of recovery light without breaking a daily routine. A large number of colors could be made with the assistance of non invasive LEDs (light-emitting diodes). This little bit of extra lighting does wonders for a small shower or bathroom — the ability to layer the lighting to suit morning patterns or idle weekend soaks is essential to enjoying the bathroom at several times of day. Add a tiny colored light, and you have a whole new space.

Let us take a look at coloured light for baths and cover a few pointers for successful installation.

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Blue lighting has several documented health benefits. It helps decrease blood pressure and calm breathing, making relaxing easier. Blue light has also been proven to be an anti-inflammatory and improve circulation — all great things as we age.


Look how this gloomy light brings the walls to life — initially you see the blue, then you observe the stone and the light reflecting off the water from the bathtub.

When you are choosing a bathtub with a chromotherapy bundle, get one with four lighting. Sometimes two lights just does not cut it.

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Red lightenergizes and arouses. The effects of red light may improve your heartbeat and get you charged up for a large match, pumped for a major meeting or in the mood for a bit of love.

This shower has a wonderful iridescent tile that sparkles. With routine lighting, this room itself needs to be an actual energizer both in the morning and during the night. To emphasize iridescent particles from the tile, multiple sources of lighting needs to be used. Three or five small halogens would do the job flawlessly.

A tiled wall washed light like this ought to be put perfectly so the wall is smooth and flat. The nearer the light would be to hitting the wall, the more it will show defects in the setup. Also, make sure that the LED lighting, task lighting and fixtures are set up during the tiling process for complete precision.

If you are not brave enough for bright red tile, choose a tile that is lighter and stick using LED lighting for color. When the mood strikes, you can choose any color you prefer.

You always have the option to change out routine light bulbs for LED versions in your standard fixture or build a custom lighting attribute from LED strip lighting for a similar strategy. When working with a specialist, make sure that your installer does not underestimate the lighting needs of a space and put in too little lighting for a huge impact.

If you are planning your lighting strategy, make sure it may be dimmed and build it brighter than you believe you need it to be. The ThermaSol light featured here has six high-intensity light generators per color for intense and flexible lighting.

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This steam shower has a chromotherapy setting that allows all the colours to change gradually. This is really a treat when you are taking a very long steam shower. Many of my customers stretch in their own showers before and after exercising, or to relax before bedtime. Clearing your head and detoxifying at day’s end can generate a deeper sleep and help keep your nerves in check. Shade can help improve this experience.

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Hundreds of years back, stained glass was often employed for chromotherapy purposes. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increased tenfold under the rays of violet light shining through a church’s stained glass windows. Green light has been proven to decrease irritability and sleeplessness, and may be employed to help someone recover from a nervous breakdown. Yellow lighting can aid with digestion and simply make us feel happy.

Stained glass, if filtering natural or man-made lighting, produces amazing results. If the glass is beveled and utilized in conjunction with diamonds, diamonds or distinct kinds of glass, the result is even more amazing.

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Should you use your master bath every day to prepare for shower, work after football, bathe the children and wash the dog, how do you make it feel like a spa whenever you have enough time to relax?

When overall lighting or task lighting is switched off (the downlights, or pot lights, in the photo), ambient lighting may take over. Pendants and accent coloured lighting (here, on the vanity toe kick and shower ceiling) could be put to a slow scroll to completely transform the mood.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to put in a few chromotheraphy lights, just do it. It’s easy to leave them off most of the time, and the benefit they offer when they’re turned on is invaluable.

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How can you not feel great carrying a sunshine-filled shower? Harvesting the sun’s light is easier with a massive skylight like this one. We’ve started working more with 4- by 4-foot skylights, and the extra light is always welcome.

Consider finding your master en suite on the east elevation of a new residence if you would like to shower early in the day, or around the west side if you would like to shower at day’s end and grab the sunset’s closing beams.


It doesn’t matter which form of chromotheraphy you decide on for your next bathroom renovation; any and all are wonderful ways to bring your favourite color into your everyday routine.

For centuries, people have utilized colored lighting for curing — determine if it improves the quality of your life.

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