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Designer Sketch: Susannah Devine

“Hidden pockets and key passages have always intrigued me,” says Susannah Devine. Though her projects lean more toward a modern fashion, Devine’s imagination is often triggered by mechanical artisans of the 17th and 18th centuries. This unexpected passion is one of many that creates her refreshing appearance.

The Houston interior designer is half of RD Architecture, a firm that specializes in LEED-certified jobs. Though Devine has a passion for all things green, her objective is to split the misconception that designing and building green has a certain appearance. “Material selection is a variable, but green design is based more on the way you construct than what you build,” she states.

profile: RD Architecture LLC | Locate a interior designer or builder

RD Architecture, LLC


What is the most fascinating thing you are working on now?
I love the diversity of styles. Our remodels utilize the existing style of the home and unite it with the distinctive person style of the homeowner. Not one of our jobs can be described accurately with a single word. The terms “contemporary” and “traditional” alone are very obsolete.

What is a fresh way you are using a fresh color or substance now?
I’d like to start using more dual-functioning materials, such as cork. A cork wall covering kids’ playrooms, music rooms or home offices provides some benefits. It functions as a tack wall for artwork or work in advance. In addition, it’s regarded as a renewable source.

RD Architecture, LLC


The most significant thing on your desk is …
Oh, that’s easy! My earbuds. Music is a link to the soul — and of course my work mode. The type of songs I listen to depends on what I am working on — classical, rock-and-roll, country, rap and everything in between.

My ideal client is … A homeowner that knows and appreciates the elements and principles of design. One who challenges us to push those boundaries and functions with us collaboratively to create that particular haven they call home.

Where on earth do you wish to go next? I’m working on a project with a local artist to record the neighborhood around our office. A number of the amazing 1940s houses have fallen into disrepair, and a number are marked for demolition. These older houses have more character and presence than many new houses. It is tragic that many will not survive. I am hoping that our locality has a renaissance and we can get involved in the restoration of some of those architectural treasures.

RD Architecture, LLC


Do you still draw, or is everything on the computer now?
We use CAD for the practice of producing and documenting a design. To exemplify volume and mass, Google SketchUp is a great tool. RD uses that with great success to help clients understand the human scale and points of view within a design. However, I favor quick hand sketches in perspective to identify the three-dimensional aspects of details for cabinetry and custom furniture. I also do color studies of exterior and interior elevations. Ink renderings and photography are also private hobbies of mine.

Which famous architects could you love a chance to utilize?
Frank Lloyd Wright comes to mind first. His style is beautiful and timeless, but it’s his approach to design and his philosophy of natural architecture that’s most in line with my own views. He exploded the “box” of traditional idas. Instead, he confessed the way the home responds to the environment along with the spirit and psychological well-being of its occupants.

Above: One of Davis’ fireplace designs for a client, installed just recently.

RD Architecture, LLC


What inspires your designs?
Each client brings her or his own nature and eyesight once we start a job, and we draw for inspiration. We’re the firm you hire to realizeyour particular style. Designing this manner requires an open minded, out-of-the-box, problem-solving style to discover the right solution for each design problem.

Favourite traditional furniture bit?
Midcentury furniture designers had the right idea about the stability of form and function. I love Saarinen’s Womb Chair.

Who is one of your favourite artists?
There is a local Houston artist who has recently come to be a popular. Justin Garcia’s art actually moves me. His paintings have a silent strength, a soothing voice with something real to say.

Where’s your go-to location for inspiration?
— and I am not just saying that. You men are the very first place we go along with the very first place we recommend for clients to go to gather images for inspiration. Your site is extremely user friendly. Please don’t ever make it complex. Simple is sometimes better and more effective. And that goes for design as well.

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12 Home Furnishings for Those on the Move

How do you create a room look and feel permanent, even when you understand you may be moving? And what about answers to decorating and storage woes that don’t involve springing for built-ins you would just need to leave behind? If you don’t plan to remain in your existing house long term (no matter if you rent or own), then check out these 12 ways to bring the color, style and space-saving storage you’ll need — with bits you can pack up and move with you when you go.

CDA Interior Design

1. A furniture piece with architectural detail. Just one large-scale part of furniture, such as the magnificent armoire shown here, is sufficient to give any room a more permanent appearance. A richly comprehensive piece can also compensate for a lack of architectural detail at the area itself — also, like all of the pieces featured here, this you can go with you when you move.

Sarah Greenman

2. Artistic investments. First paintings, sculpture, handmade pottery, glass art and iconic designer bits you love are all worthy investments to create for the long haul. You can take them everywhere, and they’ll hold — or perhaps profit — value as time passes.

