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A Rock 'n' Roll Dad's Pad Understands a Tune-up

Single daddy Dave Hepler spent the ’90s as a drummer in the rock band Inch, but after performing the Lollapalooza tour and having a song featured in a Ben Stiller movie, he’s traded in his drumsticks for a briefcase to practice law in Portland, Oregon.

Today the proud owner of a midcentury ranch, Hepler has made small renovations and improvements to update his house. Corrugated steel siding, a fresh design and a spacious backyard turned this easy space into a contemporary home that’s perfectly suited to children, rock stars and attorneys alike.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Dave Hepler, daughters Lela and Sydney, along with cat Red
Location: Portland, Oregon
Size: 2,400 square feet; 3 bedrooms, two baths
That’s intriguing: Dave grows his own hops for home beer brewing.

John Prindle

The ranch house exterior shines with corrugated steel panels. Still, the house blends into the landscape, which Hepler is steering toward a native planting plot. He added tall native grasses; the English ivy and blackberry are about to be eliminated.

John Prindle

Hepler eliminated the home’s authentic teal columns and rebuilt the entry with the corrugated steel complete and open windows. “People either love [the steel] or despise it,” he says. “I’ve gotten a lot of strong responses. People don’t really know what to make of it”

John Prindle

A retro-cool Natuzzi leather couch, burl redwood coffee table along with shag rug offset huge windows in the understated living area. Repainted dark ceiling beams contrast a white ceiling. Cedar wall paneling creates spaces for recessed lighting.

John Prindle

The house was built in 1946 by an architect who lived there for over 30 years. Thin glass initially filled the home’s big, wood-framed windows. Hepler had thicker panes installed, as well as aluminum frames along with an elegant sliding curtain. This piece of glass alone weighs 700 pounds!

John Prindle

Hepler discovered this amusement center in a thrift shop in San Diego. The reel-to-reel setup as well as the LP turntable take priority on contemporary electronics, as well as the Gibson SG guitar shows that Hepler hasn’t fully abandoned stone ‘n’ roll. He is teaching among his brothers to perform.

John Prindle

A classic dining room table expands to double in size for easy fun.

Like panes in a fish tank, the pieces of the home’s authentic L-shape corner window join invisibly.

Dining room seats: Urban Chair, Ikea

John Prindle

A closer view of the “fish tank” window.

Pendant lamp: Ikea

John Prindle

The kitchen’s stainless steel countertop and electrical range came with the house. Hepler added a dual-fuel using two electric ovens and a gas stove between Basco Applicances.

He also updated the flooring with environmentally friendly and affordable cork.

Flooring: Lumber Liquidators

John Prindle

Deep skylights illuminate a long hallway leading to the garage. “I love negative space and have no plans to hang on anything in the hall,” says Hepler. “I love it’s simply a bright, clean passageway.”

John Prindle

The home office has a lot of those novels you’d expect to find in a writer’s area, including works by Poe, Hawthorne and Tolstoy. “While I majored in literature, I just write legal records,” Hepler says.

You’ll discover musical instruments in virtually every room. An acoustic guitar hangs on the accent wall and an African doumbek drum sits on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

John Prindle

Hepler constructed this small freestanding, soundproof drum space in a corner of this 1,000-square-foot garage. He along with his daughter painted the cheerful stripes. He eventually wants to set up a small recording studio.

John Prindle

The backyard is private and spacious. One side boundaries a quiet park, and on the flip side, the nearest neighboring house hides behind thick trees and shrubs. The patio and the barbecue area provide lots of space for outside entertaining.

Table: Cost Plus World Market

John Prindle

A natural gas line in the new slate outside entertaining area feeds the stainless steel grill. An electrical smoker and a charcoal grill pit provide Hepler all the barbecue options he could ever need.

Electric smoker: CookShack

John Prindle

The steel siding on the front part of the house flows to sections of the rear exterior too.

The firewood is by a hazardous tree that Hepler needed to cut down last year. It’s just about completed curing and will be employed to warm the house this winter.

