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Wake Up Your Kitchen With Eye-Catching Color

If you are itching to change up the look of your kitchen but a full remodel is not to be, there are still lots of approaches to punch up your space with refreshing colour and bold details. From painted ceilings, floors and patterns to colour scheme ideas and much more, join us now and discover 12 creative ways to add colour to your kitchen with little more than a can of paint and imagination.

California Home + Design

Lift your mood using a cheery striped ceiling. Your arms will beg for mercy with all of the taping and painting overhead, but your eyes will thank you if the job is done. Wide stripes in sun yellow and white are a daring choice, but kept to the ceiling that they feel fun and unique without overwhelming the space.

Janna Makaeva/Cutting Edge Stencils

Attempt an all-over stencil. Want the appearance of wallpaper without the high price tag? Why not try your hand for an wall stencil? There are lots of cool, modern versions available on the marketplace, as well as doing a single accent wall could make a large impact.

Read up about the method in this handy tutorial.

Camilla Molders Design

Use superpigmented colors to get a wealthy effect. Vibrant turquoise is stunning by itself, but it really stands out when paired with equally bold red and a glistening metallic touch, such as the chairs and pendant lights displayed here.

Ana Williamson Architect

Map out a new colour scheme with large-scale wall art. A large way to immediately deliver a splash of colour into the kitchen would be with an oversize item of art. It does not need to be precious to perform the job; believe topographical maps, classic school graphs and botanical illustrations.

If you enjoy what you see, then you can further the appearance by yanking your room’s paint colors from the art for a built-in colour scheme.

Loop Design

Double up on tropical colors to get a bold, zesty appearance. Fresh lime green or sour blue could be striking by itself, but put the two together and you can immediately evoke the laid-back speed, swaying trees and crystal-clear waters of the tropics. Sterile, stripped surfaces and modern stainless steel assist steer this appearance into glossy instead of gimmicky land.

Modern Craft Construction, LLC

Add colour and pattern using carpet tiles. The kitchen floor has to withstand heavy traffic, spills and regular cleaning, making it a less-than-ideal candidate to get a traditional rug. However, adding softness and colour on the floor can be achieved in a more practical manner with carpet tiles, which may be removed separately for replacing or cleaning.

Asher Associates Architects

Paint the ground to get an easy-care “rug.” Another attractive alternative for the kitchen would be to paint or perhaps stencil the floor to get a built-in rug impact. The glossy pale blue revealed here is mild and fairly yet will not show every single crumb that falls, and it cleans up easily.

Wm Ohs Inc..

Enlarge your area with sky-blue ceilings. Blue ceilings are often discovered on porches, but not give them a try inside? A blue ceiling in the kitchen will make you feel like you are cooking in the open air, increasing the sense of distance.

Hufft Projects

Accent wood cabinets with warm sunset colors. When you’re wanting to add to an current kitchen scheme, working what you’ve got into the new design is essential. If warm forests are already in play with cupboards and counters, try laying down sunset-hued rug tiles and painting the walls sharp white for a fresh appearance.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Utilize a focal wall in the conclusion of a galley kitchen. When a narrow galley-style kitchen is cramping your style, try taking the emphasis down the hall with a daring painted wall in the breakfast nook. Insert a sculptural pendant lighting and shapely chairs tucked into a round table to complete the scene.

Roost Interior Design

Start small with a single painted accent. I really like the notion of painting the inside of one cabinet (with doors removed and holes filled) or the wall supporting a pair of floating shelves to frame a selection of your favourite dishes or cookware. It is always surprising just how much impact a little change like this will make to the whole room.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Clean your kitchen in soothing colors of a single colour. To get a tranquil appearance, try working in several colors of the same cool colour in various areas of the kitchen. Here, a fairly turquoise was used to counter tops, while a paler, watered-down version of the same colour was utilized on the walls to great effect.

Get thoughts from more colorful kitchens

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Give Your Hallway High Style

Hallways are great areas to integrate style in your house, but most people just consider wall colour and art when contemplating how to decorate them. Instead of choosing the gallery wall that is standard, try something different. Add interest through pattern and texture to draw you and your guests through the area in a wonderful way.

Leslie Goodwin Photography

Fabulous wallpaper and a striped runner transform a lackluster hallway into something extra special. I’d love to have a cup of tea on the stairs — would not you?


A stripe on the wall makes for a hall that is complex. This tone-on-tone case in point is a no-brainer, however, daring stripes would be an alternative for a more contemporary home.

Do not be afraid of patterned wallpaper, especially in a hallway. You do not spend enough time to tire of it, and it rewards you up as you go together.

Hull Historical

A checkerboard floor layout placed on the diagonal is the real key to making this hallway feel wider and more sophisticated.

Spinnaker Development

There’s a lot of texture going on within this hallway: rough-hewn hardwood floors, paneled wainscoting and a dimensional display of family photographs. Yet, due to the neutral colour palette, it does not look too busy.


