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Chinking is equally the process of filling the narrow gaps between logs with sealant, and the elastic material used to fill those openings. The natural form of a log is irregular, so any gaps between logs need chinking to maintain the components and vermin outside. Space can also be left between placed logs to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature and moisture changes.

Shiflet Group Architects

In log home construction, the timbers are never placed on top of another. Space for expansion and contraction is always contained, and chinking is a flexible sealant.

LLC, Zook & Clark Architects

The timbers in log construction can be run through a saw to create vertical, horizontal surfaces, such as these milled logs. The chinking is that the infill between the logs.

Teton Heritage Builders

The chinking within this home was employed to round, peeled logs. Chinking needs to be watertight, long lasting and flexible, allowing for the logs’ expansion and motion.

Before Photo

The McKernon Group

Chinking is implemented very much enjoy the caulk used to seal doors, windows and plumbing systems in a traditional home.

Re-Barn LLC

Originally chinking materials were whatever was available nearby, such as combinations of moss, clay, oakum, mud, straw, plants and horsehair.

Drager Architecture

Modern-day structure employs silicone or polyurethane chinking, which can be textured, painted or tinted to enhance its appearance.

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Smart Solutions for Nonexistent Entryways

If you reside in a house without an entryway in the traditional sense (that is, a fine, wide hallway or a spacious foyer), I could feel your pain. Perhaps someday I’ll be lucky enough to have a formal entrance with room for a full size desk, lamps, benches and all of the works, but for today I must contend with what I’ve: a door that opens on a sliver of wall, smack in the center of my living room/dining room/office. Happily, clever solutions do exist for remedying lots of entryway challenges — thus if you’ve got an extremely narrow hallway or no hallway at all, there are methods to make your space work efficiently and beautifully. Let us begin.

MAK Design + Build Inc..

Dilemma: An Open Entryway

That is such a frequent scenario, particularly in smaller houses: The front door opens directly into the primary living area, without a defined foyer or hallway. In this situation the challenge is creating a transition from outside to inside without breaking the flow of the remainder of the space.

One clever solution would be to use a console table behind a sofa positioned close to the entrance door. This creates the enclosed feeling of a hallway and provides a place for email, keys and luggage.

Wud Furniture Style

If you would rather keep the space open, try preparing a wall-mounted system close to the door instead. A mirror hung above a floating cupboard is a foolproof mix. Possessing a couple drawers is excellent for keeping cluttered piles of newspaper along with other odds and ends out of sight.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Another sleek and effective option is to hang a row of pins on the wall and set a boot on the floor below. If your area is small, don’t be concerned about not being able to adapt tons of guests’ coats — people can go in a different room (or on a rented rolling coatrack). A couple of hooks for daily usage is all you really need. A market basket on one of those hooks may hold odds and ends.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

If you have children, two rows of pins are wonderful for corralling everyone’s gear. Possessing child-height pegs or hooks helps little ones gain independence, because they may reach to place their own coat away.

Zoe Feldman Design, Inc..

Dilemma: An Extremely Narrow Hall

Having an entryway that narrow, a desk (or perhaps floating shelf) is out of the question. Use what little floor area is available to wrangle umbrellas in a holder that is chic, and then attach a couple tiny hooks into the wall to hold keys.

Design particulars:In a tiny hall, you may use the surfaces to bring in colour and layout. Here, the patterned tile flooring, pendant light and glistening black door paint dress up the area, and also the narrow radiator cap is used to hold a vase of flowers.

Emily Johnston Larkin

Wall mounts such as these can supply greater than decoration. When hung in a cluster in a small entryway, they are perfect for keeping keys, paper and a tiny vase of flowers tidy and neat.

Moroso Construction

If your hallway is a smidgen wider than the space above, you might have room for a full-scale mirror or chalkboard propped against the wall. And when a full-width console table is too wide, look for a half table that attaches to the wallsocket. If you’re handy, you could even attempt your own DIY model using a wooden table.

