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Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, famous in the West since the father of Ashtanga yoga, famously said to his students, “Yoga is 99 per cent practice, 1 per cent theory.” But as our daily obligations increase, enriching one’s practice by attending course at a yoga studio has gotten more and more difficult — not to mention pricey.

Yoga professionals all over the world have taken things into their own hands by attracting their yoga exercise home. You, too, can accentuate your practice by producing your own yoga space in your house with only a couple of tweaks and enhancements that match your budget and lifestyle. If you don’t have the funds for a detached cabin or another yoga space, a cellar corner or nook should suffice, provided that it could accommodate an unfurled yoga mat along with your arm span. If you’re planning to do inversions, at least one clear, unadorned wall space is necessary.

Palmerston Design Consultants

Salute sunlight with natural light. This airy penthouse yoga room has all of the elements of the very serene yoga studio: natural air purifiers by means of a potted plant, hardwood floors for more secure Sun Salutations and asanas (poses), white and warm tones, and most important, unadorned windows that let in lots of natural light.

“We installed sun colors that allowed our customer to control the amount of light that was coming to the room and reduce glare,” says interior designer Kirsten Marshall, who made this Toronto yoga room for a teacher who continues to use among the rooms in her house as a studio for personal clients.

Shelving unit: custom constructed by Palmerston Design Consultants; alpine white planter: Barracuda Home and Garden Accessories

Sutton Suzuki Architects

“For the ones that can have an entirely separate yoga space, I would advise using plenty of natural light,” agrees San Francisco Bay Area yoga teacher Charu Rachlis. “Ideally you want to face north or west when in the yoga space; the two instructions are considered auspicious for spiritual practice, not to mention that you might have to see the sun climbing in the distance.”

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Connect with character. This Mill Valley, California, yoga cabin was part of a project that included adding two cabins on a steep wooded website, with one cabin used as a yoga studio. As you can see, the cabin has direct access into the surrounding plant and receives lots of natural light. “We placed the yoga cabin right next to a beautiful group of redwood trees,” chief architect Jonathan Feldman says. The customer “desired healthy materials and finishes [non- or zero-VOC] and natural substances: rustic timber, rock and warm paint colours,” he adds.

More clients are asking yoga studios, these days Feldman says. “People seem to want lots of light plus a distant location where they may escape from the stresses of their hectic lives.”

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Colorado yoga teacher Meg DePriest adds, “Your yoga space doesn’t necessarily have to be 9 feet by 9 feet, as is popularly believed.” Can you stretch your arms out and legs while lying on the ground without bumping into furniture? Would you proceed through Sun Salutations without having to restrict your motion? If so, then you have enough space for asana practice.

The warmth to your yoga space or room is dependent upon your wants and preferences, but be certain the room is ventilated properly and may be heated in winter.

John Kraemer & Sons

Produce another space. Devoting another space for yoga practice, however large or small the region, is important in establishing your home yoga practice. There’s something curative about leaving the needs of our hectic lives in a distance “out there” and entering a distance that’s solely dedicated to healing, mindfulness and calm.

“With this project, the homeowners’d always desired a space especially for yoga, so the space was really designed into the plan and wasn’t an afterthought,” says home contractor Jonathan Kraemer, adding that it was designed exactly to his clients’ specifications.


Cork Flooring, Bleach White

“The clients asked for bamboo flooring, which can be ecofriendly, comfy and easy to walk on, durable and absorb sound nicely,” says Kraemer.


You don’t have to have a lot of money to have an entirely separate yoga room. “You might not have a space that you’re able to keep clear at all times for yoga,” DePriest says. “In that circumstance, every [time you practice], clear exactly the same distance that you’ll be using then light a candle to signify the transition out of what that distance was to exactly what the distance has become. It helps ground your yoga/meditation practice”

Karen Maximo-Fernando

A reading nook or sitting area may quickly transform into a yoga room if furniture could be moved against the wall to create more space for your mat.

DePriest clinics at home in a tiny alcove in her master bedroom, where she’s a low table with books and incense, and floor space for her zafu (meditation pillow) and yoga mat. “I have one wall space free so I could do inversions. I adore my house yoga room,” she says.

Zafu Zabuton Set – $152

This zafu zabuton set comes with a meditation mat along with a cushion for rear support during meditation.

Escale layout

Don’t be afraid to take it outside. What a lot of people don’t understand is that yoga is much more than poses and physical exercise. “For me, yoga is also about sitting and meditating. The poses help you attain strength and flexibility in order for your meditation and sitting practice can be more comfortable. Anyone can practice yoga anywhere in the house. You work with what you have,” says DePriest.

This scenic view and surrounding landscape create an ideal place to practice yoga; pranayama (breath work) is made easy with fresh air, along with the heat from the sun’s rays can help improve flexibility during one’s practice. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

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Set the ideal intent with a grounding object. It is important to have something that reminds you exactly what your practice is aiming toward. “Possessing an visual totem that reminds you that the distance and exercise is for healing and relaxation: a flower, a statue, a film that has spiritual meaning for a candle,” says Rachlis, adding that it’s “entirely up to each individual how to set up a space for meditation and yoga.”

Like everything that has to do with yoga, use your intuition in determining what seems sacred and what you would like to have within your conscious space.

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