A beautiful hardwood floor pattern graces this complex hallway. If you are considering remodeling, then a herringbone-pattern hardwood or parquet floor is a great change from classic hardwood throughout the remainder of the house and visually signifies a transition between distances.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

Why not mimic the wood flooring having an unexpected wood ceiling? Applying the wood horizontally expands the hallway; applying it would make it feel longer.

Arcanum Architecture

If you are cautious of pattern in your house, try something obvious. The very subtle layout of the painted beams with this ceiling guides guests down this peaceful hallway.

Perhaps you have utilized pattern to decorate a hallway? Share your thoughts below!


Put a Narrow Hallway to Work

Life Occurs in Hallways

Hallowed Hallways

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Wonders: Vintage Crates

Root beer, bananas, vino, ammo … classic wooden crates have held onto all of it at one time or another. These enchanting boxes have to live another life. Not only do they make useful storage vessels, but their aged wood, faded painted logos and old nails add a exceptional patina and character to a room. Vintage crates are easy to find at flea markets and antiques malls, in addition to online; I did a quick Etsy search today and found small crates starting at under $10. See if any of these clever applications for classic crates hit your fancy.

Annie McElwain Photography

Utilization: Wall-mounted shelves
Result: A unique composition that can display your collectibles in an organized way.
Hint: Start with a direct line throughout the top of your arrangement and line the crates together it. A uniform look is lent by maintaining about the exact same amount of distance between crates.

Watch more classic crate shelves

Utilization: Vertical backyard construction
Result: A conversation starter that holds succulents in a sudden way. This endeavor is by Renee Garner.

Dreamy Whites

Utilization: Side table filled with character and history
Effect: only the ideal dollop of crusty patina within an otherwise white and clean shabby chic area.
Hint: If the cage is irregular, use felt pads (the sort that protect floors from scratchy table legs) to level it.

Erika Bierman Photography

Utilization: Stacked shelves
Effect: Tall storage that’s even more intriguing if not perfectly calibrated.
Hint: If you’ve got more than a couple of crates on your heap, nail them together for safety. You do not want a tower of heavy boxes and crates to collapse on anyone.

Splendid Willow

Utilization: Rolling storage crate
Effect: A useful and attractive way to store everything from cleaning supplies.

Learn how to make one of them yourself

Not handy? Purchase one already made

It’s The Little Things…

Utilization: Collection screen
Effect: The segments from old soda crates offer a grid of compartments for shells, teacups, photographs or whatever else you want to display.

The Virginia House

Utilization: somewhere to stash extra cushions
Result: Really, you can throw anything in crates like these and store them outside in plain sight; their wood, painted logos and old nails bring age.

Jeanette Lunde

Utilization: Tabletop bookshelf
Effect: A portable way to store your books, magazines and records.
Bonus: The crate on top can round up three beautiful vintage glass bottle vases.

Rikki Snyder

Utilization: Nightstand
Result: A bedside table that will hide that heap of magazines, a flashlight, your journal and anything else you prefer to have local.

Utilization: Candleholder
Result: I love when one multipurpose wonder and yet another one get married, in this case mason jars and classic crates.

Ira Lippke

Utilization: Vintage-modern kitchen storage
Effect: A great way to corral smaller kitchen items to get a uniform look on open shelves.

Helpful Catch-Alls Keep Clutter at Bay
Creative Collector: Vintage Vessels
Make a Rolling Vintage Storage Crate

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Plan Your Residence Remodel: The Design and Drawing Phase

In the first part of our series relating to this Florida ranch home renovation, we found the way Mike and Leann Rowe discovered a 1970s home with great bones and built a team to help them turn it into their dream home on the water. In this event, we’ll follow the design and drawing portion of the project.

In a project in this way, design and construction are intertwined. The team assembled by Mike and Leann included me as the architect, builder John Prahl and Jimmy Temple of Canco General Contractors. Collectively, John, Jimmy and I will help the Rowes evaluate design options and keep the project on track. This team approach should save Mike and Leann time, money and aggravation as most of us have input into developing the design and drawings.

Here are the first steps we are taking to find the drawings below way.

Watch Part 1 of this Renovation Diary

AIA, Bud Dietrich

1. Create a budget and a wish list. The first step in any endeavor is to establish exactly what you want, what you want and exactly what you can afford. So developing a budget and a wish list — something builders call a “program” — is equally vital.

That is exactly what Mike and Leann’s new home looks like now. They want three bedrooms (one of which is a home office/guest space) and at least 2 full bathrooms. They both like to cook so they will require a kitchen large enough for the both of them. And they want the kitchen open into the views and situated in the center of the home.

Phil Kean Designs

2. Define your story. In addition to the practical necessities and functional needs, your home should tell your story. So when starting out to the design, it’s important to define what that story is.

