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Cozy Carriage House

This past year, Sarah Weinberg and her husband Eric Gindlesperger drew up plans for a carriage house behind their present 1920s home to serve as their primary residence. They wanted to build a custom home from scratch on a small budget, and lease out their other home. With assistance from architect Annabel Vaughan from publicLAB Research + Design, framers and consultants from Britannia Construction Design, TM Custom Woodwork and Alpine Pacific Construction, their downtown Squamish home became a fact. The attention to detail and character throughout the method demonstrates their fire in personalizing their home.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Sarah Weinberg, Eric Gindlesperger and their cat Meow Meow
Size: 570 square feet of living area in a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom carriage house
Location: Squamish, B.C., Canada

Newly developed structures can’t have living space on the first floor due to the possibility of flooding. The floor level is Gindlesperger’s blacksmith shop and the second floor is their dwelling area. Weinberg says that this was one of the biggest struggles of constructing their home. “I didn’t know more about the city bylaw when I was planning it,” she says. The property’s design underwent several alterations due to that. “The initial design didn’t include a shop either, until I married a blacksmith!” She says as she gladly shows off their work-in-progress shop, complete with its own bathroom.

The vintage chest of drawers in the kitchen have been employed as a cabinet for extra space. The area rugs were accumulated throughout Weinberg’s time in Chile and Nepal and the majority of the textiles are from her travels there, as well as to South America, Asia and the Middle East.

The couch features hand-stuffed down cushions made by Suzi Beyerstein and Weinberg’s mom Linda Weinberg.

A pair of tall, narrow doors leading to the bathroom and bedroom were given to Weinberg with a client. The couple’s friend Thomas Mortensen, of TM Custom Woodwork at Squamish, cut them down and framed them to match.

The seating and dining area was initially intended to function as living room, while this place was planned to be a workplace. Weinberg says, “We just moved in, so we’re still discovering the way the distances work best.”

A framed photograph of the couple’s wedding at the desert of Nevada during Burning Man is displayed atop a thrifted coffee table. Alongside some of their favourite cookbooks is an arrangement of ginseng and rosemary in a clay vase.

Their marriage in Burning Man was a spontaneous event that Weinberg says, “only should have occurred.” It was their first time in the festival, and Weinberg’s mother was able to come despite the distance and conditions. Gindlesperger and Weinberg were wed in a structure referred to as ‘Zoneatopia,’ which was convenient since they “were at the zone” Weinberg adds, “Burning Man came naturally, and the exact same love and fun that brought us there affects our home.”

The kitchen includes Ikea cabinetry and green bamboo flooring. A 24-inch gas stove was chosen for its design, size and quality.

Weinberg conveys that building and designing your own space is a continuous process with unlimited possibilites, even on a medium budget. Their next project will be to paint the walls in deep yellows and reds and to have one of the pals help tile an organic shaped backsplash in the kitchen.

Gas Range: Fisher & Paykel
Refrigerator: LG
Door panel drapes: Ikea

Weinberg’s shell collection sits on the window sill in the restroom. The shells are from world travels and her “love for the Earth.” This collection is something Weinberg has carried during her entire life in numerous houses and countries. She adds, “When I put them up (a while in the garden and a number of years at the house), it certainly means that I am home.”

Weinberg’s face lights up when I ask what her favourite room in the house is; it’s definitely the bathroom. “The shower has been my inspiration and just kind of came together. I wanted a sexy and luxurious shower experience,” She says. “The teal-colored glass tiles add the sensation of a waterfall. I reside in the cold but I really like the warm seas, warm evenings and the great wine and hot dance moves which accompany that!”

Features include built-in shower lights, a custom tile layout, an overhead and hand shower and recessed closets. Gindlesperger was careful to prevent pooling by ensuring a precise angle for proper water flow.

The mirror is a Weinberg family heirloom. Details like the abalone shell soap dish, easy hardware and crisp, clean cabinetry and sink make the bathroom a relaxing area. Aboriginal Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau painting picks up the color of the blue accent wall.

Sink cabinets: Ikea

The stairs resulting in the front door show off custom metal work by Gindlesperger.

They are are enthusiastic about the next phase of the construction. “Eric is constructing his blacksmith shop in the garage and we’re adding a covered carport/living green deck off the south side with a ‘door to nowhere’ which will cover the entry stairs,” Weinberg says.

Gindlesperger, Weinberg and their cat Meow Meow in the home.

