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Color Feast: 6 Deliciously Uncommon Dining Room Color Combos

Previously in this show about dining room color, we discussed dining room color in terms of a dominant colour in the area. Let’s step it up, color-wise, for the finale, and focus on multihued dining spaces.

This might seem like advanced color choice to a few; it can be tricky to incorporate multiple bold colours in a space and not have it resemble a game board. The secret is to pick colors that harmonize together, and to use brighter colors sparingly. Mix in some mild neutrals or a lot of natural lighting, and you’ll have a gorgeous space for sharing meals with family and friends.

Here are a few of my favourite colorful dining spaces on , along with proposed palettes that you test on your own dining room.

Four Brothers LLC

1. Fresh yellows and greens. This pulling palette looks colorful but has a nice softness. Sunny yellow is a happy color that brings warm summertime to mind. Add a few spring greens for a vibe that is harmonious, as yellow and green are adjacent on the color wheel.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: From left to right, all from Valspar: Palm Leaf, Leaf Bud and Amber Pearl.

Dallas Rugs

2. Cool grays and blues. This elegant dining room shimmers in colors of deep blue and grey. Generally, a darker colour on the ceiling will visually reduce it, but cooler colours also have a propensity to make a ceiling or wall recede. I think this dark sapphire color makes the room feel more intimate and evokes the feeling of dining al fresco at nighttime.

A great tip for getting light to bounce through a dining room, which adds glow, is to provide the walls a semigloss or high-gloss complete. Just bear in mind that the glossier the paint sheen, the more you’ll observe the texture — and some flaws — in your walls and ceilings.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: From left to right, all from Behr: Sapphire Sparkle, Silver Screen and Dark Ash.

Rachel Reider Interiors

3. Dramatic deep maroon with crimson. These are intense colours, but because they’re such similar colors of purplish reds they don’t fight with each other.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: From left to right, all from Mythic Paint: Spring Cosmos, Royal Masterpiece and Romantic Charm.

4. Warm oranges using a light yellow-green. I really like this soft orange wall shade. It’s a natural match with a bolder red-orange and impartial yellow-green. Again, there are many colors used in this area, but because they are adjacent on the color wheel, they harmonize together.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: From left to right, all from Benjamin Moore: Ryan Red, Canyonlands and Glazed Green.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

5. Red, blue and white. That is a bold, contrasting color palette, but it functions because the bright hues appear in relatively tiny quantities. White and neutral wood tones wash over the remainder of the space.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: From left to right, all from Benjamin Moore: Aruba Blue, Raspberry Truffle and Million Dollar Red.

6. Chartreuse with purple-grays. I must admit I’d not have believed to use chartreuse and purple-gray collectively, but I really dig this particular palette. It’s unusual and extremely eye catching.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example Colour: From left to right, all from Sherwin-Williams: Gorgeous Shade, Light French Gray and Frolic.

Inform us : Do you prefer a mixture of bold colours in the dining room? Please share a photo in the Remarks section below.

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Wake Up Your Kitchen With Eye-Catching Color

If you are itching to change up the look of your kitchen but a full remodel is not to be, there are still lots of approaches to punch up your space with refreshing colour and bold details. From painted ceilings, floors and patterns to colour scheme ideas and much more, join us now and discover 12 creative ways to add colour to your kitchen with little more than a can of paint and imagination.

California Home + Design

Lift your mood using a cheery striped ceiling. Your arms will beg for mercy with all of the taping and painting overhead, but your eyes will thank you if the job is done. Wide stripes in sun yellow and white are a daring choice, but kept to the ceiling that they feel fun and unique without overwhelming the space.

Janna Makaeva/Cutting Edge Stencils

Attempt an all-over stencil. Want the appearance of wallpaper without the high price tag? Why not try your hand for an wall stencil? There are lots of cool, modern versions available on the marketplace, as well as doing a single accent wall could make a large impact.

Read up about the method in this handy tutorial.

Camilla Molders Design

Use superpigmented colors to get a wealthy effect. Vibrant turquoise is stunning by itself, but it really stands out when paired with equally bold red and a glistening metallic touch, such as the chairs and pendant lights displayed here.

Ana Williamson Architect

Map out a new colour scheme with large-scale wall art. A large way to immediately deliver a splash of colour into the kitchen would be with an oversize item of art. It does not need to be precious to perform the job; believe topographical maps, classic school graphs and botanical illustrations.

If you enjoy what you see, then you can further the appearance by yanking your room’s paint colors from the art for a built-in colour scheme.