Read about demilune tables

Elizabeth Reich

Dilemma: The Door Opens Onto a Stairway

Many older houses have a formal entrance that opens directly on the stairway, without a real space for a table. In this case you might choose to redirect to a wider place in another room using a complete table. Otherwise it is time to put every little sliver of wall space to work.

When the stairs are very close by and you’ve got little wall to operate with, look at installing a wall bracket or a couple of decorative hooks on the stairway wall to hold essentials.

Believe Contemporary

A wall-mounted coat tree is a smart idea for all those with a bit more space together with the door — it adds personality and performs a necessary task, yet barely takes up any space in any respect.

Coat tree: Swedese

Believe Contemporary

Within this view of the identical entryway, you are able to see exactly what a slim profile the coat tree has, which makes it ideal for narrow halls too.

Inform us What has been the biggest obstacle in designing your entryway?

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Outdoor Lighting to Make Your House and Landscape Glow

There’s something about a home at night, glowing from inside, that beckons you home. Translate that impact to your yard and you can gain extra outdoor rooms all night long.

Start with the front door to welcome people at night, include a few lights to your garden or backyard patio, or perhaps spice up a few trees using some uplighting. Lighting can be minimal and economical as a few solar lights out of a house improvement store or may get complicated and expensive with setups that are designed. Whether you choose to invest a lot or a little, the tiniest bit of lighting can go a very long way in the dark.

Have a glimpse into a few homes at night, lit from within and without in varying degrees of brightness. Exotic patios, glittering fountains and sculptural trees all get a boost out of a little mild. Where would you add a little glow to your house at night?

Kristi Spouse Interiors

A Well-Lit Welcome

Everything begins at the front door. Simple sconces flanking the door can add sufficient lighting for people, while uplighting along posts and a warm glow from inside are even more inviting.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Ensure people don’t visit by illuminating the road to the front door. Lighting the road and the door itself is the priority with night light.

FORMA Design

Lighting Paths

When paths and steps cut trails through the garden during the night, light can be useful. Dangerous when dim, paths become a design feature with the inclusion of night lights.

Noel Cross+Architects

Start with just a few lights and add additional to amp up the intensity as guests get closer to the front door. Welcome them with a strong glowing front porch lighting.

Kevin akey – azd associates – michigan

Lighting Art

Beautiful sculptural pieces could get lost in the dark with no lighting. Lighting the house behind the sculpture provides an art installation depth and presence.

Viewpoint Lighting

Lighting Up the Trees

Uplighting trees may add drama to a night garden, particularly when the tree has a striking form. Huge, twisting branches look living when lit from within and beneath.

Try placing uplighting under trees and bushes to create cool shadows during the night. Assessing the lights during the night, or just experimenting with a flashlight prior to installing, permits you to see precisely how the shadows will perform at night.

McKay Landscape Lighting

Another choice is to uplight the tree to revolve around the contour as a whole instead of concentrating on darkness. Extra lighting below the bench seating in this photograph permits the region to operate at night instead of disappearing into the shadow.

Exteriors From Chad Robert

Lighting Up the Waters

Water features gain additional drama when illuminated at night.

D-CRAIN Design and Construction

Illuminating a swimming pool is a classic use of outdoor night lighting. Few things are bewitching.

Illuminated fountains seem to glitter through the night as the water and light bounce off each other to beautiful effect.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

Tame the Light

Lighting doesn’t have to be brilliant to create effect. Subtle light that peeks out from wall slats gives enough shine to make this backyard patio romantic and cozy.

McKay Landscape Lighting

Subtle lighting around the front door may also be powerful without going over the surface. A few spotlights give depth to a blank wall, while strip light highlights the linear structure.

Possidento Lightscapes LLC

Whether you are light human-made art or the extraordinary lines of character, pathways throughout the backyard or the plants inside, lights can alter the night landscape in beautiful ways.