This photo of some other home provides an idea of exactly what Mike and Leann are searching for. For them, the story is about having immediate access to the gulf waters (Mike and Leann are enthusiastic boaters) and observing the casual, inside-outside Florida lifestyle. Big openings with walls of glass which may be pushed out of the way are essential. But because this is Florida, a means to keep out flying insects is also essential. Something clever, like these retractable screens that fill in massive openings, is what we’ll be opting for.

Olga Adler

3. Find inspiration. While not long ago you needed to purchase those magazines, tear out the a couple of pictures that inspired you and then toss away the magazine, now you can simply browse and save inspirational pictures in an ideabook. And while before you needed to keep all those bits of paper in a folder someplace (“Which are those clippings? I know they are around here someplace“), now you can e-mail a URL to a photo or collection of photos to your architect.

That brings us to the wonderful ceiling. Mike and Leann would enjoy a tall, vaulted ceiling. While browsing , Leann came across this picture and sent me the link. She loves the feeling of space the ceiling generates and the painted wood finish. So if the budget (there is that pesky financial issue again) and other issues allow, we’ll develop a ceiling very similar to this one.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

4. Research the codes, ordinances and regulations. From earthquake immunity in California to impact immunity in coastal Florida, just about every city, village and city has a particular and unique set of construction codes, ordinances and regulations which any project is going to need to comply with.

Though all of these principles will occasionally make us desire to moan and whine, they exist to protect life and property. Remember the May 2008 earthquake in China that toppled many buildings, such as schools, that price many individuals, including children, their lives? This was a disaster that would have been avoidable with the occurrence of better construction codes rigorously enforced. So let us remember this earthquake and its disastrous results every time we want to whine about “onerous” construction codes and regulations.

Since our project is situated in coastal Florida, we are going to have to mitigate the effects of hurricanes. Above all, we are going to need to ensure our brand new windows and doors meet or surpass the appropriate design pressure (DP) rating (a variable of wind speed, size and place). And there are strict regulations by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) who will most likely need to be taken care of.

All this won’t be easy or inexpensive, but the resulting safer construction will be well worth it.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

5. Document what is. Whether building new or renovating an existing structure, a thorough understanding of the existing requirements is essential. After all, it’s not like we begin with a completely blank slate. There are existing walls, roofs, windows and structures, as well as site features like solar orientation, sight lines and landscape features. Getting a handle on all this and making sure we understand the site and our current structure will help us as we navigate the design of a home which Mike and Leann will cherish for a lifetime.

Two tasks most frequently utilized to record the current conditions: 1). Taking a great deal of photos, and two) carefully measuring each wall, ceiling height, door opening, window location, electric device place and so on. All this information is then placed into a computer-aided design (CAD) document as a baseline from which we develop our design.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

6. Grow some basic sketches. My favorite question to ask as we brainstorm design ideas is “What should we … ?” With Mike and Leann, we explored how best to organize the interior spaces to match their needs. Each time we had develop an idea, we’d develop a 3-D sketch (using Sketch Up, my favorite drawing program) so we could see the implications of this idea and weigh its pros and cons.

Because creating an open floor plan with a kitchen in its centre is a critical part in our endeavor, having sketches like this helps us envision that open plan. The sketch also lets us see how we can incorporate a large, wide opening in the rear of the home.

Importantly, sketches like these may be carried out quickly and relatively inexpensively. Let’s face it, moving walls onto a bit of paper is a great deal easier than shifting walls which have been constructed.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

7. Start Looking for possibilities. The plan of each project is the process of finding the inherent possibilities of the site and existing structure while considering your needs, wants and budget. So architects like to ask questions like “What does it want to be?”

With all the intercoastal waterway and bridge to the mainland forming the background, Mike’s and Leann’s new home wishes to become open to the view out into the water and the bridge and up into the sky.

The brand new home wants all the blue sky and blue water to infuse the inside with light and space. So we’ll consider raising the ceiling to get views up and out and make that major opening to catch perspectives of the water and across the waterway into the bridge and the mainland.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

8. Record the choices. During the process of designing the project, Mike and Leann have made a whole bunch of choices: space dimensions, furniture placement, floor finishes, light areas and much more. The way the final project will look, feel and function is going to get listed on the building drawings. These construction drawings will then be used to convey our decisions to the St. Pete Beach construction official as well regarding the builder and all the other contractors and suppliers who will work on the project. Obviously, the further choices made, the more complete the drawings will be all of that is going to lead to better communication which will save time, money and aggravation as the project gets built.

Next: Securing the permit and starting demolition

How to See a Floor Plan
8 Ways to Follow Your Budget
Remodeling Guides

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Spanish Colonial Restoration in Hollywood

Eight decades back on a whim, Jeff Olde visited an open house on a fairly elm-lined street he’d long admired. “I walked in the front door and was immediately taken with all the two-story entry hall with a sweeping staircase,” says Olde, a TV network executive. Then he called husband Alan Uphold who, without visiting the house, agreed to put in an offer. In just two hours the couple, who weren’t even trying to find a new home, found a new home, sold their current house and bought a new one. “It was only meant to be,” Olde says. “The home type of claimed us and we claimed it.”

