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Tips for for Selling Your Property

Selling a house requires sellers to not only prepare their homes for the market, but also to entice buyers to consider taking a look at the home. Buyers have many homes from which to choose, and sellers often have only 1 chance to impress a purchaser. Homes that are priced well and at the ideal condition have no lack of buyers in today’s market. A few tips can help homeowners bring buyers and market their homes.


Pricing is more important for buyers than previously, and homes that are priced well draw the buyers. Home sellers should study the market by looking at current information for homes which have sold in their neighborhood to help ascertain the list price. Sellers should buy their homes at or just below market value to ensure a quick sale at the highest price the market will bear, according to

Make Repairs

Before putting your house on the market, make any minor repairs which could give buyers second thoughts about the house, according to For a few hundred dollars, a seller can hire an inspector to find any flaws or potential problems in the house. Having an inspection report, sellers are able to fix issues that could potentially violate a sales contract. Moreover, making small repairs throughout the house can provide buyers the impression that the home is well-maintained.


Staging your home to improve its positive features is just another selling hint. Sellers should seek the services of a stager or arrange their furniture to maximize the space. Another tip in making your house look its best while on the market is to eliminate clutter, organize storage spaces and depersonalize by eliminating most of your personal belongings and trinkets, according to House Logic. Sellers can make their rooms and cabinets feel bigger by eliminating extra furniture and half of their belongings in closets and rooms. Keeping the house light by opening the blinds and drapes can also help your house sell.


To sell your house, it has to be ready and looking its best all of the time in case buyers wish to tour the house. Keeping it spotless and tidy can help sell the house by making a great first impression about the buyers, according to HGTV. Additionally, eliminating kids and pets in the house can ease showings and prevent buyers from thinking the home is not clean and in inferior condition. Vendors should be flexible to adapt revealing appointments and have the home ready to show.

Curb Appeal

Spruce up front of the home and the landscaping. When buyers arrive for an appointment, this is their first impression of the house. Sellers are advised to make any repairs on the front part of the home and recondition outside surfaces by repainting and cleaning, according to State Farm. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint on the front door will enhance the look of the house. The landscape should be trimmed, and sellers should consider planting a few trees and blossoms to highlight marketing photographs and enhance the curb appeal.

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Finest Way to Meet the Requirements for Mortgage Loan

If you can’t convince your lender that you’re able to repay a mortgage loan, then you probably won’t get one. A lender estimating your loan application will go over your credit, your income, your debts and your employment history until she decides if providing you a loan is a good investment. The better you match your lender’s standards, the more affordable your loan.


The dimensions of your monthly payment will affect how big a mortgage you can take out. Lenders prefer that your total monthly debts–car loans, credit card payments, student loans, alimony and your mortgage payments, real estate taxes and insurance–total no more than 36% of your gross monthly income, Investopedia states. If it is possible to eliminate some of your debt load before you employ, you may be eligible for a better loan.


Borrowers with bad credit risk high rates of interest or refusal. You are entitled under national law to realize your credit reports for free once per year, so take advantage of that right: Review your accounts and search for errors, bad debts and whatever you might have the ability to fix before you apply for a mortgage. If it’s possible to lower the amount of debt on your credit cards, then the Federal Citizen Information Center says, that may help improve your score.


The bigger a deposit you can make, the smaller a mortgage you are going to need, which will make it easier to qualify for. Additionally, Lending Tree says, lenders provide better rates if you put up more of your own money: A 20 percent payment is usually the minimum to find the lowest interest rates. Under 20 percentage, many lenders will require mortgage insurance, that will add to your monthly payments.


If you can’t make a 20 percent down payment, see whether you’re able to qualify for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage. Even though the costs are higher than a traditional loan, U.S. News says, an FHA-backed mortgage just needs a 3.5 percent down payment.


Being able to be eligible for a mortgage doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Even if you meet the creditor’s recommendations, your financial needs–children, starting your own company, paying dues for a homeowners association–might indicate the mortgage you qualify for is greater than you can manage. In the long term, a smaller mortgage might be a better choice.

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Can Foreclosure Affect Credit History?

Losing a house is typically blamed on foreclosure, but short sales and deeds-in-lieu are two other means a borrower can forfeit a house over to the lender or lender. In either of these three scenarios, the borrower’s credit score is affected. When a homeowner defaults on a mortgage the credit score plummets.

