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Sink Into a Home Yoga Practice Space

Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, famous in the West since the father of Ashtanga yoga, famously said to his students, “Yoga is 99 per cent practice, 1 per cent theory.” But as our daily obligations increase, enriching one’s practice by attending course at a yoga studio has gotten more and more difficult — not to mention pricey.

Yoga professionals all over the world have taken things into their own hands by attracting their yoga exercise home. You, too, can accentuate your practice by producing your own yoga space in your house with only a couple of tweaks and enhancements that match your budget and lifestyle. If you don’t have the funds for a detached cabin or another yoga space, a cellar corner or nook should suffice, provided that it could accommodate an unfurled yoga mat along with your arm span. If you’re planning to do inversions, at least one clear, unadorned wall space is necessary.

Palmerston Design Consultants

Salute sunlight with natural light. This airy penthouse yoga room has all of the elements of the very serene yoga studio: natural air purifiers by means of a potted plant, hardwood floors for more secure Sun Salutations and asanas (poses), white and warm tones, and most important, unadorned windows that let in lots of natural light.

“We installed sun colors that allowed our customer to control the amount of light that was coming to the room and reduce glare,” says interior designer Kirsten Marshall, who made this Toronto yoga room for a teacher who continues to use among the rooms in her house as a studio for personal clients.

Shelving unit: custom constructed by Palmerston Design Consultants; alpine white planter: Barracuda Home and Garden Accessories

Sutton Suzuki Architects

“For the ones that can have an entirely separate yoga space, I would advise using plenty of natural light,” agrees San Francisco Bay Area yoga teacher Charu Rachlis. “Ideally you want to face north or west when in the yoga space; the two instructions are considered auspicious for spiritual practice, not to mention that you might have to see the sun climbing in the distance.”

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Connect with character. This Mill Valley, California, yoga cabin was part of a project that included adding two cabins on a steep wooded website, with one cabin used as a yoga studio. As you can see, the cabin has direct access into the surrounding plant and receives lots of natural light. “We placed the yoga cabin right next to a beautiful group of redwood trees,” chief architect Jonathan Feldman says. The customer “desired healthy materials and finishes [non- or zero-VOC] and natural substances: rustic timber, rock and warm paint colours,” he adds.

More clients are asking yoga studios, these days Feldman says. “People seem to want lots of light plus a distant location where they may escape from the stresses of their hectic lives.”

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Colorado yoga teacher Meg DePriest adds, “Your yoga space doesn’t necessarily have to be 9 feet by 9 feet, as is popularly believed.” Can you stretch your arms out and legs while lying on the ground without bumping into furniture? Would you proceed through Sun Salutations without having to restrict your motion? If so, then you have enough space for asana practice.

The warmth to your yoga space or room is dependent upon your wants and preferences, but be certain the room is ventilated properly and may be heated in winter.

John Kraemer & Sons

Produce another space. Devoting another space for yoga practice, however large or small the region, is important in establishing your home yoga practice. There’s something curative about leaving the needs of our hectic lives in a distance “out there” and entering a distance that’s solely dedicated to healing, mindfulness and calm.

“With this project, the homeowners’d always desired a space especially for yoga, so the space was really designed into the plan and wasn’t an afterthought,” says home contractor Jonathan Kraemer, adding that it was designed exactly to his clients’ specifications.


Cork Flooring, Bleach White

“The clients asked for bamboo flooring, which can be ecofriendly, comfy and easy to walk on, durable and absorb sound nicely,” says Kraemer.


You don’t have to have a lot of money to have an entirely separate yoga room. “You might not have a space that you’re able to keep clear at all times for yoga,” DePriest says. “In that circumstance, every [time you practice], clear exactly the same distance that you’ll be using then light a candle to signify the transition out of what that distance was to exactly what the distance has become. It helps ground your yoga/meditation practice”

Karen Maximo-Fernando

A reading nook or sitting area may quickly transform into a yoga room if furniture could be moved against the wall to create more space for your mat.

DePriest clinics at home in a tiny alcove in her master bedroom, where she’s a low table with books and incense, and floor space for her zafu (meditation pillow) and yoga mat. “I have one wall space free so I could do inversions. I adore my house yoga room,” she says.

Zafu Zabuton Set – $152

This zafu zabuton set comes with a meditation mat along with a cushion for rear support during meditation.