More: The Top 3 Ways to Light Up Your Landscape

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How to Clean and Maintain Residential Windows

The windows provide you with a view to the outdoors. They are the only connection your home has to the outside and as such, it is very important to make sure that they are clean and well maintained all year. Windows are an important part of your home because they complement its outside look. However, if they are not maintained well, they can easily turn into an eyesore. In addition to this, windows will bear the brunt of tough weather conditions. Whether it’s dust or snow, they will face it all. Regular cleaning can ensure that even with such weather the panes remain sparkling and beautiful as always.

The following are a few simple DIY tips that you can explore today for effective window installation.

Clean the Glass Regularly

The glass is the most important part of the window. It’s the center of attraction and the window draws most of its beauty from it. Therefore, cleaning the glass is essential. The great thing is that the process is not really that hard. If you can do this with a dry cloth and some water once a month, then your home will look stunning from the outside. There are a number of things you must look for as you clean the glass. Dust and debris are the least of your concern. Pay attention to fingerprints too and cracks.

In order to have a better view, open up the drapes and curtains to view the window in sunlight. This will make it easier for you to see any issues that need to be fixed. There are also modern glass cleaner detergents that can offer great results. Although you can still use water, the special glass cleaning agents are far more effective.

Always make sure that the glass is properly rinsed after every cleaning job. The last thing you want is to have dry soap stains form on the panes. They will not just look bad but all the work done in window repair would have gone to waste.

Deep-Clean with Vinegar

Deep cleaning with vinegar is not something that can be done daily. But if you can do it once or twice a year, it will be great. Simply fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and add some hot water. Spray the vinegar on the glass to form an even layer. Wipe off the vinegar gently using a dry and clean sponge. Don’t forget to cover the window seal with some paper towels to avoid any spillovers from above.

Protect the Glass

The glass on your windows is very delicate so you have to protect it. As you work on other home improvement projects, make sure there’s as little contact as possible with the glass. Things like paint can really put a stain that will take a lot of time to clean.

Proper window cleaning can make your windows look beautiful and sparkling.  The simple tips above will help you out a lot.

An Enchanted Woodlands Playroom Roots for Imagination

Place yourself in the shoes of a 4-year-old and imagine having a playspace complete with an interactive shrub, hand-crafted plush creatures, a lemonade stand alone and — wait for this — an indoor swing.

Is your mind bursting yet?

Designer and artist Jen Talbot never gets accustomed to her customers’ ecstatic reactions. “The kids’ and their parents’ excitement never gets older. I simply love blurring the lines between art and decoration, and I challenge myself by simply pushing the bounds of what you would expect to maintain a residence or a playroom or a nursery,” says Talbot.

With this project, Talbot went out in transforming what would otherwise have been the living room on the first floor of a Brooklyn, New York, brownstone. After her initial phone conversation with the customer, Talbot immediately started collaborating and imagining — and thinking big. “My customer wanted a location where all of the local kids would want to come and perform and never wish to leave,” says Talbot.

Playroom at a Glance
Who plays here: Avery and her cadre of local friends
Location: New York City
Size: 200 square feet

Jen Talbot Design

The celebrity of the playroom is a life-size interactive shrub with lemons prepared for picking, attached with Velcro. Talbot and her team of local artisans procured the shrub’s metal foundation in place and wrapped the structure in felt to give it an organic, texturized feel.

Jen Talbot Design

Originally, Talbot and her customer toyed with two ideas: an enchanting forest and a vintage candies and ice cream store.

“Avery’s mom expressed how amazing it would be to have a swing at the space. I ran with that and developed ideas for its enchanted woodland playscape,” says Talbot.

Before Photo

Jen Talbot Design

BEFORE: Talbot worked with a clean space from the get-go, which eased the mapping, measuring and documentation of the present space.

“I flew out from Chicago to Brooklyn so that I could see the space in person,” she says. “The trip helped me flesh out ideas and place the wheels turning to the conceptualization of the space. From there, I came up with inspirational images, concept drawings and a funding breakdown.”

Jen Talbot Design

AFTER: Talbot fashioned poufs resembling cut wood and produced a wraparound art table located alongside branch hooks holding artwork supplies housed in buckets.