John Prindle

Portland is known for its artisan beer and coffee, and Hepler enjoys both. These strands of hops grow from the ground all the way to the roof. He has some brewing gear in the garage but plans to use this year’s jumps harvest at Portland’s U-Brew and Pub. “They have much better equipment than I do, enabling me to roll up with a bag of hops and a couple of friends for a societal brewing session on their premises.”

Hepler also has a tiny coffee-roasting company called Bean Boy, plus he roasts nearly daily for friends, family as well as himself.

Do you have a creative, music-friendly house? Share it with us!

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'Yakisugi-ita' Is Placing the Siding World on Fire

High design and Far East tradition garnish with the dark, dramatic Japanese siding made by a procedure called yakisugi-ita (also known as shou-sugi-ban). Translated as “the burning of Western cypress (sugi),” yakisugi-ita is gaining popularity outside Japan, as the procedure leaves wood almost maintenance free and makes it resistant to fire, rot and pests. Siding created by this method has an expected life span of over 80 decades, because of a protective coating made by carbon released during burning.

Carbonized (that is, charred) siding is a strong statement and, as such, is ideal for simple forms and details that allow the dramatic finish to take center stage. The charred siding of this Prescott Passive House above overlooks the handsome restraint of this form.

The home is a product of an innovative non-profit design/build program, Studio 804, for graduate students at the University of Kansas School of Architecture. The students design and build one project every year, with an emphasis on sustainable, affordable and innovative building solutions.

This former backyard shed, now an office, designed by THOUGHTBARN, efficiently plays with form and materials, rooting the streamlined arrangement using charred siding. The darkish siding is topped with light-diffusing polycarbonate sheets and a cherry roof. Western red cedar was carbonized for both the building and the fence.

An Amsterdam residence becomes playful with contrasts, with brighter planks of wood layered between the siding.

The Process

First the wood is burned either using a torch or by more conventional techniques.

The scorched wood is subsequently doused with water and brushed to remove the charcoal dust, revealing a slightly silver sheen.

Finally the charred wood is washed and dried. It can be left with no finish, or an oil can be implemented to bring out the gray, sliver, black or brown tones.

Delta Lumber & Millworks

This handsome and powerful cladding has gained international appeal, together with the treatment being applied to a wide variety of wood. While some species can be charred, the consequent look will be different. A softwood, such as the Western sugi (cypress), has prominent growth rings which lead to an extremely textured surface, whereas charring hardwood leads to an evenly blackened surface.

Tell us Can you go dim?

Wood Home Exteriors Branch Out
Exterior Materials Mix It Up
Exterior Materials: Textures Chat

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Pivot Door

Instead of being attached to the door frame, pivot doors turn on a single shaft located within the door itself. The weight of the door fully rests on the arm in the bottom; the arm in the top guides the motion. Pivot doors can either swing in a single direction or turn either way.

Four Corners Construction, L.P.

The hardware allowing a door to pivot is nearly invisible, creating a slick look.

Silva Studios Architecture

Conventional swinging doors rely on hinges for their motion, which eventually warps the door or wears out the hinges. Pivoting doors break on a single shaft, reducing strain on both the door and the hardware.


Oversize or heavy doors swing easily on a pivot. It would be difficult to find a hinge powerful enough to suspend a door of the size and weight

Ana Williamson Architect

High-gloss paint and frosted glass make for a striking pivot door. The shaft of the pivot door is visible at the top, revealing the mechanisms.

Quezada Architecture

A double set of pivot doors such as these may resemble hinge doors whenever they’re closed, but the gap in the frame border when they’re open gives them off.

Gast Architects

This pantry has a pivot door complete with a kick plate. Occasionally full hands need a foot to assist.

Browse more photos of pivot doors

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Quirky DIY Bungalow in Canada

Gemma Bonham-Carter is a avid DIYer who realized early in her house makeover that the home of her dreams would not materialize overnight. “The greatest challenge for us has been a mixture of budget and space. With a tight budget, we try to do a lot ourselves, frequently buying things “preloved.” I must be OK with slow and steady advancement,” states Bonham-Carter, the DIY design blogger behind The Sweetest Digs.