Escale layout

Don’t be afraid to take it outside. What a lot of people don’t understand is that yoga is much more than poses and physical exercise. “For me, yoga is also about sitting and meditating. The poses help you attain strength and flexibility in order for your meditation and sitting practice can be more comfortable. Anyone can practice yoga anywhere in the house. You work with what you have,” says DePriest.

This scenic view and surrounding landscape create an ideal place to practice yoga; pranayama (breath work) is made easy with fresh air, along with the heat from the sun’s rays can help improve flexibility during one’s practice. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Contemporary Prints And Posters – $69.99

Set the ideal intent with a grounding object. It is important to have something that reminds you exactly what your practice is aiming toward. “Possessing an visual totem that reminds you that the distance and exercise is for healing and relaxation: a flower, a statue, a film that has spiritual meaning for a candle,” says Rachlis, adding that it’s “entirely up to each individual how to set up a space for meditation and yoga.”

Like everything that has to do with yoga, use your intuition in determining what seems sacred and what you would like to have within your conscious space.

Produce Your Own Massage Room
Inspiring Spaces: A Place to Work Out

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Easy Green: Weekend Detox for Your House

Seeking to green your home but not certain where to start? Try out this very simple strategy for a weekend home detox. Covering Friday to Sunday, it’s packed with easy pointers to help the planet, save money and have more fun.

ZeroEnergy Design

Friday after work: Unplug. Save energy and recharge your batteries by spending Friday evening without your usual tech apparatus. Take advantage of the longer times by taking a small snack, a book along with a refreshing beverage outdoors to savor the last few moments of light. No yard? Hit up the neighborhood park.

Later, dust off decks of cards, board games and failed craft projects for a day of old-school fun.

Jeanette Lunde

Saturday morning: Clean the air. Open those windows up and let the fresh air in. This simple step can make a big difference in indoor air quality, which is normally worse than outside, even in towns. Attempt to crack a few windows for at least 15 minutes each day to keep your house’s air clean.

Next, grab your jacket and your coffee because I am sending you on a little errand. Go to a local nursery (or perhaps your grocery store) and treat yourself to a flowering plant. This small act will undoubtedly lift your spirits, and it’ll help detox the air to boot.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Reduce and recycle. Take a walk throughout your home, scooping up surplus clutter in addition to those pesky electronics you have been meaning to take to the recycling center. Your home will feel lighter, and you’ll be doing the earth a favor when you contribute and recycle unwanted items rather than throwing them in the trash.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Now let us take a look in your pantry. This is a good opportunity to throw unhealthy packed foods, also anything that is expired. Consider keeping healthy staples in clean glass containers where you are very likely to reach for them.

When it is time to hit the shop again, consider using the bulk bins for some of your purchases to reduce packaging waste and save cash.

Karen Viscito Interiors

Getting hungry? It’s time to plan some home-cooked meals for the next few days. Cooking at home means you don’t have to dispose of most of those takeout containers, also it is usually healthier and cheaper.

As you are at the market, also scoop up a couple of natural cleaning products. Most available on the market now work just in addition to traditional cleaners and smell better. Want to actually pinch pennies? Some people swear that baking soda and vinegar can clean just about anything. For bonus points, pick up a water filter and ditch your plastic water bottle habit.

Michael Robert Construction

Saturday evening: Go paperless. Prior to going out, take a half-hour roughly to register for online statements to your household accounts and cancel any subscriptions you are no more enjoying. A brief time spent setting up things now will stop a mountain of paperwork by entering your home in the future.

Get tips and Internet tools for carrying the paperless plunge

Amy Lau Design

Bedtime: Make your bedroom a tech-free zone. Remove as many electronics as possible from your bedroom and see what a difference it makes in the way you feel. To have a more restful sleep, consider turning off the TV and Web at least a half-hour until you flip in.

8 Decorating Ideas for a Good Night’s Sleep

Banyon Tree Design Studio

Sunday: Plant something. Plants help clean the air and keep our world cool. Do your part and take advantage of whatever area you need to grow something. Don’t have a huge yard? No Problem. Get creative with container planting, a vertical garden or even a pot of herbs on your windowsill.

Go a step further and bring home a tree for indoors or out. Indoor trees make for dramatic decor and do a wonderful job of cleansing the air. Bamboo, philodendron and rubber plants are great choices.

