When 2 Chandeliers Are Better Than 1

If you have a long farmhouse dining table, a narrow room or a large expanse of space, you know how tough it is to locate a chandelier that’s appropriate in scale without overwhelming its setting. My suggestion: Just take another tack and try a pair of fixtures rather than a single one. Not only do they provide ample light, but they also produce a pleasing synergistic impact. Check out the double-take lighting in these spaces.

Tom Stringer Design Partners

Extendable dining tables are fantastic for gala dinner parties and big family feasts, but just one chandelier tends to get lost above them. Hang a pair to disperse the mild and the style.

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

The double chandeliers in this dining area function to make the space feel cozy.

Don Ziebell

Twin chandeliers also can be a good way to bridge the difference between two separate faces of the exact same room.

Echelon Custom Homes

Within this Granite kitchen, the double chandeliers over the dining table mirror the two pendants over the island.

Dreamy Whites

Chandeliers don’t need to match. Try a pair of classic models with similar scale and lines for an eclectic look.

More manners with chandeliers

Hendel Homes

The mirror in the end of the room expands the impact of the lighting fixtures, making them seem to stretch on and off.

John David Edison Interior Design Inc..

Love not, there’s no denying that these over-the-top black stripes crown a daring room with sculptural dash and pull the high ceiling.

Inspired Interiors

One long fixture might have looked too bulky in this particular kitchen. Instead, two separate ones hang side by side to break up the space.

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