Bonham-Carter has handled her home makeover projects piecemeal. Her and her husband have shone present decor and furniture, and are seeing how things could be reincarnated to more functional, beautiful bits. “I am also all about intelligent storage, trying not to collect too much things and working with what we really need,” states Bonham-Carter.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Gemma Bonham-Carter and her husband, Dan
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Size: 1,600 square feet
That’s interesting: Every room benefits from Bonham-Carter’s DIY projects.

Bonham-Carter made the faux capiz chandelier at the guest room with wax paper, string and a hanging flower basket. She was itching to handle this job after she and her husband relocated to Canada after a year old in England. “You just require a flat surface to work on, some time and a hot glue gun,” she states. “The 3 nights I spent working on it had been completely worthwhile. It cost me a total of $2.50!”

This lime green and white trellis pattern on the wall has been made using a stencil. “I wished to use background in this area, but once I realized it was likely to be $150 just to complete one wall in the design I liked, I started considering other choices,” states Bonham-Carter. She chose a trellis pattern that channeled design components she and her husband had admired a trip to Morocco.

The wall complements the house general palette of blues, turquoises and grays, and although the stenciling made Bonham-Carter’s hands cramp, she states the final result and money saved were worthwhile.

Punch Up a Wall Using a Bright, Bold Stencil Pattern

The rows of magazine filers and organizers show just how serious Bonham-Carter is all about organizing; everything has a dedicated space and is set away after use. Once every season, Bonham-Carter does a complete spring cleaning to declutter even further.

Bonham-Carter made this black and white chevron artwork canvas using a cardboard template. “Then it was just a matter of taping the lines out with painter’s tape and painting the space between. The entire cost was less than $20 — not bad for a large, fun piece of original art for your pad. And even if you don’t believe you are an artsy person, this is a totally easy-peasy job,” she states.

Radio: Tivoli Radio

Bonham-Carter and her husband’s solution into a drab and dull kitchen: a cosmetic update of black and white vinyl tiles. “The vinyl tiles are clearly not the most glamorous of flooring alternatives, but since we are saving for a huge kitchen remodel, they’re a fantastic temporary solution and include a fun diner look to our kitchen,” she states.

Other cosmetic makeovers from the kitchen include repainting the cupboards and replacing the components into a brushed silver finish.

This well-composed vignette was a hidden spot in the Bonham-Carter’s kitchen. “I emptied the shelves and coloured the backs using a splashy lime green paint — left over from our office makeover. I took out some of our baking items from a different shelf, jars of things that look great in an exposed shelf. Now these items are easily available and also have freed up space everywhere in our little kitchen,” she states.

The Sweetest Digs

A ceramic white elephant perches onto a pile of favourite magazines.

The Moroccan trellis wall stencil pattern at the house office is repeated in the drapes framing the dining room windows; the drapes add vertical elevation and lend an air of sophistication to the area. “The paint on the cloth does not feel good against your skin, but it’s not like you are curling up from the drapes,” states Bonham-Carter.

A classic chandelier adds elegance into the master bedroom. The chandelier used to get what Bonham-Carter calls for a “sad brass” end, therefore she breathed new life to the metal using matte black spray paint.

The Sweetest Digs

Bonham-Carter describes her bungalow as with a fun and unique charm. “I’ve seen some houses which have weathered little rooms, but ours is pretty open and feels like a comfy place for family and friends to congregate,” she states.

One of Bonham-Carter’s treasured pieces from the living room is your coffee table, which she “fished out” of her father-in-law’s farm. She and her husband sanded and sanded the surface to restore the wood’s dark veneer; black paint has been also applied to the metal legs.

“I am always tweaking things. We are currently in the middle of a bathroom remodel, and eventually we’d like to devote a new kitchen,” she states. “In the meantime, we take each job one day at a time.”

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Set the Landscape: Traditional

Traditional landscaping can get a bad rap in design circles. It isn’t daring; it doesn’t push the envelope; it is something that you can see everywhere. However, traditional gardens which are done well have a lot going for them. They are instantly appealing, they work well with any number of home designs and they evoke a sense of graciousness and a connection to the past.

Although traditional can take many turns, from English country estate to French styling and even to some hint of this classic cottage garden, something which joins traditional landscapes together is greenery. Lawns, or something very similar, anchor the space. Trees play a major part. Garden beds are full of shrubs and leafy green plants. Sure, there are bursts of color, but overall, green is the dominant motif.