Loop Design

Double up on tropical colors to get a bold, zesty appearance. Fresh lime green or sour blue could be striking by itself, but put the two together and you can immediately evoke the laid-back speed, swaying trees and crystal-clear waters of the tropics. Sterile, stripped surfaces and modern stainless steel assist steer this appearance into glossy instead of gimmicky land.

Modern Craft Construction, LLC

Add colour and pattern using carpet tiles. The kitchen floor has to withstand heavy traffic, spills and regular cleaning, making it a less-than-ideal candidate to get a traditional rug. However, adding softness and colour on the floor can be achieved in a more practical manner with carpet tiles, which may be removed separately for replacing or cleaning.

Asher Associates Architects

Paint the ground to get an easy-care “rug.” Another attractive alternative for the kitchen would be to paint or perhaps stencil the floor to get a built-in rug impact. The glossy pale blue revealed here is mild and fairly yet will not show every single crumb that falls, and it cleans up easily.

Wm Ohs Inc..

Enlarge your area with sky-blue ceilings. Blue ceilings are often discovered on porches, but not give them a try inside? A blue ceiling in the kitchen will make you feel like you are cooking in the open air, increasing the sense of distance.

Hufft Projects

Accent wood cabinets with warm sunset colors. When you’re wanting to add to an current kitchen scheme, working what you’ve got into the new design is essential. If warm forests are already in play with cupboards and counters, try laying down sunset-hued rug tiles and painting the walls sharp white for a fresh appearance.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Utilize a focal wall in the conclusion of a galley kitchen. When a narrow galley-style kitchen is cramping your style, try taking the emphasis down the hall with a daring painted wall in the breakfast nook. Insert a sculptural pendant lighting and shapely chairs tucked into a round table to complete the scene.

Roost Interior Design

Start small with a single painted accent. I really like the notion of painting the inside of one cabinet (with doors removed and holes filled) or the wall supporting a pair of floating shelves to frame a selection of your favourite dishes or cookware. It is always surprising just how much impact a little change like this will make to the whole room.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Clean your kitchen in soothing colors of a single colour. To get a tranquil appearance, try working in several colors of the same cool colour in various areas of the kitchen. Here, a fairly turquoise was used to counter tops, while a paler, watered-down version of the same colour was utilized on the walls to great effect.

Get thoughts from more colorful kitchens

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Why You Need to Give Brown a Opportunity

Brown is generally thought of as a masculine color that boosts feelings of stability and strength. It is also thought to symbolize reliability and approachability. This functional color is generated by mixing red, yellow and blue. The milder, honeyed browns are warm and comfy, while the heavy red-browns feel more luxurious. But be careful when using this shade that is rich! Too much, or the incorrect color of brown, is assumed to bring on feelings of sadness or gloominess.

Poor older brown. It is quoted as the least loved of colors, and it is the colour of several people’s favourite items — peppermint, chocolate, warm toast, roasted coffee beans and roast beef. Yum! Now that your taste buds are tingling, let’s dispel the myth that brown is dull or boring.

Tewes Design

I have always thought of brown as a masculine color, a safe option for men who dread more womanly creams and pinks. However, Joe Hallock, a student in the University of Washington, conducted a survey in 2003 that revealed brown at the most preferred color of 27 percent of males and 20 percent of females that responded.

This chamber has various shades of brown with contemporary splashes of pink to suit him and her.

Urrutia Design

Winston Churchill once said, “I can’t pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.”

I am not sure he would have said this after viewing the various colors and textures within this cozy but elegant room.

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

In medieval England, brown was correlated with humility and poverty, since the lower classes wore materials dyed brown with the economical madder root.

However this chamber shows no humility at all, introducing gold for a gorgeous opulence — it reminds me of a luxurious chocolate bar wrapped in gold.

Rodika Chi, a feng shui expert, states heavy, rich browns offer a nourishing power and therefore are fantastic for entrance halls, kitchens and feature walls in bedrooms. However, too much brown can lead to a lack of ambition or drive, so be sure you balance it out with another colour.

For me there isn’t any superior contrast to brown than white, and also this hallway manages to look fresh, warm and welcoming all in the same moment.

Elizabeth Reich

Sepia is a reddish brown colour named after the pigment derived from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish, at the Sepia genus. Sepia ink has been used by artists and writers such as Leonardo da Vinci from the Renaissance; later, in the 1880s, it had been added to the positive print of a photo to produce the sepia images we’re so familiar with now.

I adore how the sepia images are used to tie together this chamber, where gloomy cleverly complements the brown.

Millbrook Circle Interior Design

In India brown is the colour of mourning, since it is the colour of leaves. Nonetheless, it seems anything but somber when teamed with pretty pink. This room shows how to utilize brown with no feeling autumnal.