“that I wasn’t there when my customer revealed the playroom to her daughter. But she stated that Avery kept going from 1 thing to the next in frantic excitement and that she took all those sensed critters to bed with her that night,” says Talbot.

Jen Talbot Design

Neighborhood kids flock to the swing and the lemonade stand at the corner of the playroom. Talbot and her team secured the swing into the plaster and lath ceiling by drilling 3-inch eye hooks right into the wood lath. Felt vines cover the swing jute handles.

Jen Talbot Design

A low-relief diorama hangs above the mantel. Felt grass covers the mantel’s foundation, complete with mushrooms, frogs and other enchanted creatures.

Jen Talbot Design

A closer look at the diorama reveals a whimsical scene of woodland creatures dressed for a day of picnicking in the forests. Talbot hand cut on the diorama from various types of paper, drawn characters and bits out of novels.

Jen Talbot Design

The playroom extends to the hallway. Talbot produced a large felt branch to hang on the walls, as if the tree branch were climbing through the wall from the playroom to the hallway.

A storage covered with felt vines and flowers houses hats and mittens, while jackets hang on additional branch hooks nearby.

Jen Talbot Design

Talbot lined the inside of the locker cubbies with a woodlands-themed background from Ferm Living.

Jen Talbot Design

The designer-artist upcycled a vintage footstool to a mommy raccoon for additional seating.

“I genuinely think great ideas don’t need to break your bank. It is about coming a project with innovative answers,” says Talbot. “I love the process of collaborating with a customer and thinking really big — and then pulling back to a workable solution that fits inside their needs and price range.”

A few weeks after installation, the designer-artist obtained an email from her customer, who revealed that the 1 downside of having this wonderful playroom: When it is time to go home, the parents of Avery’s playmates generally have to drag their kids out yelling.

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Guest Groups: Settees for Each Room and Style

One of my customers recently transferred into a home. She didn’t have to fill it with another storage or desk piece, so we decided it’d be the ideal place for a comfortable sitting room. And because it’s in a major traffic area, we knew the space may only accommodate a compact piece of furniture. Her distance is match by A settee and needs perfectly.

I’ve assembled here some choices that are interpretations of this timeless settee and are all under 60 inches long, which is the perfect length for the end of a bed, a foyer, a kitchen or a little apartment. — Julieann from Jace Interiors and CreateGirl

Robin Pelissier Interior Design & Robin’s Nest

Designer Robin Pelissier utilized a settee to turn an entryway into a welcoming place to put on shoes.


‘Fleming” Settee – $1,399

The loose feather down seat brings a sink-in-and-relax feeling to Horchow’s Fleming settee. It’s fantastic for a rainy day.


Mercer Modern MCR4586A Settee

If you are looking for a little Hollywood glamour, this is the piece for you. Its back and armless style evoke a attitude.

Elton Settee – $699

West Elm’s tufted Elton settee is available in 16 colorful fabrics and can be affordably priced.

Southern Furniture Living Room Darcy Settee

The Darcy settee is one of my favorites and will be the alternative my client and that I chose. The slightly flared arms and nailhead trim fit right in with the client’s contemporary but family-friendly kitchen.

S. B. Long Interiors

A settee in the end of a bed produces an inviting reading area.


Swoop-arm Button-tufted Linen Settee, Navy – $699.99

This swoop-arm settee in a navy linen would make for a handsome reading corner in a bedroom or living room nook.

Settee 705-53

This settee with wood trim is another glamorous choice that will fit into a bedroom setting.


Hudson Upholstered Settee Love Seat Bench, Slate Velvet – $199.99

This Hudson settee is offered by target .

Lee Jofa

Wentworth Settee H4330-5

Lee Jofa’s Wentworth settee with nailhead trim and casters is a more traditional approach, but it’s one that commands attention.