Definition of Foreclosure

A foreclosure is the forfeiture of the house in the borrower to the lender, who will then sell the house to recover some or all of the debt. A variation on the foreclosure is the deed instead of foreclosure, where the land deed is passed over to the lender, effectively avoiding foreclosure. Both foreclosure and deed in lieu remain on the debtor’s credit report for up to 7 years. Because they are recorded on the credit report for a long time and negatively impact the borrower’s credit score, the borrower might have difficulty getting new loans or credit for a while.

The Lender’s View

While bankruptcy appears the worst detriment to a individual’s credit file, a foreclosure may be more harmful. A bankruptcy is recorded on the credit report for ten years, but when it does not include the house, it might be less detrimental than a foreclosure concerning credit score.

Net Effect on the Credit score

Many variables go into determining a customer’s credit score. All delinquent payments have the potential to impact a credit score, but the severity of this delinquency will affect it otherwise. By way of instance, a payment that’s 30 days past due may decrease the total score from 40 to 110 points. Subtract another 20 or even 30 points for the payment which falls behind by 90 days. By comparison, a foreclosure (or its near equivalents, the short sale and deed in lieu) will reduce a credit score from 85 to 160 points. These ranges are based on variables which have credit history, credit limit and payment history, as well as the original credit score.

Not a Partial Payment

While it can seem that walking away from a debt through taxation, short sale or deed in lieu is likely to produce the borrower appear as never missing a payment, it does not. All three methods are handled as foreclosures, with regard to how they affect the credit score.

Damage Control

Despite having a foreclosure on a credit report and enduring the effect it can have on a credit score, borrowers can still operate to fix the damage. Borrowers must continue making periodic payments on other credit and credit cards. Borrowers who do not have existing loans must work to establish other kinds of charge. Additionally, consumers that have undergone foreclosure should communicate, in writing, together with the three credit reporting companies, explaining the situations for the foreclosure (for instance, illness or job loss). This communication will remain in the credit file for the length of the negative record.

If You Are Facing Foreclosure

Borrowers on the edge of foreclosure must work to prevent that, until the final process starts. By communicating openly with the lender, the borrower may discover other options which are available, like suspending payments due for a designated amount of time or extending the mortgage payment .

A Closing Note

Borrowers facing foreclosure or short sale might be tempted to allow the process continue along and seek a lease or lease arrangement elsewhere. However, landlords and rental agencies frequently look at applicants’ credit scores to ensure that the potential tenants will pay punctually.

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Life in Italy Inspires a California Renovation

Beatriz Macias and her husband left their home in Southern California to live in Italy for a little while. When they returned, they found their home with fresh, European-influenced eyes and decided their kitchen had a makeover pronto. Their Cape Cod–style home was constructed in the 1980s, and it had been showing its age.

“I have always loved secondhand shops, saving the money and finding things which are different,” says Macias. “I found a lot of good deals on things for the kitchen renovation which I realized I had a knack for this.” She found a pleasure, like-minded community, and all of them help one another spot treasures employing the hashtag “thriftbreak” on Twitter. About a year ago, she decided to take her knack to Etsy and opened a shop, Mid Mod Mom.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Beatriz Macias, her husband and Fernando Gonzalez and their 15-year-old kid
Location: Mission Viejo, California
Size: 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms

Mid Mod Mother

“Italy inspired our renovation,” says Macias. “There’s so much great eating and cooking, and we found so many wonderful kitchens there.”

Tables topped with Cararra marble inspired the countertops. “This marble isn’t suitable for everybody; it chips and it stains, but I fell in love with the gorgeous patina it acquires,” she says. “Though I will admit that first blot hurt”

Pendants: West Elm (with Edison bulbs); cupboards: Ikea; range: Bertazzoni; fridge: Whirlpool; dishwasher: Maytag

Mid Mod Mother

“My husband and I had a lot of fun doing the work,” Macias says. “I did the tiling and set the cabinets together, along with my husband looked after the pipes and the appliances. We called in a friend to do the electric work.”

The tile is out of iconic California firm Heath Ceramics and goes with a nature-inspired color palette which Macias has always loved.

A number of her thrifted uncovers include a Neva Time Square clock, an Alessi Fruit Mama along with also an Alessi tea kettle.

Mid Mod Mother

Renovations in the kitchen spilled over to the living room, where the fireplace surround received a coordinating makeover with Heath Ceramics tile along with Carrara marble. “I used the very same stuff to wed the two spaces. I also carried the color palette through the family area along with the powder room,” says Macias. They also expanded the hardwood floors into the kitchen, which formerly had tile.