Beyond the front entrance, however, the very best aspect of this house was that entry hall. “The remainder of this was mostly a wreck,” he says. “It was remodeled from the ’60s or ’70s and needed a whole lot of work”

in a Glance
Who lives here: Jeff Olde, Alan Uphold and puppy Bailey
Location: Los Angeles
Size: 3,900 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths
That is intriguing: The house features over 40 authentic Spanish light fixtures.

Brenda Olde

This open area functions as a passageway along with an intersection involving the family room, the living area and the kitchen. It’s also a library, anchored with a large custom painted glass window. “It had been made by an old family business in Pasadena called Judson Studios, that has been producing stained glass windows for a hundred decades,” Olde says. “I took a picture of a crest from a different home and had them replicate it. I really like it. I look at it every day, and it warms up the home”

Olde believes the light to be artwork. “I actually wanted an authentic, amazing, old-world intimate appearance and feel to the home, and a lot of this comes through the light,” he says. Not one original fixture was retained, so everything had to be substituted. “It was nearly as pricey as the building, but they make the home.”

In total, the couple additional 12 antique chandeliers and 32 sconces, a mixture of antiques and reproductions. Many of the fixtures came out of nearby Ray’s Hardware.

The initial two light fixtures they added were fitting chandeliers found in an antiques store in Pasadena, California. “We bought these amazing yet heavy fixtures before we started building because we loved them so much,” Olde says. “We ended up nearly building certain rooms around these two light fixtures, which inspired the chambers” One hangs here from the library, and the other is at the kitchen pulling the two spaces together.

Brenda Olde

The entryway staircase convinced Olde to purchase the house. Shortly afterwards, he and Uphold decided to restore it to honor the house’s architectural roots. Their vision was for the home to stream from the kitchen throughout the library and the family room outside into the terrace and the pool, along with light as the central function of art.

They lived in the home for six months prior to hiring architect David Serrurier and builder Terry Richardson to assist with renovations. “It was good to have that time residing in it before we began building, because we actually got a feeling of how we would utilize the chambers,” Olde says.

Brenda Olde

The couple wanted to restore each room to what they believed was the first layout. “We took our hints from the few rooms on the primary floor that hadn’t been altered,” Olde says. “They were characterized by thick plaster walls that were extra deep in the passageways. So we adopted that thick type of castlelike character into all of the chambers to create this beefy Spanish look I like.” Most rooms were gutted down to the studs and rebuilt with this particular design aesthetic.

One of their biggest design dilemmas was hoping to make sense of this 1960s addition, which generated a huge, long room, “just like a giant bowling alley,” says Olde. Their solution was to divide the distance in two, making a living space in the front and also a family area in back.

Brenda Olde

These two red tufted leather salon chairs from Olde’s favourite furniture store, Mortise and Tenon, were the very first purchase for your home. “They make such a statement, and I am in the process of discovering the bits that move around them. I really like the hunt. I wake up at 3 a.m. considering what might move there, which compels Alan insane by the way”

As the couple adds new furniture and fireplace tile, they are redesigning the living space more for beauty than for comfort. “I need it to be a great visual, even when we do not go in it, because you see it so prominently from the chambers we do live in. I just enjoy its pure visual beauty,” Olde says.

Brenda Olde

This baby grand piano, a birthday gift to Uphold, is the centerpiece of the living area. Olde says, “Nothing makes me happier than to have a glass of wine and sit with the puppy and listen to him play and sing. Those are some of my favourite times together and the way we mostly enjoy that space, only the three people with songs.”

Brenda Olde

The family room includes lots of casual seating, warm carpeting and a entertainment centre.

Sectional: Pampa Furniture

Brenda Olde

The dining area, which is adjacent to the entry along with also the kitchen, sets the palette and tone. Olde retained each of the walls the exact same neutral colour to create visual continuity. He says, “I liked it all just flowed together, so I painted it very creamy and neutral to create a light, open and free-flowing space. I wanted the light, tilework and furnishing details to actually pop.” He maintained the old reclaimed tile and dark wood for several of the flooring and ceiling beams. The one distinct color accent is a brilliant deep reddish.

Brenda Olde

Although lighting and materials were chosen to honor the heritage of a Spanish colonial, some concessions were made to the ground plan. “We opened up the kitchen so that it was just one large area in the middle of the home. This is not standard of Spanish design, but I needed the home to be livable from how we like to enjoy our own lives, which can be free and open.” Here is actually the view in the kitchen island.

Brenda Olde

The original plan for your kitchen was to go with bright, clean and traditional 1920s tiles. At the 11th hour, on a business trip, Olde discovered a wine cellar in Lake Como, Italy. He loved it so much, he immediately changed the kitchen plans to produce their own variant. The kitchen is now adorned into the ceiling with limestone tiles and black painted cabinetry.