White ‘Pandora’ Settee – $1,099

This Victorian-inspired settee with large arms, tufting plus a reverse rear definitely injects some romance into a distance.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Belle 1/2 & Chair

The Belle is much more of a seat and a half, but I am slipping it in this category because I just adore the skirted camel-back look.

Jonathan Adler

Mrs. Godfrey Settee, Venice Navy – $2,395

Jonathan Adler’s Mrs. Godfrey settee has blank lines, a midcentury vibe along with decorative buttons. It’s a handsome choice that’s available in many fabrics.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Rachel Reider used a settee in a dining room to make an inviting and relaxed sense in the area.

Ballard Designs

Parker Settee – $1,049

The oh-so-impressive Parker settee from Ballard Designs commands attention with its original look and bigger size.

Vanguard Furniture

Living Room Settee 9706-SE

This Vanguard settee is a handsome choice with pinstripes and narrow sloped arms.


‘Lemon Maze’ Settee – $1,399

A lemony yellow settee will be the piece of freshness you need in a kitchen. Whether used to pack people to get a dinner party or couch with the paper and a cup of java, this is one versatile piece of furniture.

Century Furniture

Monica Settee

This settee from Century Furniture has a tight spine, clean lines and a generous thickness. It’s a great mix of function and aesthetics.


Zigzag Armless Settee, Gray – $499.99

If you are just moving into your first flat and want a young and fresh-looking piece for extra seating, this zigzag settee is right for you. The gray and white layout will work with just about any colour scheme, even those walls that you are not allowed to paint.

Next: 14 Settees and Lounges That Work Magic in Tiny Spaces

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10 Bestselling Ways to Decorate With Novels

Much like throw pillows, floral centerpieces and wall treatments, bookshelves and book displays can show our allegiance to a decorative design and ethos. Some of us are meticulous collectors of hard-to-find first versions and hardback copies, which we proudly display in high ranking areas, while some prefer the candy-colored allure of paperbacks. And then there are many others who purchase secondhand books and magazines from the bushel and from spine color to fill shelf space in libraries. Whether you love to read or simply enjoy the expression of books, you are sure to find inspiration in the structures below.

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Tilted. The jagged edges and tilted shelving units make this custom bookshelf a dialogue piece. I would love the screen even more if it didn’t have a TV facing it. However, the arrangement inspires the question: Would you rather read Shakespeare’s work or watch Shakespeare in Love?

Chris A Dorsey Photography

Modular. Book lovers with contemporary leanings will adore the modular layout of this stackable Cloud unit, together with circular cubbies that are broad enough to home coffee table books. The Cloud’s double-faced layout enables you to reach for books from both sides of the unit when it’s freestanding and not from a wall.

Beccy Smart Photography

Stacked. Interior designer Abigail Ahern displays stacks of novels on her kitchen island countertop. The unconventional placement isn’t for everybody, but it’s the ideal choice for Ahern’s stone’n’ roll lifestyle and also for those who use the kitchen less for cooking and more frequently as a location to unpack ready-made food from a catering company.

Home Completions

Curved and constructed in. A curved basement hall doubles its own cool factor with this curved built in wall. Instead of regressing into the wall, the shelving unit swells and invites passersby to reach out and grab a book.

David Howell Design

Shelved. A floor-to-ceiling library wall in this office on Manhattan’s Upper East Side keeps favored titles handy and draws attention to the high ceiling.

Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interiors Design

Upcycled. A terrarium protects and exhibits classic books in this Los Angeles home. The book arrangement complements the vintage cottage look of the home.

Lauren Donaldson

Remembered. If you’re looking for a way to upcycle book covers since separated from their webpages, think about this craft maven’s DIY. She shows off treasured family photographs by pasting them on discarded book covers, including texture and interest to an otherwise staid wall — giving fresh life to the book covers.

Carol Vaughan-Davis

Color coordinated. The book styling in this living area along with the custom shelving unit are magnificent. The designer grounds that the space with furnishings that are neutral and layers on splashes of colour by way of book spines.

Orange books add pops of colour in this conventional home’s hallway library. The tangerine splashes add visual interest without overpowering the all-white space.

