8 Ways to Make Your Piano Room Sing

My sister only added a beautiful black upright piano into her property. It has turned into her place into a musical hot spot for family members and friends and has me thinking about getting one. However, where would I put this, and how do I design a space with it?

If you’ve got a new or used piano or are pondering the idea, here are some hints on locating a fashionable place wherever your piano sounds and looks great.

Hint No. 1: Set your piano in a spot with constant humidity and humidity — no knots. Extreme temperature and humidity can weaken or damage the piano as time passes.

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Design your distance all around your piano. If your piano is a significant portion of your life, organize your furniture about it to get best listening enjoyment. The expression of your piano gets significant since it’ll be the focal point. Personalize the wall above it to represent a feeling of who you are. Also consider painting the walls and supplying it with colors to contrast your piano. For instance, in case you’ve got an ebony or dark-stained complete, keep the room bright by using soft colors and upholstery. The piano will steal the show!

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Put it off to one side. This provides you multiple choices — piano playing on one side along with the conversation area for fun on the other.

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Put it in a living room. A living room is one room in the home which isn’t always used. So give it a fresh function and call it the piano room. Maintain the piano in the front area , away from the rest of the home, so kids and adults can exercise daily without disturbing others in the rest of the home.

Hint: You might think the basement would be a fantastic spot to put a piano, therefore practicers don’t disturb others. But basements can have high humidity levels which could damage your piano.

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Use it to make a room appear wider. If you’ve got a narrow room, place the piano onto the end wall to create a sense of a broader room.

You can also make the piano wall a distance saver by integrating a built-in around it. This is very handy for keeping song publications framing the piano so that it stands out.

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Create a scene. The atmosphere you create throughout your piano can inspire you to practice. Hollywood stars seeing you perform isn’t a terrible crowd! Try out a bold colour as a background for dramatic appeal.

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Balance and enhance architectural details. If you’ve got high windows, such as in this picture, placing a piano underneath fills in the space. Pianos also balance out a rooms which have a fireplace which isn’t centered.

Never place your piano in direct sunlight. Over time, sunlight will damage the finish and heat can affect the tone.

Also, don’t place a piano near a drafty window, door or chimney draft, or near a heating or air conditioning vent. It was the rule of thumb to not place a piano onto an outside wall, but since houses can be well-insulated these days, homeowners feel comfortable doing this. The secret is to maintain your piano secure from cold air and dampness.

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Make the most of the room’s acoustics. A piano can sound loud and bright in an area with hard surfaces that are polished. Rugs, upholstered furniture and window treatments absorb the noise, soften the tone and provide heat. The bigger the room, the further you should be conscious of this.

In a large room, consider placing your piano in a corner so there is less bouncing of noise on other walls.

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Modernize your piano therefore that it does not feel so heavy. Upright pianos are big and tall, so that they could take up good space in a space, but there’s no need to place it front and centre. Find a corner that is wide, deep and tall enough to your piano. Add some different components to finish the look and it won’t stand out.

Pick elements which make it feel airy like a big mirror and a lamp with a reflective base.

Have a piano? Tell us in which it is in your home!

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