Brenda Olde

“I found old reclaimed red floor tiles in Spain, this great putty-colored tile from Morocco to the walls and this awesome limestone for the countertops,” Olde says. The laundry and utility room off the kitchen is clad in the identical aesthetic. When asked about the kitchen appliances, Olde replies, “You mean in this area where the wine resides?”

All appliances: Viking

Brenda Olde

The master bedroom suite includes a balcony overlooking the yard. Much of the home’s art was discovered in Revival Antiques and the Rose Bowl Flea Market at Pasadena.

Window remedies: Restoration Hardware

Brenda Olde

The third upstairs bedroom comprises a attached en suite bathroom. The afternoon light flows in through French doors, and a balcony overlooks the front yard.

Window remedies: Restoration Hardware

Brenda Olde

The creamy palette is consistent throughout the home.

Brenda Olde

The second upstairs bedroom.

Window remedies: Restoration Hardware

Brenda Olde

Three decades ago the couple put in a pool and landscaping to create an inviting private backyard, which has been the highlight of their home. A spa featuring Moroccan tiles doubles as a fountain. The bathtub separates the seating area from the outdoor dining room.

Brenda Olde

“We live in our family room and rear patio with fire pit. We hardly leave during the evenings, and we find lots of company constantly needing to come lounge by the pool with margaritas,” Olde says.

Brenda Olde

The home flows out of the kitchen throughout the library along with the living room into the terrace and the pool.

Brenda Olde

Uphold from the backyard with Bailey.

Brenda Olde

This exterior exudes warmth, comfort and beauty. A tiled terrace and greenery create an inviting first impression. “When they built the area back in the 1920s they had planned to bring a street in the back. But they changed the plans and gave all of the extra yard space to the houses on this road, so the whole lot was incredibly deep for Los Angeles,” Olde says. “We had a very big canvas that I believed we could really not merely restore, but also make better than the first. Due to the critical Historic Preservation Zone designation, the area has been shielded and frozen in time.”

Olde and Uphold love their neighborhood and the Grove is within walking distance, offering outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment. “Beverly Boulevard is just a short stroll into the north, and La Brea into the east has an entire series of restaurants and companies,” Uphold says.

Brenda Olde

Olde was attracted to old Spanish houses by the film Sunset Boulevard. “The character lived in this wonderful Spanish mansion, and I recall thinking as a young boy, ‘I wish to live there,'” he says. A self-described frustrated architect, Olde says he has obsessed over houses his entire life. “l will drive down a road and see a home I need to see and I only need to go knock on the door and see if they will allow me to take a look. As a kid, I actually used to do so — I’d ask them if I could use their toilet,” he says.

Olde pored over books of antique Spanish homes to aid with the recovery. The novels Classic California and Colonial California were his bibles. “I studied every photograph for layout ideas, a lot of that I’d replicated”

Brenda Olde

Olde crouches from the entryway. The following home project is completing the living space and enhancing the three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Olde says, “Our canvas is still lovingly painted. I believe I was inspired to create a mood, and I need the home to shine and draw you in.”

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Guest Groups: Crushing on Orange

There is no denying that the color tangerine is a hot trend right now. If you call it coral, tangerine or orange, the color is guaranteed to bring some life to any space. This collection is filled with simple and realistic ways to add a pop of this color to a room. With everything from a simple throw pillow to a statement carpet, you might get a crush orange also. — Courtney from A Thoughtful Place

Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s 2012 color of this year

West Elm

Turned-Leg Nightstand, Vermillion – $249

I love the traditional turned legs on this bit paired with the more modern drawer front. I’d love to use this alongside a sharp white bed or in a small entryway.

Cost Plus World Market

Orange/Red Damask Throw – $39.99

The damask print gets a great update with this bold color. I’d use this on the arm using a neutral chair or sofa. It would be a tiny touch of color without a significant commitment.


Wise Ol’ Canister, Orange – $128

I like the whimsy of this canister. I’d love to utilize this in my black and white kitchen. It’s certainly a fun way to conceal those biscuits.


Monogrammed Coral Chevron Print Throw Pillow by Tootledoo Designs – $35

I love a fantastic monogram. Should you add one to an orange chevron pillow, then you have a fantastic combination. I’d love to see this on a crisp bed.


Suffolk Chair – $999

What is not to love about this chair? I’d use this in a living room beside a neutral sofa. I would also throw a pale cream throw on it to add more texture.


Format Orange Tray – $39.95

This tray is an simple way to infuse orange in your room with very little commitment. I love that you can set it out for business or use it every day to host magazines and new flowers.


Henri Dining Chair, Pink – $168

I’d pair these seats with a fantastic rustic farm dining table. I love their little scale that allows for more seating around a large table.