Glenn Gissler Design

Piled low. Here, a low pile of novels draws the eye to a stunning yellow urn. Although putting the pliers in one of the shelving components is definitely a safer choice, it’s not nearly as visually or unique intriguing.

Michelle Salz-Smith

Ready for studying. The book display in this trendy modern bedroom is ideal for people who read before going to sleep — and who always forget where they left off. The display’s design enables you to hang the book based on the previous page you’ve read and call it a night.

Afternoon Project: Declutter Your Bookshelves

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A Texas Ranch Finds Beauty on a Budget

A limited budget meant that there were no significant renovations within this Texas home’s future. However, Steve and Kori Wydman knew they could still freshen up their family’s house. “You can completely change an atmosphere of a home just by upgrading the paint colors and buying special furniture, accessories and rugs,” says Kori.

An assortment of hand-me-downs, great garage sale finds and repurposed antiques helped the couple transform their 1963 ranch home into a special area all their own.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Steve and Kori Wydman, sons Jonah and Finn, and cats Jeff and Pursie
Location: Richardson, Texas
Size: 2,200 square feet; 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths

Kara Weik

Kori used two different nightstands from the master bedroom to mix things up. “I really have no rules when mixing and matching, but I attempt to choose pieces which are different enough so it is obvious the mismatch was deliberate,” she says.

Bed, nightstand: Weir’s; sconces: Nicole’s Estate Resale; bedding: Pottery Barn; artwork: Home Goods; carpeting: Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma socket; paint: Throne, Ralph Lauren Home

Kara Weik

In the corner of the bedroom, another garage sale locate creates a natural segue to the master bathroom and a seating area. Since the family chose not to renovate, they put extra thought into every buy for their home. “Even tiny details like replacing cupboard pulls make a big difference in upgrading the appearance,” says Kori. The household replaced almost all the house’s unique hardware.

Art: Happy Days Antiques, Breckenridge, West Texas

Kara Weik

Framed pages from the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are decorate the wall of Finn’s bedroom, along with a sweet side table from Furniture Farm fits in perfectly with its fresh coat of paint. “Our youngest son, Finn, enjoys to play in his room. One of his favourite things to do is sit in the blue seat under his canopy and look in his books,” says Kori.

Canopy: Ikea; Paint: Home Goods; paint: Glass Bead, Sherwin-Williams

Kara Weik

Kori provides this information to other bargain hunters: “Try envisioning things in a beautiful room. Have a look at the lines of furniture, and if you love it, then you may always refinish and reupholster it.” She found these blue chairs for Finn’s room in a garage sale.

Crib, changing table: Babies ‘R Us; Shade: Pottery Barn Teen

Kara Weik

Both boys’ bedrooms are outfitted with cheap storage units from Ikea. Kori made this side table for Jonah’s room out of an Ikea bar stool and a glass top.

Low table: West Elm; drawers: Ikea; seat: Herman Miller Eames Chair; doll: Blabla

Kara Weik

“Steve and I got engaged in Keuka Lake, and since Jonah is our first child, we really wanted to go with a nautical motif for his room,” Kori says. “The boys love to push cars on the white table in this room”

Bed: Crate & Barrel; pillows, oars: Home Goods; seat: Ethan Allen, circa 1970; paint: Softer Tan, Sherwin Williams

Kara Weik

Kori and the boys discuss this secondary bathroom, whichfeatures all of the first millwork and tile. New hardware, paint and accessories gave the space a fresh upgrade.

Mirror: Home Goods

Kara Weik

For your Wydmans, beauty is everywhere — in their neighbor’s trash, which is where Kori found this unique seat.

Mirror: Home Goods; lamp: Target

Kara Weik

The painting above the dining table to the right would be a unique wedding present from a friend depicting Keuka Lake, where Steve suggested.