The hardscapes are just timeless. There is a powerful sense of geometry underlying the overall space and of everything using its place.

And you know what? It works. People are attracted to traditional spaces. They are peaceful and inviting. They allow you to relax and feel at home while admiring the landscaping. And isn’t that what you really want from a space like this?

A clean and simple hardscape, and a traditional lawn and a harmonious planting bed, allows the traces of the home itself to stand out. The lamppost fits the style of the home and functions as an accent piece. Providing a patch of light to mark the beginning of the path at night isn’t advisable, either.

Donna Lynn – Landscape Designer

Filling a backyard boundary with trees, perennials and annuals is a time-honored way of concealing the borders of a lawn and making it look larger.

Windsor Firms

A mass planting of a single plant, a throwback to the days of large estates, is highly effective, especially in a traditional setting. Here the color of this annuals performs off the color of the home yet doesn’t compete with all the architectural lines.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

These landscape plantings, from garden bed to lawn to overhead blossom, match this shingle-style house perfectly. But think about it: The same landscape would work well with a variety of house designs.

WINN Design+Build

The simple geometric lines of those shrubs and trees match the architecture of the home as opposed to compete with this. A palette in shades of green is always calming and restful.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

This home’s design is colonial, so a straightforward traditional landscape might not set it off to benefit. On the flip side, a cottage garden, especially in this rather large space, might be too much. The solution: Combine both. The lawn, the proper paving to both sides of the home and the garden beds full of shrubs reflect a traditional approach, while the irregular pavers, the picket fence as well as the blowsy plants supporting it add a cottage touch.

Milieu Design

A garden bed that sits between the sidewalk and the home softens the proper lines of a traditional landscape. Because the more free-form plantings are restricted to a smaller area, they don’t overwhelm the rest of the space.

Richard Kramer

A paved brick sitting room that provides the ideal transition between a home and lawn is a traditional look that will function in any landscape. Adding cutout planting beds softens the border between the terrace and the home.


A large lawn might be a traditional approach to a landscape space, but dividing it into tiered levels edged with brick gives the same sense of expansiveness whilst incorporating individuality.

Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

A large lawn might not be the most water-wise option, but there is no doubt that it is inviting. This lawn reminds me of this type in older films, full of friends and families.

Southview Design

Clean lines, a place to sita patch of green and symmetrical garden beds. The appearance might be simple, but it is always going to draw you in. And as this lawn proves, you don’t need a good deal of room to achieve it.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Stone and wicker create a fantastic mix that’s withstood the test of time. Whether you’re at the shore, nestled in the heartland or upward from the hills, this appearance will serve you well. Simply add green edging and flowering plants, and you’re good to go.

Cathy Carr, APLD

Creating a room that’s calm, restful and inviting is exactly what a traditional landscape is about, and those are just the notes this inviting patio strikes.

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

In case you have kids, sometimes less is more. A place for a swing set and a playhouse, and plenty of lawn space for matches, might not win you prizes for the daring design, however this classic approach to a garden can serve your loved ones for years.

Natural Garden Style
Find Your Perfect Patio Design
4 Steps to the Fantastic Garden
Garden Edging: Clean Lines for Your Landscape

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Guest Picks: Winter Wonderland

Since the snow storm hitting the East Coat shows, winter will soon be upon us. For all those Northerners, winter means spending days on the ski slopes, cozying up from the roaring fire and sipping delicious cups of hot cocoa. The things within this ideabook were motivated by the joys of the Canadian winter wonderland. — Isabelle from Pink Lemonade Design

Restoration Hardware

Mini Cashmere Warmers – $20

Made of luxurious cashmere, these warmers are a gorgeous way to keep your fingers warm.

West Elm

Embroidered Winter Branch Pillow Cover – $49

This embroidered pillow would look great on any couch or in a cozy dining room.

Restoration Hardware

Luxe Faux Fur Throw, Lynx – $99

Made of faux fur, this luxury throw can keep you warm whilst sipping hot cocoa after a day of rocky outdoor action.

Restoration Hardware

Winter Home Embossed Pillar Candle – $49

This magnificent fir-scented candle can make your house smell divine and cozy.