West Elm

Gradiated-Stripe Cotton Rug, Tangerine – $19

This carpet has so much personality. The stripes are timeless, and I love the brand new color. I’d use this at a family room or playroom to bring some additional color.


Smoldering Hues Shower Curtain – $118

This shower curtain is feminine and fun. The ombre cherry color could add a sense of whimsy to any bathroom.

Modern Decorative Pillows – $20

I enjoy that I can add a dash of orange with this throw pillow. I am also fond of the button depth.


Pouf Ottoman Floor Pillow Chain Links in Bright Orange by Anita Scasa – $75

Swoon. If a bright orange pouf doesn’t cause you to smile, I don’t know what’s going to. What a fantastic ottoman for a neutral-based room or for additional seating in a family room or guest room.

The Container Store

Intelligent Stockholm Office Storage Boxes – $9.99

I love using these containers to hold past issues of magazines, in addition to my printer newspaper. The vivid colours pop from any background.


Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase – $28

I secretly would like three of them. I’d love to down them the middle of my dining room table with white linens and white flowers indoors. The color combination in the vase makes me swoon.


Knitted Blood Orange Pouf – $89.95

Kick your feet up on this, or pull it up for additional seating. I’d love to bring a dash of color to my living room with this.


12-3-6-9 24″ wall clock – $79.95

What’s it? I’d certainly use this as an addition to a black and white gallery wall. It would likewise be a whimsical addition to a playroom or child’s bedroom.


Sunflower Medallion Knob, Coral – $8

Yes, please! I can not wait to bring these to a freshly painted white dresser. I love to add just a little unexpected color and allure into a simple piece.

Quad Persimmon Stool – $129

I enjoy these pops of persimmon for under the table. In a little space they’re super handy to pull out when friends stop by. I would also utilize two together as a coffee table setup.


Vintage Shabby Orange Industrial Bookends by Orange Door Vintage – $19

I love these. They are such a sweet way to add a pop of color, and I love the classic feel. All these are good for adding just a little bit of this industrial fashion into your space too.


Dec Home C1 2012 Modern Morocco Collection – $9.99

This is an excellent collection of bits that adds a punch of persimmon. I love the shape of the lamp and would place it in a bedroom or living room. The lantern and cushions are vibrant and might even look cute in an outdoor terrace.


Rachael Ray 1.5 Qt. Whistling Teakettle, Orange – $29.99

Don’t forget about your kitchen. I’d leave it out on the stove top to accessorize the space. I enjoy the posh look of it, and the fun color adds a lot of personality.

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8 Master Bedrooms Where Everyday Is King

While flipping through house design magazines, I’m often discouraged by the master bedroom inspiration. The looks are often heavily designed and do not appear to fit in with my everyday way of life. My husband and I have five kids, and a few of them make their way into our area a few nights. It doesn’t make sense to have loads of cushions, furniture and pricey art strewn about to have tripped over.

The other day when searching for thoughts here, I was amazed by the number of stunning casual bedrooms. I’ve picked my favorites and can’t wait to share with you what I learned from every one. These notions can be implemented into real spaces. Let’s begin!

sarah & bendrix

Although I said not wanting to buy expensive art to get tripped over, I don’t have any issue with it being displayed on the wall. The piece displayed in this image is so stunning and really sets the mood for the room.

Everything I heard: Purchasing one amazing art piece can take a room to a completely different level.

Nightstand space comes at a premium. Publications, clocks and telephones all vie for room.

Everything I heard: Wall-mounted lights over the nightstands make a great deal of sense in smaller spaces.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Bedding is pricey, especially once you discover the ideal duvet, pillow shams, throw pillows and so forth.

Everything I heard: Keep the bedding simple and splurge on great fabric for curtain panels along with a few throw pillows.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

They say less is more. They are right.

Everything I heard: If your area has great architectural bones similar to this one, you do not really need much more. The space speaks for itself.

I’ve frequently thought of a neutral color scheme as being boring and safe.

Everything I heard: Neutral colors can be calming and invoke a feeling of restfulness and peace.

Schwartz and Architecture

When I think of custom drapery, my thoughts often envisions thick cloth overpowering a room.

Everything I heard: Once done right, custom drapery, like these Roman sunglasses, can include a degree of simple elegance.

Cardea Building Co..

Area rugs are frequently used to tie a space together. I really like this carpet is the room’s focal point.

Everything I heard: Should you discover what you love, like this bright rug, adopt it. Build a room around it.

Moroso Construction

Broadly speaking, most nightstands are square or round. Who says you’ve got to follow these rules?

Everything I heard: when you’ve got a table that has an appropriate height to be a nightstand and goes with the room, make use of it. Even if it is a rectangle.

Inform us: what’s your trick for a beautiful bedroom? Please share insight and photos below.

