13 New Ways to Make a Splash With a Hot Tub

When the weather is cold and the snow has been decreasing, there are few better places to be than in a toasty hot tub. Although they’ve always had their fans, spas have come a long way and can now accommodate virtually every particular request. Looking to target a particular ache or pain? Some hot tubs have programmable seats that are dedicated to individual muscle groups. Want to get a workout? Swim spas will be the new thing, plus they are just the right size for high-resistance exercise.

Entertainment fanatics have something to love, also: Many hot tubs now come equipped with large flat-screen TVs and surround sound — for a pretty penny, of course. And designers are constantly creating new ways to tailor outdoor hot tubs to their clients’ dreams of the perfect backyard escape.

While store-bought hot tubs are well stocked with extra features, true customization may make one even more heavenly. At Red Rock Contractors and Red Rock Pools and Spas, co-owner Rick Chafey says clients are independently measured to make sure appropriately shaped seating and the right jet positioning. Clients may even pinpoint their jet preferences. The personalization doesn’t end there. Having a customized hot tub, you are able to select out your material; organic, neutral materials, like stone or even polished concrete, are all popular alternatives, as is coloured glass tile, in case you’re looking for a more dramatic, high-end appearance.

Chafey often suggests adding some kind of water fountain for added motion and optimum usage all year round. “Since you won’t float into your spa that often, making it a visual and sound feature will turn it into something you could always enjoy,” he says. “You’ll always be benefiting from the investment”

Whether you’re looking for a flashy new toy, a better-designed pool or a serene escape, then there are many ways to dip into new ideas for hot tubs.

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

1. Create an outdoor escape. Outdoor living spaces are all of the rage, so make good use of your garden by producing your own day spa. Pair a one-person tub such as this one from Duravit with chaise longues plus a modern awning for a much-needed escape from real life.

Spas and Stuff

BellaGrande SLT Spa With TV and DVD – $10,845

2. Turn your tub into a movie theatre. Make your picture experience heavenly by splurging on this well-stocked hot tub, which comes equipped with a pop-up TV, built-in speakers along with also a floatable remote. If you’re able to take the heat, it may just be worth the big bucks.

Caldera Spas

Geneva Spa

3. Massage each muscle. With this unique hot tub, you can get a foot massage, leg massage or reduced back massage only by playing a game of musical chairs. Just swap stains to target an completely different muscle group.

Arctic Spas

Arctic Ocean Swim Spa – $22,900

4. Ensure it is a workout. For those looking to get in shape, this is the greatest exercise instrument. Its high-powered jets emit a strong current that can give even the most seasoned swimmers per workout. And best of all, it takes up much less space than a traditional pool.

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5. Choose a material that works with your setting. If you are in the market for a new buy,opt for a modern fabric, such as wood, concrete, tile or stone. This wood tub blends in well with the landscape, particularly with the built-in chairs and noise of falling water.

Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors

6. Enjoy a little water music. A mini waterfall can add motion along with a soothing sound to your area, and your children are going to think of it as free entertainment.

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7. Snuggle up next to the flame. Blend ice and fire (or in this case, water) by adding a fireplace nearby.

Tracy Stone AIA

If you are a bit of a daredevil, deliver the flames to you by adding a cleverly put fire pit.

Balfoort Architecture, Inc..

8. Integrate your hot tub and pool. Easily transition from hot to cold by combining two components in one. The convenient pool stepping stones provide a smart shortcut, making walking from 1 side to another a breeze.

Red Rock Pools and Spas and Red Rock Contractors

9. Add a exceptional element. Test out new waters by getting a bit creative. Elevate your hot tub for more visual interest, and make personalized touches, such as these floating stepping stones and multicolored glass tiles, to make sure that your spa is similar to any other.

The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design

10. Think vertical. If you have a fantastic view, make the most of it. This elevated spa takes in the surroundings but feels secluded and private over the pool. A spa on a well-placed deck may have the exact same effect.

Falling Water Custom Pools, Inc..

11. Add mood light. Though it may not seem like much, slightly colored lights might help melt your stress away. If you are relaxing with a group, ramp up the color to add some flavor to the celebration.

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12. Create easy access. Be kind to your poor back or shot knee by choosing an inground hot tub. It makes it a lot easier to slip in and out, also it’s a sleek, clean appearance.


Luxema 8000 Spa

13. Host the greatest pool party. Throw the mother of all fiestas with this huge double-decker spa from SPAmbient, a Slovenia-based firm. Though this international sensation may be difficult to get a hold of at the U.S., it reveals how a stereo system, TV and built-in pub can be contained in a hot bath tub. Who wants a pool, anyway?

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