Yvonne McFadden LLC

Sunday evening: Have a dinner. Finish the weekend by starting a new dinner tradition. Whether you keep it modest or invite a lot of family and friends is up to you; the point is to slow down and connect. In case your unplugged evening went well on Friday, consider going unplugged again this evening. You might even shut off the lights and have a candlelit dinner.

10 Ways to Go Greener Through Design

Reclaim Room to Breathe

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Kitchen Workbook: 8 Components of an Kitchen

The allure of a Asian-style kitchen lies in its basic sense of serenity, spiced with a bit of the exotic. Materials with a strong connection to nature, harmonious and smooth lines, and an unexpected surprise or two add up to some distance that exudes peace and balance yet whispers of an inherent strength. Here is the way to interpret the appearance for your kitchen.

More kitchen style guides

MN Builders

Balance and harmony. The Asian aesthetic puts a strong emphasis on harmony, in terms of substances in addition to design. Pay attention to balancing visual elements such as color, weight and form. Inside this kitchen the dark range hood offsets the staircase, and the milder ceiling beams echo the cabinetry.

LisaLeo layouts

Organic substances. Surfaces using a connection to the earth feel most at home in Asian-style kitchens. Consider forests, subdued stone as well as butcher block. More modern materials, such as glass or concrete, have a location here as well, but be sure to balance them with organic ones so the kitchen does not feel cold or unpleasant.

Gaspar’s Construction

Elements from nature. Asian layout puts a strong emphasis on bringing the outside inside through crops and organic themes. Look at adding touches of glass or acrylic that has bamboo, grasses or leaves embedded inside it, like in the shoji screen–style panels that entrance this kitchen window. You might also line cabinet panels with split bamboo stalks or include potted bamboo plants or wheatgrass to infuse the area with a sense of life.

Mark Brand Architecture

Minimalist design. Asian interiors are about simplicity, and that has the kitchen. An Asian-style kitchen ought to feel serene and understated. Keep the design sleek and streamlined, without the visual mess to interrupt the sight lines. A galley kitchen, as shown above, works especially well, but any setup could be successful as long as it’s a smooth stream.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Straightforward cabinetry. Cabinetry in an Asian-style kitchen has clean lines and has no ornamentation. Some cabinets have a Shaker-like quality, while others are frameless. Keep hardware minimal and crisp to fit.

MN Builders

Spectacular comparison. Asian kitchens often feature an element of play, such as the black fridge panels against the pale cabinetry of this area. Look at adding an unexpected element to ignite the room: a bit of gilt, an unusually shaped staircase, a statement light fixture.

Melinamade Interiors

Natural flooring. Flooring in an Asian-style kitchen feels warm and organic. Bamboo is a fail-safe choice, but consider slate or another natural stone as well. Exotic hardwoods also appear appropriate.

Clarke Appliance Showrooms

Dabs of crimson. Red is a strongly symbolic color in several Asian cultures, signifying happiness, fantastic luck and auspicious beginnings. Though Asian décor tends toward the monochromatic, a few hints of bold color can energize a kitchen done in this style. Limit them to small accents such as dishware to prevent disturbing the serene feel.

East Meets West: Including Asian Style into some Modern Home

5 Homes Full of Far Eastern Influences

9 Elements of Asian Design

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Set the Landscape: Traditional

Traditional landscaping can get a bad rap in design circles. It isn’t daring; it doesn’t push the envelope; it is something that you can see everywhere. However, traditional gardens which are done well have a lot going for them. They are instantly appealing, they work well with any number of home designs and they evoke a sense of graciousness and a connection to the past.

Although traditional can take many turns, from English country estate to French styling and even to some hint of this classic cottage garden, something which joins traditional landscapes together is greenery. Lawns, or something very similar, anchor the space. Trees play a major part. Garden beds are full of shrubs and leafy green plants. Sure, there are bursts of color, but overall, green is the dominant motif.

The hardscapes are just timeless. There is a powerful sense of geometry underlying the overall space and of everything using its place.

And you know what? It works. People are attracted to traditional spaces. They are peaceful and inviting. They allow you to relax and feel at home while admiring the landscaping. And isn’t that what you really want from a space like this?

A clean and simple hardscape, and a traditional lawn and a harmonious planting bed, allows the traces of the home itself to stand out. The lamppost fits the style of the home and functions as an accent piece. Providing a patch of light to mark the beginning of the path at night isn’t advisable, either.

Donna Lynn – Landscape Designer

Filling a backyard boundary with trees, perennials and annuals is a time-honored way of concealing the borders of a lawn and making it look larger.