The couple loves living in Squamish with its small town environment which includes access to the urban environment of Vancouver which includes nightlife and restaurants, and the natural environment including coastal mountains for biking and skiing. Weinberg says, “We all know our neighbors, we encounter them on the streets our friends drop by unannounced and people are here to support each other”

Cool Studio at the Mountains of B.C.
Eclectic Vancouver Loft
Vintage Charm at Vancouver

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Guest Picks: 20 Stylish Serving Trays

Whether you are serving hot beverages, chilled cocktails or tasty snacks, these trays can allow you to serve your guests this holiday season at a practical and stylish way. I have got you covered to glamorous from earthy. There is a tray in this for everybody! — Jami from Imagine Design Blog


Live Edge Black Walnut Serving – $85

Now this is precisely what I am referring to — I really like this tray. I’d serve up some tasty cured meats, fruits and desserts on this bad boy and set them with a few Belgian beer.

Contemporary Serving Dishes And Platters – $79.95

This one is lively, so that you may bring out the bling another time you sponsor. I could fully see this in my house, and I’d use it to the upcoming holiday celebrations!


Hourglass 14 Inch Stainless Steel Serving Tray – $35

I really like this classic little round silver tray. It is a high quality product (made from stainless steel), but it also has high design. It is easy, slick and chic.

Neo Serving Tray – $49.95

This tray is clean, crisp and contemporary — everything I love. I could envision serving a few Blue Snowflake martinis on it in a holiday party. The handles also make it effortless to carry about and serve your visitors.

Z Gallerie

Turtle Tray – $34.95

I’d really like to serve some cocktails in my next get-together with this quirky and cute turtle tray. It is unexpected and a conversation starter. Turtle power!


Acacia Tray – $34.95

Go natural with this tiny wood specimen. Drink some hot cocoa or apple cider for your sweetie and snuggle up in front of the flame. This tray adds warmth and texture to any room.


Camille Tray – $42.95

I love the shape and color of this Camille Tray. Blue isn’t a traditional Christmas color, but I’d really like to infuse a little this colour into my next vacation color scheme.

Pottery Barn

Speakeasy Tray – $49.50

I love this circle tray. You can have it monogrammed with your friend’s initials to turn it into a gorgeous personalized present which you can set under the tree.

Pottery Barn

Chancellor Rectangular Tray – $49

This is the perfect tray for serving up some wine or tasty snacks, and it’s easy to carry around due to the handles. Additionally, it is a wonderful substantial size so you can set lots of goodies on it to serve to your visitors.

West Elm

Rectangle Lacquer Trays – $59

I really like the sheen of this tray. It is not too in-your-face glistening, but it provides that perfect quantity of shimmer to go for a few soft candlelight. Drink some hot toddies and call it a night.

Ballard Designs

Ottoman Tray – $85

Get crazy and infuse some creature print into your holiday decoration scheme. I simply love this zebra print!

Pier 1 Imports

Cordial Stemware with Gold Tray – $25

Not only do you get the gold menu, but you also get six cordial stemware too. How perfect is this tiny setup for a few after-dinner port in your next dinner party?

Pier 1 Imports

Amber Crackle Cordial Stemware with Tray – $26.95

If you are not into the coloured cordial stemware from above, then maybe you’ll prefer this complex pair of floral crackle stemware rather than It is a gorgeous neutral color that will go well in any setting.

Pier 1 Imports

Shot Glasses Set with Red Tray – $24.95

These shot glasses are perfect for that vacation cocktail party you are casting for yourself and friends and family. Cinnamon schnapps shooters, anyone? Bottoms up!

Cost Plus World Market

Etched Metal Bar Tray – $24.99

Add some global influence to your holiday decor with this Etched Metal Bar Tray. I love the complicated design, and that I believe it would be ideal for serving cheese and wine.


Personalized/Monogram Square Pattern White by Lovey Dovey Creations – $55

This would be another ideal customized present to bring to your hostess or host. You can have it monogrammed, include a household name or use a favourite phrase.


Tiled Bone Tray – $895

This one costs a bit more than I’d ever spend on a tray, but it is gorgeous and I only had to share! I love the buff and cream color palette — so chic. Share some tasty treats with this tray or just place it on display as art.


Slate Cheese Serving Board – $31.96

Inform your visitors about the cheeses they are being served using a chalk notice on this particular slate tray. Or if you are not serving cheese, then possibly do a few wine tastings and write the names below.


Vintage Black Milk Glass Serving Tray by Tie The Knot Vintage – $55

You can not go wrong with black. This is the perfect holiday accessory to serve up a few cookies or hors d’oeuvres. I really like the shape and color of this tray — vintage and unique.


Carved Wood Serving Platter – $20.79

Add a rustic touch for your next Thanksgiving meal. I believe this would be the ideal tray for carrying a gorgeous cornucopia of fruits, nuts and veggies.

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Architect's Toolbox: A Room Inside a Room

Architects and designers occasionally create a room within a room to reduce the scale and supply a more intimate environment — nesting a space within a space, a little like Shaker nesting boxes along with Russian matryoshka dolls.