Bashford Design

In aromatherapy nutmeg is used for rejuvenating, energizing and uplifting, though we frequently associate it with the soothing, festive smell of Christmas.

This chamber demonstrates beautifully how well red and brown work together — it is definitely a pairing that’s not only for Christmas.

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

Look at nature and take a page in the fundamentals of feng shui to utilize brown in your home. Water nourishes wood and generates plant expansion — it is no wonder blue, brown and green match each other so fabulously.

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Orange: Still Hot, Sexy, Sexy

For three straight seasons, orange has dominated the fashion runways. Certainly, the color is still on fad, and now that we’re in the center of autumn, more appropriate than ever. Whether such as the bold shade in an outfit or within your home’s décor, orange carries with it an unparalleled burst of energy that may radically alter the appearance and feel of your scheme.

On the flip side, because it’s such a bold color, it needs to be used properly to prevent cringe-worthy reactions reminiscent of the’70s. If you’re considering adding the color into your house, have a look at the following pics to get some inspiration from fellow ers.

Elad Gonen

There’s no doubt about it: orange is a show stopper. Employed within this setting, the orange cloth contemporizes the pure wood coffee table and games console behind the couch. Mixing orange with organic elements makes it a statement without overpowering.

Mosca Photo

If your house has a rather open design, it helps to differentiate one space from another with different colors or patterns. By using largely neutrals in the living and kitchen areas, this house’s orange dining area with contemporary floral rug feels separate and distinct.

Ed Ritger Photography

In this instance, the designer used orange to designate a seating area within this long and narrow living space, using different colors of orange on the wall and couches to make dimension. Notice the orange was pulled into the seating area with the dark couches, via area rug and lamp, to make an entire cohesion.

Create an orange platform to build from by pulling in orange through rugs bedding or rugs. From there, consider using light colors, such as light pinks or purples, or neutrals to soften the potency of the orange.

ARTISSIMO – Idit Deutsch

Here’s another example of using sofas to make a platform of orange. The white cushions and mild yellow walls neutralize the orange.

If you’re hungry for orange, then go all out, just be certain that you’ve got the big picture in your mind. White architectural details help balance the impact of orange ceiling and walls, while impartial furniture grounds the space.

Such a strong shade of crimson with dark, neutral furniture may have felt too heavy: The addition of green velvet chairs feels fresh contrary to the orange and helps the space feel much less formal.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

This orange is thicker compared to that exhibited in the previous picture, making it blend better with the darker colour of this bed. Neutral bedding and vibrant pillows round out the appearance.

Nurseries and kids’ rooms are the ideal places to exercise a bold color, since they are meant to feel a bit more playful. A natural wood crib with mild bedding tones down orange walls in this particular nursery.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

On the reverse side, because orange can be a challenging color to wear, fashion stylists frequently recommend working it in as an accessory vs. a main bit. This principle also functions in interiors.

Based on an area’s light, arrangement, dimensions, etc.. orange as a dominant color may be overpowering. In this case, orange throw cushions or side tables may present the color and make an impression.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

In this dining room, orange places the shelving units and wood flooring on fire accessories and also a patterned area rug.

H&H Design

Rather than painting the entire wall, then paint an orange square to act as an accent for artwork or photography.

On the lookout for an easy and cheap method to sneak orange into your toilet? Consider towels. Hang them on racks, fold them on shelves or roll them to both keep them accessible and display their prominent colour.


Obviously, the orange accent seat is always an alternative. This seat stands out from light blue walls, white furniture and a soft, neutral shag rug.

Vision Homes & Remodeling

Or, if you’ve got a wooden cabinetry and flooring in your kitchen with slick, modern appliances, consider orange barstools for an unexpected modern addition.


Le Versha Chair, Orange – $248

This wrought iron seat from Anthropologie could work outside on the patio or inside as an accent.

Modern Pillows – $140

Scatter some of them in your couches and chairs for extra comfort and a spoonful of orange.

Inside Avenue

Orange and White Ceramic Garden Stool – $290

Garden stools make for excellent end tables, and this you also supplies texture and pattern.

Naked Decor

Queen hitter in Orange – $49.95

Contain orange and your own sense of humor with this particular Queen Clock from Naked Décor.

Jayes Studio

Umbrella Stand “Coptic Trellis Orange” – $99

Need a hint of orange on your entry? This umbrella stand will prove as practical as it is decorative.

Orange color combos:
Khaki and Tangerine
Fire and Ice
Orange and Blue
Pink and Orange
Orange, Purple and Lime

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