Windsor Firms

A mass planting of a single plant, a throwback to the days of large estates, is highly effective, especially in a traditional setting. Here the color of this annuals performs off the color of the home yet doesn’t compete with all the architectural lines.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

These landscape plantings, from garden bed to lawn to overhead blossom, match this shingle-style house perfectly. But think about it: The same landscape would work well with a variety of house designs.

WINN Design+Build

The simple geometric lines of those shrubs and trees match the architecture of the home as opposed to compete with this. A palette in shades of green is always calming and restful.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

This home’s design is colonial, so a straightforward traditional landscape might not set it off to benefit. On the flip side, a cottage garden, especially in this rather large space, might be too much. The solution: Combine both. The lawn, the proper paving to both sides of the home and the garden beds full of shrubs reflect a traditional approach, while the irregular pavers, the picket fence as well as the blowsy plants supporting it add a cottage touch.

Milieu Design

A garden bed that sits between the sidewalk and the home softens the proper lines of a traditional landscape. Because the more free-form plantings are restricted to a smaller area, they don’t overwhelm the rest of the space.

Richard Kramer

A paved brick sitting room that provides the ideal transition between a home and lawn is a traditional look that will function in any landscape. Adding cutout planting beds softens the border between the terrace and the home.


A large lawn might be a traditional approach to a landscape space, but dividing it into tiered levels edged with brick gives the same sense of expansiveness whilst incorporating individuality.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

A large lawn might not be the most water-wise option, but there is no doubt that it is inviting. This lawn reminds me of this type in older films, full of friends and families.

Southview Design

Clean lines, a place to sita patch of green and symmetrical garden beds. The appearance might be simple, but it is always going to draw you in. And as this lawn proves, you don’t need a good deal of room to achieve it.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Stone and wicker create a fantastic mix that’s withstood the test of time. Whether you’re at the shore, nestled in the heartland or upward from the hills, this appearance will serve you well. Simply add green edging and flowering plants, and you’re good to go.

Cathy Carr, APLD

Creating a room that’s calm, restful and inviting is exactly what a traditional landscape is about, and those are just the notes this inviting patio strikes.

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

In case you have kids, sometimes less is more. A place for a swing set and a playhouse, and plenty of lawn space for matches, might not win you prizes for the daring design, however this classic approach to a garden can serve your loved ones for years.

Natural Garden Style
Find Your Perfect Patio Design
4 Steps to the Fantastic Garden
Garden Edging: Clean Lines for Your Landscape

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Entryways Take a Seat

Entryways will be the primary rooms in our homes guests see when visiting. As a result of this, many of us go to great lengths to make them beautiful. We purchase lovely art, mirrors and costly carpets, and even place fresh flowers on tables to make a fantastic impression.

Yet along with being delightful, entryways should also be functional. What’s the one piece of furniture every such space requirements? A seat, or possibly a seat. The point is to supply a comfortable place to remove shoes or to perch once the conversation gets really good.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

A single seat within this entryway beckons guests in. It’s a fantastic example of the fact that you don’t need to be fussy and on the top or invest a lot of money to make your entryway inviting.

Kate Marker Interiors

A classic church pew makes for perfect entryway seating. Pews may be painted to match your décor and therefore are narrow enough for snug spaces.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

If you are intending to have a unit built in, remember about storage. This one has storage over for seasonal items like hats together with space underneath for sneakers. The pleasant, soft pillow is a bonus.

Urrutia Design

A matching pair of seats seems lovely in this large, open foyer.

Vanessa De Vargas

If your entryway lacks space, take note of the picture. The matching ottomans tuck neatly but provide additional seating when required.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

This built-in unit has a contemporary look and drawers for storage.

L. Cramer Builders + Remodelers

Even the grandest entryways need seats. This pretty upholstered seat fits right in with all the stately feel of this room.

Tiny entryways don’t need to skimp on seating. Perhaps a set of wooden stools is just what your little foyer requirements.

Corral Your Gear Having a Makeshift Mudroom

Make the Most of a Console Table

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Subway Tile Picks Up Gray Grout

White 3-by-6-inch tiles, popularly called subway tiles are a staple of kitchen and bathroom design. It’s not surprising that designers and homeowners both love this traditional vinyl : It’s cheap and uncontroversial — and best of all, it’s usually in stock.