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Sourcebook: Eclectic Style

Eclectic design is all about the mixture. It is tough to choose an individual item and state,”That is diverse.” (even though it’s not impossible, as you’ll see.) Eclectic is all about putting pieces together in an area that contradict and juxtapose another without competing or overshadowing. This appearance doesn’t feel as designed as a traditional space, but it’s still harmonious. Below are a few ideas for choosing bits which have the potential to be diverse, but the mix is up to you.

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Cost Plus World Market

Multicolored Ikat Toss Pillow – $24.99

A neutral sofa can place on diverse airs with a mixture of daring and patterned cushions. Adhere to a loose color palette when mixing and matching, or move for a devil-may-care strategy and throw a lot of colors to the mixture. (For that appearance, actually pile’em on.)

• Brightly colored pillows abound at World Market.
• I am always sending clients to Etsy for affordable cushions.
• Browse plenty of cushions in the Products section

Urban Outfitters

Telephone Keys Wallet Rug – $18

Quirky conversation pieces add an entirely new layer of interest to your own design. It could be a lamp, funny thing, piece of artwork or even a rug.

• Find this and other tongue-in-cheek designs in Urban Outfitters.
• Fun and diverse pieces for entertaining could be found in Orange and Pear.
• Check local antiques stores or garage sales for one-of-a-kind bits which make you smile (such as a wacky cookie jar).

Shoppe By Amber Interiors

Rug 4 – $280

Using classic rugs can be a excellent way to add an eclectic vibe to your room. Even if the carpet is a little too small (true antiques frequently aren’t in contemporary standard sizes), layering it on a natural-fiber rug such as jute or sisal can create an intriguing combination.

• Find this and other rugs in the Shoppe From Amber Interiors.
• Locate a rotating choice of classic rugs at Furbish Studio.
• Browse Kilim Rugs (not all antiques, but lots of cool stuff).


Julie Armchair

Unusual upholstery may quickly turn a fairly basic bit into something diverse. Choose a totally different style of cloth from the style of the chair (here, you see a rustic quilt cloth on a really modern silhouette ).

• Shop this appearance at Elte.
• An unexpected shot of color provides exactly the exact same impact, as in bits from Horchow.
• You can find this effect with almost any chair: simply have it reupholstered. Shop Lewis and Sheron cloths such as ideas.

Room & Board

Portica Canopy Bed – $1,399

I like to keep big-ticket items impartial, even at an eclectic space. With a simple bed it is possible to get a lot of different appearances with bedding, art, rugs and even a canopy if you receive a canopy bed such as this one — perfect for somebody who probably enjoys to alter it up.

• Get this and other simple designs in Room & Board.
• you are able to discover great essential fashions at PBteen.
• The basic fashions at Ikea are just begging for some customization with bedding.

Table Tonic

Moroccan Leather Pouf – AUD 199

Eclectic design is not afraid to borrow heavily from cultural influences. While of course bringing home pieces from the world travels is the ideal, it’s not frowned on to receive the vibe through the Tnternet. Begin with a pair of Moroccan poufs and work your way around the world.

• Table Tonic has a great pouf (and kilim) selection.
• Locate African kuba fabric at Wisteria.
• The Loaded Trunk has a massive choice of Mexican coverlets.

Tonic Home

Lola Accent Table by Arteriors Home – $575

Interesting accent pieces paired create for a great diverse layout. If you would like to play it safe with all the primary bits (sofa, etc.), small tables can be a terrific way to add an eclectic look to your furniture.

• Shop these brightly colored tables (and lots more) in Tonic Home.
• You will find tons of accent tables to sift through on Overstock.
• A fun range of tables are located in AllModern.

sarah & bendrix

More: Guides to diverse design

Tell us Is the personality diverse? Share photos and tips below!

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Designer Sketch: Susannah Devine

“Hidden pockets and key passages have always intrigued me,” says Susannah Devine. Though her projects lean more toward a modern fashion, Devine’s imagination is often triggered by mechanical artisans of the 17th and 18th centuries. This unexpected passion is one of many that creates her refreshing appearance.

The Houston interior designer is half of RD Architecture, a firm that specializes in LEED-certified jobs. Though Devine has a passion for all things green, her objective is to split the misconception that designing and building green has a certain appearance. “Material selection is a variable, but green design is based more on the way you construct than what you build,” she states.

profile: RD Architecture LLC | Locate a interior designer or builder

RD Architecture, LLC


What is the most fascinating thing you are working on now?
I love the diversity of styles. Our remodels utilize the existing style of the home and unite it with the distinctive person style of the homeowner. Not one of our jobs can be described accurately with a single word. The terms “contemporary” and “traditional” alone are very obsolete.

What is a fresh way you are using a fresh color or substance now?
I’d like to start using more dual-functioning materials, such as cork. A cork wall covering kids’ playrooms, music rooms or home offices provides some benefits. It functions as a tack wall for artwork or work in advance. In addition, it’s regarded as a renewable source.

