Working Solutions for Shared Kids’ Spaces

For those who have ever shared a space with someone — sibling, college roommate, spouse or spouse — you are all too knowledgeable about pleasure or displeasure of living with someone in close quarters. When I made a shared area for my boys, I recognized my previous experiences and develop design solution that worked for both parties involved. Inside this ideabook, I share those ideas and more to maintain the shalom into your home.

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Michael Abrams Limited

Bunked beds work great for kids of all ages, using all the younger of the two sleeping safely around the bottom bunk. This room’s simple design and unisex colour palette are perfect for a brother/sister duo.

CCG Interiors, LLC.

Permit your kids to express their individuality. These reversible duvet covers permit for every child to have another appearance, nevertheless keep the space feeling cohesive and balanced.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

In this children’ room design, built-in shelving offers the illusion of solitude. Each child has space to call her very own, yet they are close enough to the couple to still enjoy each other’s company.

Robert Young Architects

This room reveals another divided space-within-a-space. The sleeping quarters are designated to one side of the space while the play area is delineated through an oversize polka-dotted rug. This chamber meets a bedroom double functions: rest and recreation.

Jason Ball Interiors, LLC

Practice duplicity. Two bean bags provide seating for both children to enjoy quiet time in their learning nook. When not in use, stack them at the corner or under the beds when floor space is at a premium.

Michelle Hinckley

Go big, even in a little space. These metal architectural letters create a huge impact in this contemporary, nautical-themed room. Smaller pieces will make the room feel cluttered.

No need to modify the decoration when a younger child shares area with older sibling — just make desired adjustment to the furnishings. A set of classic beds would be the perfect match in this charming girls’ room. Notice that bed rails (at the same colour ) have been inserted to the bed on the left to satify the needs of the junior occupant.

LKM Layout

Even if you have enough bedrooms to give each child their living room, consider using one area as a shared bedroom, another a playroom. Most kids enjoy sharing a space and the added bonus of having another space earmarked for play.

More ideas for great kids’ spaces

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