White subway tile is popular, but a design that has been gaining in popularity in recent years would be to couple white subway tile with dark gray grout at a running-brick pattern. The resulting appearance defines the outlines of each tile, adding interest and depth to a room. The wider set the tiles are the more pronounced the outline effect becomes and the cooler the appearance.

Gray grout is also a smart choice because it’s easy to keep, unlike white grout, which can easily stain or yellowish. Here are 10 interiors with white subway tiles equipped with gray grout. From kitchens to bathrooms to laundry rooms, it’s a versatile appearance that would fit right into several homes.

Roost Interior Design

In this joyous, contemporary kitchen a backsplash is covered in white subway tile with gray grout. The tiles are rather widely set, making the grout lines extra visible for picture appeal.

Taste Design Inc

In this conventional kitchen by Taste Design, Inc., the subway tile expands out of the backsplash up the walls. Coupled with classic-looking cabinetry and a chef-grade selection, the tile fits in perfectly with this room’s classy appearance.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Tile steps into center stage in this timeless kitchen made by Rebekah Zaveloff. Here the hood for the stove is covered in subway tiles. The dark gray grout is in keeping with the room’s many dark-hued accents.

Lane Design + Build

The design firm Gary M. Lane understands that white subway tile is a smart choice for a remodel of an older house. The appearance of these classic ceramics is not tied to a particular period, so that they seem as though they might have been there from the home’s beginning.

Floor-to-ceiling subway tile with gray grout is a fitting background for this bathroom’s big and stunning glass shower stall.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Smith & Vansant Architects have tiled this shower-tub enclosure with off-white subway tiles on both the walls and the ceiling — a smart move for durability.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This divided bath by Smith & Vansant Architects includes white 3-by-6-inch tiles at either the sink area and the shower area, though each area has its own style of flooring tile.

The headquarters of Schoolhouse Electric proves that subway tiles and gray grout are not just for the kitchen and bathroom. Here they are employed within an office space that celebrates timeless and minimalist design.

Browse subway tile at the Products segment

How Grout Can Add to Your Design

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Contractor Tips: How to Install File Flawlessly

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Decorating Around the Planet: British Style Charms Any House

I’m reeling from Downton Abbey withdrawal, therefore I will indulge in a bit of British property spying to alleviate the pain. From sprawling country estates to miniature but stylish mews homes in the city, there are lots of style ideas to eliminate, even if a visit to England isn’t in the cards anytime soon.

Britannia Joinery

Bath with a view. A deep bathtub with a view of a verdant meadow certainly fits together with the British country house fantasy I harbor. You’re able to up the luxury in your own bath by treating it like a real space. For instance:
Hang a real mirror instead of a medicine cabinet.Choose a deep bathtub that inquires relaxation.Use a real rug on the floor (choose a cheap vintage find so you are not worried about damage).Hang art and bring in potted plants or cut flowers.

Britannia Joinery

Stone and greenery. For most of us, a real country estate might need to remain in the world of fantasy. But we could pull a notion or two from those inspirational houses. You may:
Route ivy or a different climbing plant onto your front gate.Flank your front door with a set of potted lemon trees.Place a classic Lutyens-style seat in your porch.Use rocky stones onto your front walk.

Moon Design + Build

Master the mix. Have a cue from this British flat and combine classic pieces with fresh, contemporary accessories. Pale taupe walls, dark flooring along with a tailored window color provide a complex background, while the sexy pink desk lamp and contemporary pendant lighting add a bit of fun. The built-in shelving and desk really create the tight space work to its entire advantage.

Moon Design + Build

Play up the architecture. Tall ceilings and intricate moldings are common in older buildings in the United Kingdom. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a home with great architectural detail, then highlight it by painting the trim a contrasting shade. Tall mirrors and very low furniture further emphasize the deliciously substantial ceilings.

Britannia Joinery

Take it outside. Get the British country look at home with a crisp black and white paint job, a gravel courtyard, and neatly trimmed hedges. Working with a little space or city lot? A couple stately urns planted with fresh herbs, a bit of pea gravel, a simple wooden seat, and dwarf fruit trees in pots would be a fantastic start.

Chris Snook

Resort luxury. Steal the style of fancy London hotels by creating a cushy retreat in your own bedroom. Rich, dark wood furniture and pale, creamy linens come in this quietly luxurious look. A silk-shade lamp, a contemporary pendant lighting and linen shades provide the finishing touch.