Mid Mod Mother

A couple favorite estate market discovers will not make it into Macias’ Etsy store, including this selection of midcentury glass. From left to right, there is an amber vase by Arthur Percy for Gullaskruf of Sweden, a green Empoli vase from Italy, a teal Blenko decanter by Winslow Anderson plus a Blenko sheared bowl by Wayne Husted. The mirror behind the collection visually doubles it.

Lamp: Artemide’s Nesso lamp, initially designed by Giancarlo Mattioli in 1967

Mid Mod Mother

This bench is adjacent to the entry. “We take off our shoes once we enter the house, so this bench is a fantastic spot to sit down and take off our shoes,” says Macias. There are baskets underneath for lace footwear.

The color palette was inspired by one leaf. “I adore all the fall colours,” says Macias. “I took a leaf I loved with greens, apples and pears inside into Home Depot and matched paint colours. I figured nature put them together to work collectively.”

Mid Mod Mother

Here is a view from the staircase to the living area. “I found the cowhide in Colombia, folded it up and brought it back into my suitcase,” says Macias. The Domino Mobler armchairs were an estate sale find, the sleeper sofa is from Crate & Barrel and the coffee table is Drexel Heritage. Prints by neighborhood artists and Macias herself make up the art wall.

“We Colombians often travel in hordes, thus we need the additional sleeping area supplied by the sleeper sofa,” says Macias, laughing.

Pendant mild: David Trubridge Coral Pendant

Mid Mod Mother

When folks are sleeping over, Macias and her husband turn off their dueling cuckoo clocks, but they’re totally utilized to hearing them cluck each hour. One of these is that a family heirloom, and the other is a more recent Craigslist find.

Mid Mod Mother

Lucite dining seats keep more visual space open and make the room appear bigger. The cloth on the table is a suzani in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. A granite bowl retains sea glass and pebbles the family has collected on beaches throughout their global travels.

Mid Mod Mother

The dresser was “my best find,” says Macias. While she initially had a credenza in head, when she came across this dresser she knew it was ideal and well priced, but she had a big voucher. Such is the thrill of thrifting.

Mid Mod Mother

The nature-inspired palette continues into the downstairs bathroom’s Marimekko ginkgo wallpaper.

I asked Macias if she has ever wished she had kept among those treasures she’s sold throughout the Etsy shop. “No regrets yet,” she explained. “I’m pleased to send them off to some fantastic new home.”

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5 London Homes That Score Major Design Points

As the world participates with cheer over the start of the Olympic games, I thought I would collect a few London homes that score high when it comes to home design. With these two modern spaces, a minimalist contemporary shed/office and a couple eclectic row homes, London is showing in more ways than just one that it’s a town teeming with winning imagination — particularly in regards to the home. See for yourself below.

Contemporary Bath in West London

This luxury bathroom is situated on peak of a four-story home. Its most striking feature is that a wood-trimmed curved wall. The partition splits the space in 2; on one side is the sink and vanity, along with a full-height shower unit and steam space (left curved wall).

On the opposite side of the wall is a soaking tub that is used by the woman of the house.

A wider perspective of the toilet from the opposite side of the curved wall shows a heated towel rack, ample bench space and, in the background, a part of the glass device that comprises the full-height shower unit.

Hint: When it comes to making a statement, think outside the box. Here, the trailer is equally a partial wall and a sculptural statement bit.

Office Sian Architecture & Design

Shed/Office in East London

This 150-square-foot home office belongs to freelancers who wanted to feel a strong connection to their own garden space and the outdoors from within the office.

The builder used easy and durable materials sourced in the local and sustainable companies. He also made sure that the substances maximized insulation levels within the shed to keep energy costs as low as possible.

Office Sian Architecture & Design

Hint: Contemplate fully retractable doors for outdoor sheds and home offices that are different from the main property. These doors allow the homeowners to fully enjoy their backyard from within the shed and enable them to entertain from the shed throughout the winter months.

Beccy Smart Photography

Attic Bedroom in Southwest London

This boy’s room is just one of 2 rooms that was a top-floor attic in this terrace home. The mom had the smart idea of dividing the attic into two different bedrooms so that each of her childrend could have his own space to sleep and play.

Beccy Smart Photography

Hint: The homeowners maximized the light coming in by the bedside window by simply maintaining the room’s furnishings and walls in a crisp white with bright squares, creating a bright, light-filled interior.

Beccy Smart Photography

Eclectic East London Master Bath

This year, originally from Canada, saved space in their Victorian home by putting their cupboard in the same place as their toilet; it made complete sense to them to have the dressing room in which they began and ended every day.