Caitlin Wilson Design

3. An upholstered mattress. Rather than spending fancy wallpaper for the bedroom when you believe you may move, bring in a big dose of color and layout having a upholstered headboard. The height and shape of the headboard, paired with a print that you love, is sufficient to make a focal wall so you can depart the wall behind it bare.

How to make an upholstered headboard you can easily change

4. Portable clothes storage. If you’re short on closet area, pick up a clothing rack appealing enough to be on screen. Store just your prettiest pieces on it, tucking the remainder from sight from drawers or in a cupboard. Should you move to a bigger place in the future, you can always use it in the laundry area, or pull it out at parties to maintain jackets. In case you have the closet area but lack company, start looking for stand-alone storage units that you can tuck in your cupboard to customize the space — without even paying for built-ins.

Browse garment racks

Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

5. A piece with a built-in-quality top. Even renters can have the pride of “renovating” the kitchen with this awesome trick: Purchase a mobile piece having a luxurious surface, such as marble, copper or zinc, rather than the typical butcher block top. A breakfast table, baker’s rack or kitchen island could all work nicely.

Taylor Jacobson Interior Design

6. Colorful furniture and rugs. Small- to medium-size stained rugs can deliver a punch of color to a whole area without painting. Use them in smaller bedrooms or layered on top of bigger rugs in a huge area. Lightweight rattan chairs, small poufs and additional accent furniture can also be perfect for changing the look of a room — they can be the stars of this show in a small room and take on a supporting role in a bigger house.

Lauren Liess Interiors

7. Natural-fiber and hide rugs. You can never go wrong with natural-fiber and hide rugs. They seem great professionally or layered, in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. They can bring textural interest to a neutral scheme or offer a soothing neutral base to a house full of splashes of color. And to top it all off, they are virtually indestructible.


8. A fantastic big mirror. An oversize mirror immediately opens up a room and gives the impression you’re fully settled in your house, even if you just moved in. A mirror that looks equally good hung on the wall or discriminated against it is the most flexible.

Emily A. Clark

9. Straightforward shelving units from multiples. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg shelving unless you want to — only buy multiples of basic bookcases and line them up side by side for a personalized look.

You are able to personalize your shelves by adding a coat of color or patterned paper to the rear wall, or simply by gluing grosgrain ribbon trim across the shelf fronts.

10. Your own light fixtures. You do not need to live with light fixtures that you don’t like, even if you rent.

Most landlords will not have a issue with you swapping out the lighting fixtures, provided that you replace the old ones before you move out — that you are going to want to do anyhow, which means you’re able to bring your classy lighting fixtures along to your next location.

Vanessa Francis

11. Stuff on the walls! Even when you’re in a really temporary location, don’t skimp on putting stuff up on the walls.

Filling holes and touching up paint before you move out will take just about an hour it is worth it. Before moving to your next location, take a photo of your art wall so that you may re-create it in your next flat without starting from scratch.

Taylor Jacobson Interior Design

12. Houseplants and potted trees. Greenery can solve a multitude of decorating dilemmas, from filling blank corners to disguising unsightly features. And plants clean the atmosphere to boot. It is true you need to be cautious when moving your plants to a different residence, but it can be done — and it is definitely worth the effort.

How to care for decorators’ preferred houseplants

Tell us : Can you have a favorite piece that’s come with you on many motions?

More: Versatile Furnishings to Make the Move With You

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Entryways Take a Seat

Entryways will be the primary rooms in our homes guests see when visiting. As a result of this, many of us go to great lengths to make them beautiful. We purchase lovely art, mirrors and costly carpets, and even place fresh flowers on tables to make a fantastic impression.

Yet along with being delightful, entryways should also be functional. What’s the one piece of furniture every such space requirements? A seat, or possibly a seat. The point is to supply a comfortable place to remove shoes or to perch once the conversation gets really good.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

A single seat within this entryway beckons guests in. It’s a fantastic example of the fact that you don’t need to be fussy and on the top or invest a lot of money to make your entryway inviting.

Kate Marker Interiors

A classic church pew makes for perfect entryway seating. Pews may be painted to match your d├ęcor and therefore are narrow enough for snug spaces.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

If you are intending to have a unit built in, remember about storage. This one has storage over for seasonal items like hats together with space underneath for sneakers. The pleasant, soft pillow is a bonus.

Urrutia Design

A matching pair of seats seems lovely in this large, open foyer.

Vanessa De Vargas

If your entryway lacks space, take note of the picture. The matching ottomans tuck neatly but provide additional seating when required.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

This built-in unit has a contemporary look and drawers for storage.

L. Cramer Builders + Remodelers

Even the grandest entryways need seats. This pretty upholstered seat fits right in with all the stately feel of this room.

Tiny entryways don’t need to skimp on seating. Perhaps a set of wooden stools is just what your little foyer requirements.

Corral Your Gear Having a Makeshift Mudroom

Make the Most of a Console Table

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