Chris Snook

Cozy elegance. Gorgeous plush chairs with nailhead trim exude taste and would still be comfy even after you have been sitting for hours at the table. Soft dove-gray walls, a straightforward parsons-style table and just-floor-length drapes pull together this tasteful look.

Moon Design + Build

Fresh colours and layout. Textiles are a great way to bring a bit of British style home. The United Kingdom is home to a wealth of fabulous textile designers, ranging from traditional to Pop Art and contemporary. This Orla Kiely bedding is an enjoyable alternative.

D Swift

A second life for old furniture. Another tendency popping up a lot in British style is to have a timeless furniture shape, similar to this wingback chair, and have it re-covered in vivid colours or contemporary floral prints. The result is unexpected and totally unique — I wish to try this with my following thrift shop find.


Modern loft. To get that chic London loft look, consider pairing clean-lined modern basics like a white sofa and very low coffee table with an elaborate mirror, sleek arc lamp and eye-catching pottery.

Inform usWhat facets of British style appeal to you? Would you rather live in a sprawling country estate à la Downton Abbey or a townhouse in a trendy London neighborhood? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

Add a Dash of Downton Abbey Style
Guest Picks: Created by Downtown Abbey
Wedding Fever: Brit Design on the Mind

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Guest Picks: Winter Wonderland

Since the snow storm hitting the East Coat shows, winter will soon be upon us. For all those Northerners, winter means spending days on the ski slopes, cozying up from the roaring fire and sipping delicious cups of hot cocoa. The things within this ideabook were motivated by the joys of the Canadian winter wonderland. — Isabelle from Pink Lemonade Design

Restoration Hardware

Mini Cashmere Warmers – $20

Made of luxurious cashmere, these warmers are a gorgeous way to keep your fingers warm.

West Elm

Embroidered Winter Branch Pillow Cover – $49

This embroidered pillow would look great on any couch or in a cozy dining room.

Restoration Hardware

Luxe Faux Fur Throw, Lynx – $99

Made of faux fur, this luxury throw can keep you warm whilst sipping hot cocoa after a day of rocky outdoor action.

Restoration Hardware

Winter Home Embossed Pillar Candle – $49

This magnificent fir-scented candle can make your house smell divine and cozy.


Winter’s Perch Mirror – $148

The yummy “Winter’s Perch” mirror would add a little loveliness to some dressing table or powder room.

West Elm

Brown Owl Ornament

This beautiful decoration brings the outdoors inside, and it is a real hoot!


Eiko Cabinet – $1,898

Made of exquisite reclaimed pine, this gorgeous wood cabinet is perfect for keeping all of your warm winter woolens.


Pendleton Throw, Yellow – $248

This classic wool blanket is perfect for snuggling up with a fantastic book.

L.L. Bean

Ultrasoft Flannel Pillowcases, Buffalo Plaid – $29

There is no need to rely on any rebellion with these soft flannel pillow cases — they’re just dreamy!


Ubiquity Lamp Ensemble – $298

This stunning acacia lamp will shed some light on a dark and chilly winter night.


A enjoyable branch stopper is perfect for corking your woody-flavored wines.


Vintage Letterpress Wood Blocks by Precious Play Time – $32

These vintage letterpress letters will look amazing in a ski chalet.


20in Driftwood Coat Rack by Pep – $45

A driftwood coat rack will be perfect for hanging your hot parkas in the mudroom.

Calypso St. Barth

Love Suede Pillow  – $185

What more do you really need to sofa in fantastic style than “LOVE” written in gold on lavish beige suede?

Calypso St. Barth

Pom Pom Ornament – $10

These white pom pom decorations create the prettiest and most delicate snowballs!

Calypso St. Barth

Designer Coaster Silver – $12

These stunning cowhide coasters with a subtle touch of silver will dazzle your visitors.

Calypso St. Barth

Jodhpur Jaipuri – $225

This hand-loomed carpet from India will add stunning colors to your house that winter, and it’ll keep your toes warm.


Rotis: Roasts for Every Day of the Week – $29.95

Keep your belly full and warm with this beautiful selection of delicious roast recipes.


Lunet Chair, Plaid – $1,698

How magnificent is that this plaid chair? I could see myself reading the morning paper inside it while enjoying a cup of tea.


Boro Stitch Shams – $69.95

This patchwork quilt pillow sham is superb. It might look celestial.

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