Winter’s Perch Mirror – $148

The yummy “Winter’s Perch” mirror would add a little loveliness to some dressing table or powder room.

West Elm

Brown Owl Ornament

This beautiful decoration brings the outdoors inside, and it is a real hoot!


Eiko Cabinet – $1,898

Made of exquisite reclaimed pine, this gorgeous wood cabinet is perfect for keeping all of your warm winter woolens.


Pendleton Throw, Yellow – $248

This classic wool blanket is perfect for snuggling up with a fantastic book.

L.L. Bean

Ultrasoft Flannel Pillowcases, Buffalo Plaid – $29

There is no need to rely on any rebellion with these soft flannel pillow cases — they’re just dreamy!


Ubiquity Lamp Ensemble – $298

This stunning acacia lamp will shed some light on a dark and chilly winter night.


A enjoyable branch stopper is perfect for corking your woody-flavored wines.


Vintage Letterpress Wood Blocks by Precious Play Time – $32

These vintage letterpress letters will look amazing in a ski chalet.


20in Driftwood Coat Rack by Pep – $45

A driftwood coat rack will be perfect for hanging your hot parkas in the mudroom.

Calypso St. Barth

Love Suede Pillow  – $185

What more do you really need to sofa in fantastic style than “LOVE” written in gold on lavish beige suede?

Calypso St. Barth

Pom Pom Ornament – $10

These white pom pom decorations create the prettiest and most delicate snowballs!

Calypso St. Barth

Designer Coaster Silver – $12

These stunning cowhide coasters with a subtle touch of silver will dazzle your visitors.

Calypso St. Barth

Jodhpur Jaipuri – $225

This hand-loomed carpet from India will add stunning colors to your house that winter, and it’ll keep your toes warm.


Rotis: Roasts for Every Day of the Week – $29.95

Keep your belly full and warm with this beautiful selection of delicious roast recipes.


Lunet Chair, Plaid – $1,698

How magnificent is that this plaid chair? I could see myself reading the morning paper inside it while enjoying a cup of tea.


Boro Stitch Shams – $69.95

This patchwork quilt pillow sham is superb. It might look celestial.

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Guest Picks: 20 Stylish Serving Trays

Whether you are serving hot beverages, chilled cocktails or tasty snacks, these trays can allow you to serve your guests this holiday season at a practical and stylish way. I have got you covered to glamorous from earthy. There is a tray in this for everybody! — Jami from Imagine Design Blog


Live Edge Black Walnut Serving – $85

Now this is precisely what I am referring to — I really like this tray. I’d serve up some tasty cured meats, fruits and desserts on this bad boy and set them with a few Belgian beer.

Contemporary Serving Dishes And Platters – $79.95

This one is lively, so that you may bring out the bling another time you sponsor. I could fully see this in my house, and I’d use it to the upcoming holiday celebrations!


Hourglass 14 Inch Stainless Steel Serving Tray – $35

I really like this classic little round silver tray. It is a high quality product (made from stainless steel), but it also has high design. It is easy, slick and chic.

Neo Serving Tray – $49.95

This tray is clean, crisp and contemporary — everything I love. I could envision serving a few Blue Snowflake martinis on it in a holiday party. The handles also make it effortless to carry about and serve your visitors.

Z Gallerie

Turtle Tray – $34.95

I’d really like to serve some cocktails in my next get-together with this quirky and cute turtle tray. It is unexpected and a conversation starter. Turtle power!


Acacia Tray – $34.95

Go natural with this tiny wood specimen. Drink some hot cocoa or apple cider for your sweetie and snuggle up in front of the flame. This tray adds warmth and texture to any room.


Camille Tray – $42.95

I love the shape and color of this Camille Tray. Blue isn’t a traditional Christmas color, but I’d really like to infuse a little this colour into my next vacation color scheme.

Pottery Barn

Speakeasy Tray – $49.50

I love this circle tray. You can have it monogrammed with your friend’s initials to turn it into a gorgeous personalized present which you can set under the tree.

Pottery Barn

Chancellor Rectangular Tray – $49

This is the perfect tray for serving up some wine or tasty snacks, and it’s easy to carry around due to the handles. Additionally, it is a wonderful substantial size so you can set lots of goodies on it to serve to your visitors.