The best example of is St. Peter’s baldachin at the Vatican. This Bernini’s sculptural room sits inside the great space of the cathedral, breaking the vastness of the space while providing the stage for religious pursuits. Open on all sides and coated, the baldachin’s four roof and columns define a most intimate and sacred of spaces.

So next time you get under the covers of your own four-poster bed or take part in a dialogue in an inglenook from the fire, do not forget that you’re enjoying the kind of space architects are creating for centuries.

Dara Rosenfeld Design

The most common type of room within a room is your four-poster bed. This works in a room with tall ceiling. And the bed frame’s architectural treatment here suggests this is a building within a building, not just a room within a room.

Gne architecture

A four-poster bed can be a very simple and modern design and still create an intimate space in a huge room.


A modern interpretation of this idea has the bed in a room defined by absolute fabric hanging from a ceiling that is raised.

Philpotts Interiors

Not limited to Western design, the posts and”ceilings” of traditional Chinese beds create that room-within-a-room quality.

Janell Beals – House of Fifty

A massive living area can be enriched with a smaller room inside. Though the piano sits in the larger volume distance, columns along with a change in ceiling height create a more intimate conversation area.

Using a screen of columns at the side of a room generates a romantic place to see while maintaining connection to the larger room.

Dwell Design Studio

Utilizing up the step and seating structure for spatial separation — along with also the fireplace as a focal point — that inglenook is a room inside the larger context of chambers around it.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Not just an approach for living rooms and bedrooms, the idea of a room within a room may be utilised in bathrooms to create a special spot to shower or bathe.

JSL Exteriors Landscape Design/Build

A room within a room isn’t just for the interior. Some very simple lattice screening and greenery makes for a wonderfully intimate and restful way station in the excellent outdoors.

More: Homes With Houses of Their
How to Produce a Nest at Home
Creating Nests in Unexpected Places

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Decorate with Yellow Stripes

I have often heard that yellow is a stimulating color, and it makes sense. Yellow simply awakens the senses and feels as fresh as the lemon fruits which use its own color. Adding stripes of yellow is a daring, lively approach to deliver a vibrant mindset to a space. Yellow is my joyful colour. Below are a few suggestions for making it work in your home.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Horizontal stripes open up a room to make a room look larger. That is a very good thing for a tight room like a bathroom.

Hint: To get a more dramatic effect in a small area, paint your stripes across all four walls and the doorway. It will make the door vanish and make the room look larger.

Scheer & Co..

This home office is so bright and cheery — what an uplifting space to get the job done. The vivid yellow ticking stripes on the wall would be the perfect shade of sun yellow.

Scheer & Co..

Bright yellow stripes in a bathroom give the room that summer cabana style.

Hint: remember that painting stripes in a bathroom is tricky with the tilework and light fixtures to paint around. Be sure to use a flat so that your stripes come out straight.

Timothy De Clue Collection & Design

To get a more traditional style, choose a softer shade of yellow for painting stripes on the wall. Then choose accents that draw on the exact same shade for less contrast, hence the stripes don’t pop as much. Here, the curtain and shower curtain mix in well with the walls.

Kathleen Burke Design

If you paint stripes of darker yellow on milder yellowish, you produce a black effect. The stripes add dimension to this bedroom, however, the layers of yellowish keep the stripes from feeling as vibrant and daring as yellow-on-white stripes. This is a mellow yellow.

Paige Merchant Designs

Wide horizontal yellow stripes add a sense of whimsy to this bedroom. The black-and-white striped pendant colour increases the lively vibe.


The pattern in this area rug feels like yellow and white stripes. The daring yellow draws the eye in instantly, and also the pattern brings you round the space, as stripes could do.



This rug is in my wish list for our flat. The citron yellow stripes will immediately make our living space feel happy and look more cohesive. The excellent thing about stripes is the pattern contrasts across all styles, from country to modern.

Gretel Home

Large Yellow and White Omaggio Vase – $98

This coloured ceramic vase looks amazing on its own as a decorative thing. Or I’d display some big white peonies in the vessel — the lush blooms will balance the straight-line stripes.

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Quick Fix: Locate Wall Studs Without an Expensive Stud Finder

Anyone who’s attempted to hang a photo or a wall socket understands the perils that include not locating the wall stud. 1 inch too far to the left or the right, and your drywall can create an ugly hole or perhaps return from thick sheets. For Philip Tiffin of 522 Industries at Oakland, Calif., this is particularly important when it comes to installing his intricately engineered steel railings and staircases. Though he maintained purchasing the maximum quality stud finders on the current market, they never worked flawlessly. Then he discovered a fast tip he is used since.

Five Two Industries

Tiffin was having an impossible time finding the wall studs onto work site with a stud finder that was $70. Then somebody on the website recommended a refrigerator magnet that was big.