Coffee table: Weir’s; fireplace mirror: Home Goods; fireplace screen: Pottery Barn; table lamp: Chapman, prototype for the Hotel Del Coronado; paint: Crystal Chandelier, Ralph Lauren Home (no longer available); artwork: Soho Art

Kara Weik

Original to the house, the built-in bookshelves home all Kori’s old inside layout textbooks from her days as a residential and hospitality designer.

Kara Weik

Kori created the framed art that hangs above the dining room console — yet another garage sale find. “My grandma used to have a painting in her house that I loved, and that’s where I got the inspiration for the art of acrobats,” she says.

Chandelier: Home Depot; dining place: present from mother-in-law; Paint: Heraldic Ivory, Sherwin-Williams

Kara Weik

While browsing classic pieces at Again & Again, Kori spotted a guy with two velvet armchairs secured to the top of his vehicle. “He ended up selling them to me for $60 each. After refinishing and reupholstering them, they are now my favorite bits,” she says. The couple replaced the existing rug with wall-to-wall sisal inside this living room to match the ’60s-style house.

Kara Weik

The couple wanted to bring something meaningful back from a trip to Italy together but didn’t have the funds for new art at the time. Kori purchased these postcards, reprints of watercolors the couple enjoys, for 50 cents each.

Sofa: Urban Home by Cisco; seat, coffee table: Terence Conran’s Storehouse (currently closed); side table: Target; lamp: Jeff Hamlin Estate Sale; couch pillows: prototype for The Ritz Carlton Maui, fabric by Clarence House

Kara Weik

Kori remains true to her favourite designer, Terence Conran, that abides by easy and functional design philosophies. Kori considers a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways to transform a space, and she used a fresh white to paint the house’s previously brown wood paneling.

Kara Weik

A kitchen renovation is adjacent on the couple’s list of house design projects, with a Viking stove and stove at the top of the want list. “We’d also like to place French doors from our kitchen and construct an outdoor fireplace and terrace,” Kori says.

Chairs: Furniture Farm

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Pitch Some Retro-Cool Camping Design at Home

After seeing Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s most up-to-date film invention, I found myself with a nostalgic yearning for a summer camp adventure that I never had. It didn’t help that Camp Yawgoog, where much of the film was shot, is the exact same camp that my Eagle Scout husband moved to as a boy.

While I can’t call up memories of summers in a picturesque New England lakeside camp, I will let its style inspire my home and adventures. Here are 14 ways to liven up your home (or campsite) with rugged Scout-inspired finds and optimistic mid-’60s style.

Landing Design

Stock up on camp blankets. These classic striped wool blankets can be utilised in so many ways that you will never have too many. Use them as bedspreads, throw them in the car for picnics and camping trips, or keep them to warm cold guests when you sponsor dinner al fresco.

And if you’re feeling especially crafty, stitch a fresh cover to provide an old armchair a fresh look.

Bluetime Collaborative

Display where the Scoutmaster sleeps. For a slightly more luxurious than normal spin on sleeping in the excellent outdoors, I really like the idea of building a screened shield just steps from the backdoor.

You can enjoy the sounds and sights of character, minus the ribbons and tent installment drama.

The Land of Nod

Camp Throw Pillow, Racoon – $29

Enjoy your woodland buddies. Equally fitting on the couch in your home or the built-in chair of your vintage Airstream, this tiny fellow brings campy cheer wherever he goes.

Birds are used so much in decor in recent years that it’s only fair to provide the raccoons, squirrels and other fuzzy creatures their particular turn into the limelight.


Personalize a Postcard Pillow by Olive Handmade – $36

Send a postcard. Personalize this postcard cushion with text transcribed from an old post, or compose a new message for someone you love. In any event this handmade accent is sure to put in a heartfelt note to your home.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Insert a dash of flower power. The vibrant, optimistic floral prints of ’60s bedding can frequently be utilized for a few bucks at thrift shops and yard sales. A little goes a long way, so consider including a couple of pillowcases instead of an entire set of sheets.