West Elm

Rectangle Lacquer Trays – $59

I really like the sheen of this tray. It is not too in-your-face glistening, but it provides that perfect quantity of shimmer to go for a few soft candlelight. Drink some hot toddies and call it a night.

Ballard Designs

Ottoman Tray – $85

Get crazy and infuse some creature print into your holiday decoration scheme. I simply love this zebra print!

Pier 1 Imports

Cordial Stemware with Gold Tray – $25

Not only do you get the gold menu, but you also get six cordial stemware too. How perfect is this tiny setup for a few after-dinner port in your next dinner party?

Pier 1 Imports

Amber Crackle Cordial Stemware with Tray – $26.95

If you are not into the coloured cordial stemware from above, then maybe you’ll prefer this complex pair of floral crackle stemware rather than It is a gorgeous neutral color that will go well in any setting.

Pier 1 Imports

Shot Glasses Set with Red Tray – $24.95

These shot glasses are perfect for that vacation cocktail party you are casting for yourself and friends and family. Cinnamon schnapps shooters, anyone? Bottoms up!

Cost Plus World Market

Etched Metal Bar Tray – $24.99

Add some global influence to your holiday decor with this Etched Metal Bar Tray. I love the complicated design, and that I believe it would be ideal for serving cheese and wine.


Personalized/Monogram Square Pattern White by Lovey Dovey Creations – $55

This would be another ideal customized present to bring to your hostess or host. You can have it monogrammed, include a household name or use a favourite phrase.


Tiled Bone Tray – $895

This one costs a bit more than I’d ever spend on a tray, but it is gorgeous and I only had to share! I love the buff and cream color palette — so chic. Share some tasty treats with this tray or just place it on display as art.


Slate Cheese Serving Board – $31.96

Inform your visitors about the cheeses they are being served using a chalk notice on this particular slate tray. Or if you are not serving cheese, then possibly do a few wine tastings and write the names below.


Vintage Black Milk Glass Serving Tray by Tie The Knot Vintage – $55

You can not go wrong with black. This is the perfect holiday accessory to serve up a few cookies or hors d’oeuvres. I really like the shape and color of this tray — vintage and unique.


Carved Wood Serving Platter – $20.79

Add a rustic touch for your next Thanksgiving meal. I believe this would be the ideal tray for carrying a gorgeous cornucopia of fruits, nuts and veggies.

Next: Serveware in every fashion

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Interview: Kim Johnson’s diverse house

Kim Johnson, cofounder of the style site want to inspire, is taking her inspiration house: she’s slowly renovating one room at that time, her Ottawa’s house. Utilizing her love for layout and working on several Do-It-Yourself jobs, Kim’s home became a wonderful nest that represents her style. We’re quite pleased expect you will love glancing into Kim’s home and to discuss this interview with all the houzz neighborhood.

Please inform us about your “first assembly” along with your home to be

The very first time that I saw my home I was shocked at its size. It’s 1 2 feet wide. I’d never experienced a home that slim before. I really could tell immediately that I really could work with all the principles as it had great bones, it had to provide. I was shocked by the poor craftsmanship on a lot of matters through the home, such as the tile occupation I’d actually observed in in the kitchen as well as powder room as well as the kitchen island. The time was winding down as well as it absolutely was October and I had been a house that has been liveable, as well as terrified I ‘dn’t have the ability to get something. I needed a house in my cost range and town was quite restricting.

The opening of your remodeling procedure

The first fairly major remodel I did was of the stairs to the 2nd floor. It was TERRIBLE. There clearly was white carpeting stapled over the stairways, and that I ripped it away shortly after movingin as the shift occurred at the center of the wintertime along with the white carpet was destroyed (maybe not that it was worth maintaining anyhow) from the movers. Beneath the rug were tiles which were not so young these were were crumbling, and steel parts since the the border of every measure that made walking along the stairway distressing on naked feet. My boy friend and refaced them and that I purchased treads and risers. Then I painted every thing white. I immediately understood that white stairway in a home with 6 cats WASN’T an extremely clever move, although I will be thinking of re painting as the white didn’t turn-out as white as it should have been.