When he wants to search for a wall stud, he wraps it into blue painter’s tape, leaving a flap to use as a handle, and drags it along the wall. “When the magnet sticks the wall, you have discovered your stud,” he states. “Then use a level and mark where you want to drill your hole.”


“I have not used anything because,” Tiffin states. “It works better than any stud finder I have ever used or bought.” Tiffin buys 1-inch round fridge magnets in bulk (“The stronger the better,” he says) and keeps them whenever he is at work.

Five Two Industries

Even though Tiffin and 522 Industries uses this fast fix to install rails, staircases, and other custom steelwork, you may use this tip to discover studs before hanging artwork or shelves.

More rapid repairs:
Multipurpose Painter’s Tape
Erase Water Rings from Furniture
Correct Squeaky Floors and Sticky Doors

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Orange: Still Hot, Sexy, Sexy

For three straight seasons, orange has dominated the fashion runways. Certainly, the color is still on fad, and now that we’re in the center of autumn, more appropriate than ever. Whether such as the bold shade in an outfit or within your home’s décor, orange carries with it an unparalleled burst of energy that may radically alter the appearance and feel of your scheme.

On the flip side, because it’s such a bold color, it needs to be used properly to prevent cringe-worthy reactions reminiscent of the’70s. If you’re considering adding the color into your house, have a look at the following pics to get some inspiration from fellow ers.

Elad Gonen

There’s no doubt about it: orange is a show stopper. Employed within this setting, the orange cloth contemporizes the pure wood coffee table and games console behind the couch. Mixing orange with organic elements makes it a statement without overpowering.

Mosca Photo

If your house has a rather open design, it helps to differentiate one space from another with different colors or patterns. By using largely neutrals in the living and kitchen areas, this house’s orange dining area with contemporary floral rug feels separate and distinct.

Ed Ritger Photography

In this instance, the designer used orange to designate a seating area within this long and narrow living space, using different colors of orange on the wall and couches to make dimension. Notice the orange was pulled into the seating area with the dark couches, via area rug and lamp, to make an entire cohesion.

Create an orange platform to build from by pulling in orange through rugs bedding or rugs. From there, consider using light colors, such as light pinks or purples, or neutrals to soften the potency of the orange.

ARTISSIMO – Idit Deutsch

Here’s another example of using sofas to make a platform of orange. The white cushions and mild yellow walls neutralize the orange.

If you’re hungry for orange, then go all out, just be certain that you’ve got the big picture in your mind. White architectural details help balance the impact of orange ceiling and walls, while impartial furniture grounds the space.

Such a strong shade of crimson with dark, neutral furniture may have felt too heavy: The addition of green velvet chairs feels fresh contrary to the orange and helps the space feel much less formal.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

This orange is thicker compared to that exhibited in the previous picture, making it blend better with the darker colour of this bed. Neutral bedding and vibrant pillows round out the appearance.

Nurseries and kids’ rooms are the ideal places to exercise a bold color, since they are meant to feel a bit more playful. A natural wood crib with mild bedding tones down orange walls in this particular nursery.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

On the reverse side, because orange can be a challenging color to wear, fashion stylists frequently recommend working it in as an accessory vs. a main bit. This principle also functions in interiors.

Based on an area’s light, arrangement, dimensions, etc.. orange as a dominant color may be overpowering. In this case, orange throw cushions or side tables may present the color and make an impression.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

In this dining room, orange places the shelving units and wood flooring on fire accessories and also a patterned area rug.

H&H Design

Rather than painting the entire wall, then paint an orange square to act as an accent for artwork or photography.

On the lookout for an easy and cheap method to sneak orange into your toilet? Consider towels. Hang them on racks, fold them on shelves or roll them to both keep them accessible and display their prominent colour.


Obviously, the orange accent seat is always an alternative. This seat stands out from light blue walls, white furniture and a soft, neutral shag rug.

Vision Homes & Remodeling

Or, if you’ve got a wooden cabinetry and flooring in your kitchen with slick, modern appliances, consider orange barstools for an unexpected modern addition.


Le Versha Chair, Orange – $248

This wrought iron seat from Anthropologie could work outside on the patio or inside as an accent.

Modern Pillows – $140

Scatter some of them in your couches and chairs for extra comfort and a spoonful of orange.

Inside Avenue

Orange and White Ceramic Garden Stool – $290

Garden stools make for excellent end tables, and this you also supplies texture and pattern.

Naked Decor

Queen hitter in Orange – $49.95

Contain orange and your own sense of humor with this particular Queen Clock from Naked Décor.

Jayes Studio

Umbrella Stand “Coptic Trellis Orange” – $99

Need a hint of orange on your entry? This umbrella stand will prove as practical as it is decorative.

Orange color combos:
Khaki and Tangerine
Fire and Ice
Orange and Blue
Pink and Orange
Orange, Purple and Lime

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