Beccy Smart Photography

Hint: Take dangers on your toilet furnishings. Do not be scared to put on your master bathroom a contemporary light pendant usually found above kitchen islands or even a hide slipper seat from an entryway.


Contemporary Riverside Kitchen in the Docklands

rather than feeling helpless by the huge pillar in this modern home, the designer simply worked about it. He took focus away from the visual interruption by creating a stunning blue backsplash that immediately draws the attention and provides the neutral space a welcome punch of color.

Hint: Personalizing your home can go beyond family photos on the wall and monogrammed pillowcases. This homeowner requested the designer to match the hue of the backsplash for her son’s eye color — now that is personal.

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Guest Groups: Honeycomb-Inspired Home Accents

Designers everywhere are embracing honeycomb as the bee’s knees. This simple geometric pattern can cozy up a traditional space or breathe a little energy to a contemporary one. Bring a bit of nature’s distinctive design in your home with this roundup of contemporary honeycomb accessories. Beth from The Modern Home

Japanese Cowhide Rug – $1,560

Here’s a great twist on the standard cowhide rug: hexagons! The one thing that can make this better is using each one be another piece. Carpet tiles are really suitable for so many reasons, such as flexibility with design, simple cleanup, etc..


Coup Clover Pillow – $14.95

With bold colors and a graphic pattern, the Coup Pillows from CB2 will cheer up any dull space.


Hive White Storage Unit – $99.95

The exceptionally reviewed Hive Storage Unit from CB2 would look fantastic in multiples.


Hex Paintable Wall Decor – $42

These hexagon wall applications are all primed and ready to be painted on your preferred color. I’d love to put in a small set of yellow ones running the length of the hallway.

The Modern Shop

Lacquer Hexagon Tray by Jonathan Adler – $217

Organize your stuff or serve your guests with Jonathan Adler’s Lacquer Hexagon Tray. The tray is sold in six vibrant colors, and I would hard-pressed to pick a favorite.

India Rose

Honeycomb Doormat – $42

I have a friend who recently remodeled a wonderful small midcentury modern ranch, and this rug would add a fine finishing touch with his entry. The hexagon pattern and vivid orange color give this contemporary doormat a cool retro vibe.


Honeycomb Green Ceramic Vase

Add a pop of green with this contemporary honeycomb vase from Urban Trends Collection.

West Elm

DbO Home Botanical Vase – $24

This pretty vase takes me back to my own days in art course. The mould was created via a relief technique using actual honeycomb pressed into the clay. It provides me a “why didn’t I think think of this?” feeling.


by Ronan & Erwa

The Quilt Chair from Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec looks so soft and squishy. It would be ideal for curling up with a novel.

The Rug Company

“Honeycomb” Rug

If only I had the money to spend on the Honeycomb rug by Tara Bernerd. It’s amazing, but it’s definitely out of my budget.


Cole Object

Want to bring a small luxe to your decor? These golden, honey-colored dodecahedrons would look lovely on a table or shelf.

Linens ‘n Things

Baxton Studio Honeycomb Modern Dining Chair – $342.99

Offered in transparent red or clear Lucite, these acrylic seats would make a exceptional addition to your dining room.


Honeycomb Desk – $8,360

Yes, this Honeycomb Desk is $8K, but it’s slick. I will give them.

Träullit Dekor

Träullit Dekor Hexagon

Though they’re not just soft, I feel these sound-proofing hexagons would make a fantastic padded-room effect.


Hönefoss Mirror – $14.99

Hönefoss hexagonal mirrors are modular and can be customized however you’d like.

Acme Party Box

Silvered Chisel Votive – $18

The silver-plated honeycomb pattern provides an elegant touch to those tiny glass votives.

Porcelain Hexagon Mosaic, White – $4.04

A hexagon floor tile is a wonderful alternate to cent round tiles. I favor simple white porcelain, but I have seen several beautiful mosaic styles.

West Elm

Honeycomb Bath Accessories – $4

These beautiful ceramic bath accessories from West Elm are fairly subtle using the texture and would look great in any bathroom.


Honeycomb Light

The Honeycomb Light from Luceplan might be a little too industrial for a few tastes, but I think that it would look pretty sweet hanging over my table.


Nordic Ware Honeycomb Cake Pan – $36

Do not wish to make a permanent commitment to honeycomb on your decor? Instead, enjoy a tasty honeycomb-shaped cake with this particular cake mould from Williams-Sonoma. Yum!

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