The largest renovation obstacle you confronted

THE KITCHEN. The kitchen was the frustrating and most worthless section of your home. I never enjoyed cooking inside it and ended up smacking on a layer of bubble-gum pink paint on the cupboards to allow it to be somewhat more bearable. I renovated the kitchen according to these sorts of cupboards and wound up receiving stunning Asian fashion from a supporter of the site. The most difficult section with this reno job was both having to coral 6 cats in my personal bedroom with me for 3 straight months while the contractor done the kitchen (it was totally gutted), or lacking a practical kitchen for about 6 months. Finally it had been all worth-while, and I’ve the kitchen of my goals.

Your preferred design as well as colours

There are a great number of designs I enjoy that I think my favourite design is diverse. I really like so my home is filled with a wide range of classic things which are from numerous design styles, thrifting. My favourite color is pink….or gray. My home is mainly painted gray, and I simply painted my bedroom light pink.

A place in your property which makes you quite happy/proud

I’ve got to say my kitchen. I’d never renovated akitchen before, much less any other chamber for for example. Jo, my site partner in crime assisted me with some choices, and that I roamed Ottawa searching for the perfect sink, counter top, light, faucet, appliances etc., and every-thing exercised just as I expected. I invest most of my time within my kitchen, both sitting or cooking in the dining table with my notebook.

Your special accessory/furniture/artwork

The response for this question isn’t simple as it constantly shifts as I’m constantly bringing new things house that I discover and adore. At this moment I believe my prized item of furniture will have to function as couch within my living space that my boy friend and that I constructed. It ended up even better than I anticipated and it’s the most comfy settee I’ve actually owned (and I go through about one couch every yr). I can’t wait till it’s all completed and am now having pillows.

Your next home job

The next residence job that I’ll be working on is finishing up my bedroom which I ‘m BEGGING is going to be performed this week end (I’ve stated that the last 3 week ends though…). Like get started to the 2 toilets subsequent to the the bed room I’d. They can be both must be gutted and REALLY SO AWFUL and the fixtures have to be replaced. This won’t however as I’m nonetheless settling my kitchen occur for a few time.

5 matters that houzz readers should know about your website Want to Encourage

1 – Jo and I produced the site to just show off beautiful photographs of beautiful spaces.
2 – We choose to maintain the text of every post brief and sweet. That’s about how much we can yap about style due to point Number 1 – it’s maybe not, it’s about the pictures.
3 – The site is a getaway for Jo and me. We’re both layout fanatics and this assists us to determine what things we ought to be hunting thrift retailers for and what styles we’re able to live with.
4 – We never envisioned the site will be as productive as it’s. And we’re of what we’ve carried through s O happy.
5 – We adore it when reader’s deliver us pictures of these own homes, showcasing their decor or restoration.

Greatest suggestion for the re Modeling newbie

Do your study and feel issues through! A photograph may be seen by me on the internet or in a mag, and I will be really impulsive as it pertains to to style and believe YES! I need that within my house! But then I’ve to keep in mind that I ‘ve limits – like the truth that I have 6 cats and what I deliver into my dwelling must be cat-helpful, or that my residence is just 12 feet wide and 926 sqft therefore I must be sure things are of appropriate scale.

Last but perhaps not least: as a houzz buddy, you can settle on a giveaway present to among the fortunate readers that may discuss their ideas about your property and interview

The giveaway present that I’d adore a houzz reader to win would be this tree shower curtain:–Tree-Shower-Curtain-eclectic-bathroom-
I ‘ve precisely the same shower curtain which I purchased a couple years back and it’s s O awesome! I ‘ve it within my toilet and it works works together the newest layout once I renovate I need to ensure. (I’m considering of choosing a woodsy, organic subject).

Thank you for sharing your lovely house Kim

for your own opportunity to win the trendy Urban Outfitters’ tree shower-curtain chosen by Kim, opinion with this interview by Sunday, Might 24th at 5pm EST.

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Urban Outfitters

With this interview, opinion to your opportunity to win the trendy Urban Outfitters tree shower-curtain chosen by Kim by Sunday, Might 24th at 5pm EST.