How to Tile a Bathroom

If you want to tile or retile your bathroom, it’s a good idea to hire a contractor that can provide excellent bathroom hardwood flooring San Jose.

However, if you are trying to save money and you believe that you can manage to do the task by yourself, here are some tips on how to tile a bathroom:

Symmetrical Layout

It’s common for tiling professionals to start tiling at one end and then work all the way to the other side. But this approach often leads to a weirdly sized tile in the end. This weirdly looking tile will stand out like a sore thumb making your bathroom look awkward. The best approach is to do it in a “center outward” direction.

Exposed Tile Edges

It’s common to see exposed tile edges in the bathroom. But there are several things you can do to fix this. Experts would recommend using the Durock tile backer board. This is a mold and moisture-resistant cement backerboard that’s ideal for use in the bathroom. The best thing about using this backerboard is that it will provide your tiles with a clean edge. After applying the board, paint the edge with the same color as the entire bathroom wall.

Backsplash and Cabinet

When doing flooring San Jose at the bathroom backsplash, it is often difficult to figure out how close the tile backsplash will be with the bathroom cabinet’s bottom edge. The best way is to place your bathroom cabinets after and ensure that they are installed in such a way that they hit exactly the top of the bathroom tiles.

This will require a lot of efforts. Another option is to cut out some slim pieces of the bathroom tiles in order to fill the gap. This is the best fix to this tiling problem.

Some tilers don’t take the gap in consideration at all. However, it doesn’t matter if there’s really a gap in that area because it rarely receives any kind of attention.


The grout between the tile and non-tile materials will sometimes look terrible. Grouting the area in-between will usually lead to cracking and will make your bathroom look less appealing. Instead, use appropriate caulk for that area between your laminate countertop and the bathroom tiles.  

Buy Quality Tiles

Always go for high-quality tiles when it comes to doing San Jose hardwood floors for your bathroom. Whether you are tiling backsplashes, bathtubs and other areas in your house that need tiles, always go for high-quality materials. Consider these tiles as your investment, something that you can benefit even in the long run.

Except if you are buying huge quantities of tiles for your bathroom tile work where the price can be a factor, do yourself a favor by buying the best bathroom tiles available.