RD Architecture, LLC


The most significant thing on your desk is …
Oh, that’s easy! My earbuds. Music is a link to the soul — and of course my work mode. The type of songs I listen to depends on what I am working on — classical, rock-and-roll, country, rap and everything in between.

My ideal client is … A homeowner that knows and appreciates the elements and principles of design. One who challenges us to push those boundaries and functions with us collaboratively to create that particular haven they call home.

Where on earth do you wish to go next? I’m working on a project with a local artist to record the neighborhood around our office. A number of the amazing 1940s houses have fallen into disrepair, and a number are marked for demolition. These older houses have more character and presence than many new houses. It is tragic that many will not survive. I am hoping that our locality has a renaissance and we can get involved in the restoration of some of those architectural treasures.

RD Architecture, LLC


Do you still draw, or is everything on the computer now?
We use CAD for the practice of producing and documenting a design. To exemplify volume and mass, Google SketchUp is a great tool. RD uses that with great success to help clients understand the human scale and points of view within a design. However, I favor quick hand sketches in perspective to identify the three-dimensional aspects of details for cabinetry and custom furniture. I also do color studies of exterior and interior elevations. Ink renderings and photography are also private hobbies of mine.

Which famous architects could you love a chance to utilize?
Frank Lloyd Wright comes to mind first. His style is beautiful and timeless, but it’s his approach to design and his philosophy of natural architecture that’s most in line with my own views. He exploded the “box” of traditional idas. Instead, he confessed the way the home responds to the environment along with the spirit and psychological well-being of its occupants.

Above: One of Davis’ fireplace designs for a client, installed just recently.

RD Architecture, LLC


What inspires your designs?
Each client brings her or his own nature and eyesight once we start a job, and we draw for inspiration. We’re the firm you hire to realizeyour particular style. Designing this manner requires an open minded, out-of-the-box, problem-solving style to discover the right solution for each design problem.

Favourite traditional furniture bit?
Midcentury furniture designers had the right idea about the stability of form and function. I love Saarinen’s Womb Chair.

Who is one of your favourite artists?
There is a local Houston artist who has recently come to be a popular. Justin Garcia’s art actually moves me. His paintings have a silent strength, a soothing voice with something real to say.

Where’s your go-to location for inspiration?
— and I am not just saying that. You men are the very first place we go along with the very first place we recommend for clients to go to gather images for inspiration. Your site is extremely user friendly. Please don’t ever make it complex. Simple is sometimes better and more effective. And that goes for design as well.

More designer sketches:
Jean Dufrense | Danielle Wallinger | Lea Hein | Noel Cross

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10 Beautiful Sunroom Design Ideas

Sunrooms are magical spaces which are constructed on the side of the house with the most sunlight, and they typically have floor to ceiling windows or glass walls in order to fully let in the light and warmth of the sun. The best part about window cleaning is that they allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the outdoor setting of your home while remaining completely protected from the weather elements.

There are as many different sunroom designs as there are people who own them. Some have glass roofs while others don’t; some prefer them with rustic brick pillars while others favor a contemporary minimalist design where the focus is more on the setting and the light than on the décor.

However, what makes sunrooms so appealing and unique is their ability to welcome the sunlight in such a way that you feel as though you were outdoors while maintaining the comfort of being indoors with relaxing furniture. And the best part is that you can incorporate blinds to cool certain parts of the room while still enjoying the outdoor-like feel of the space.

If you’re thinking of including a window installation into your home’s design, then you’ll love our list of top 10 inspiring sunroom design ideas.

1 – Use it as an alternative dining room: While most homeowners prefer to have their sunroom as the main or second living room, others use it as a second dining room during the summer time.
2 – Incorporate a fireplace: Installing a modern fireplace in the sunroom is a great way of keeping it warm and cozy, even during the cold winter months.
3 – Skylights: Skylights can enhance the feeling of being outdoors, as you’re able to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounds and the sky at the same time.
4 – Bright curtains: Light-colored curtains help to maintain the light-filled ambience of the sunroom, while still providing protection from the sun when it gets too harsh.
5 – Add some flowers: There’s nothing better than some vibrant plants and flowers to bring the outside in and enrich the experience of a sunroom.
6 – Use it for entertaining: The sunroom can also be used as an entertainment area for your guests, complete with comfortable chairs, maybe a piano, and a useful coffee table with some books perhaps.
7 – Large windows are a must: As the name implies, the whole point of a sunroom is to enjoy the sunshine, which makes large windows an ideal way of making that happen.
8 – Comfortable furniture is essential: A sunroom is for relaxing, so you want it to have comfortable furniture for you to sit and lie down in while enjoying the surrounds in absolute relaxation.
9 – Try a glass roof: Allow light to come in through the walls and the ceiling by opting for a glass roof in addition to glass walls.
10 – Work from your sunroom: Some people install a small working desk in the window repair to create an inspiring and light-filled ambiance in their working environment.