Re-cover seats with fun prints. Another fantastic use for your vintage ’60s fabric finds would be to refresh a set of dining chairs. It’s fine to mix up the prints and colors; picking patterns of a comparable scale is going to keep the look cohesive.

Collect vintage paintings. Thrift shops, yard sales and internet sites like eBay are full of one-of-a-kind original paintings by amateur artists. Masterpieces they are not, but they have their own distinct charm and if collected can make a superb statement wall. Consider picking a subject (pictures, mountain scenes etc.) or time period theme to concentrate your collection.


Source enamelware to your camp kitchen. There’s something amazingly cheerful about the sight of a classic blue-speckled enamel coffeepot on the stovetop. Enamelware may be a conventional area of the camp kit (and it’s still fun to deliver it camping), but it functions equally well in the kitchen. Try your local Army surplus or outdoor store for inexpensive enamelware.

Landing Design

Use picnic tables to feed a crowd. If your summer kitchen seems to be crowded with children and visitors more frequently than normal, try including a picnic table for easier meals. If you have the room, put it directly in the kitchen if not, then it functions on the deck or patio just as well.


Vintage Folding Camp Stool by Pine and Main – $24

Use camp furniture inside or out. Classic camp folding furniture of an older vintage (believe wood frame, not plastic) adds a rustic-chic notice to interiors, and can be folded up and toted along when the mood strikes to hit on the street.

Build your own low-key backyard fire pit. Sleek, contemporary fire bowls have their place, but if you would like to re-create the disposition of camp in home, a rustic fire pit is what you want. Straightforward wood planks placed on logs make an easy seating place where friends can hang out and roast marshmallows.

How to Produce a Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Live it up in an Airstream. These retro trailers have a cult following with good reason. Their sleek lines and streamlined interiors and the mystique of life on the street are an irresistible combination. Take on the street, then park it in the garden the remainder of the time for use as quarters.

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Landing Design

Embrace rec room style. Painted flooring, framed posters and a ping-pong table are all you have to brighten up a cellar, a spare room or a garage. Stock a cooler with drinks and a cupboard with board games and puzzles for entertainment old-school fashion.

Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

Locate a lake near you. Simply because you can’t go to summer camp doesn’t mean you can’t still encounter something like it. And let us face it, visiting a lake as an adult is bound to be a much more pleasant experience than the fact of camp if you’re a child. Enjoy it!

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Clash Course: Geometric Shapes Give Rooms an Edge

Geometric shapes are the best refusal of this organic and natural shapes we would love to live together — that is why incorporating some sharp-edged kind to your own room is an excellent way to keep things interesting. Many of the new wire kinds act as a frame to the negative distance which exists beyond the piece. Here are some hot examples of present geometric shapes which change even traditional rooms with curious contradiction.


Farmhouse Chair – $450

A new spin on the traditional Bertoia chair, this design by Bend Seating from on-trend neon would be beautiful paired with a rustic crop table.

Croma Design Inc

A restricted, neutral palette enables the sketched character of the light fixture to pop up.

Anthony Baratta LLC

Within this area, the contrast between the soft curvature of the ottomans and the jagged edges of the carpet is echoed in the artwork and the throw pillows.


Modern Mobile Himmeli No. 8 by AM Radio – $155

Mobiles are making a comeback in a big way, and this time they’re taking on a wire-frame kind that frames adverse distance and changes from every angle.


Hubert le Gall Polyedres Chandelier

In brass, this chandelier is complicated and edgy at once.

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Popham Design

Popham Design

Tiles have been observing geometric patterns for more than a century. This modern take plays wonderfully with the traditional claw-foot tub and the base sink.

Modern Pendant Lighting – $800

Keep it refined and simple in black to put in a large graphic punch to your room.

An icon in light design, the Lindsey Adelman chandelier is at once organic and graphic, and because of this it satisfies any style of space — so long as it is gutsy!

More about Lindsey Adelman’s fixtures

Todd Selby

This chandelier is a wire-frame miracle in a traditional form. It appears electronic and elegant, and at home in this ornate Victorian bathtub.

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