Smart Solutions for Nonexistent Entryways

If you reside in a house without an entryway in the traditional sense (that is, a fine, wide hallway or a spacious foyer), I could feel your pain. Perhaps someday I’ll be lucky enough to have a formal entrance with room for a full size desk, lamps, benches and all of the works, but for today I must contend with what I’ve: a door that opens on a sliver of wall, smack in the center of my living room/dining room/office. Happily, clever solutions do exist for remedying lots of entryway challenges — thus if you’ve got an extremely narrow hallway or no hallway at all, there are methods to make your space work efficiently and beautifully. Let us begin.

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Dilemma: An Open Entryway

That is such a frequent scenario, particularly in smaller houses: The front door opens directly into the primary living area, without a defined foyer or hallway. In this situation the challenge is creating a transition from outside to inside without breaking the flow of the remainder of the space.

One clever solution would be to use a console table behind a sofa positioned close to the entrance door. This creates the enclosed feeling of a hallway and provides a place for email, keys and luggage.

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If you would rather keep the space open, try preparing a wall-mounted system close to the door instead. A mirror hung above a floating cupboard is a foolproof mix. Possessing a couple drawers is excellent for keeping cluttered piles of newspaper along with other odds and ends out of sight.

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Another sleek and effective option is to hang a row of pins on the wall and set a boot on the floor below. If your area is small, don’t be concerned about not being able to adapt tons of guests’ coats — people can go in a different room (or on a rented rolling coatrack). A couple of hooks for daily usage is all you really need. A market basket on one of those hooks may hold odds and ends.

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If you have children, two rows of pins are wonderful for corralling everyone’s gear. Possessing child-height pegs or hooks helps little ones gain independence, because they may reach to place their own coat away.

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Dilemma: An Extremely Narrow Hall

Having an entryway that narrow, a desk (or perhaps floating shelf) is out of the question. Use what little floor area is available to wrangle umbrellas in a holder that is chic, and then attach a couple tiny hooks into the wall to hold keys.

Design particulars:In a tiny hall, you may use the surfaces to bring in colour and layout. Here, the patterned tile flooring, pendant light and glistening black door paint dress up the area, and also the narrow radiator cap is used to hold a vase of flowers.

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Wall mounts such as these can supply greater than decoration. When hung in a cluster in a small entryway, they are perfect for keeping keys, paper and a tiny vase of flowers tidy and neat.

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If your hallway is a smidgen wider than the space above, you might have room for a full-scale mirror or chalkboard propped against the wall. And when a full-width console table is too wide, look for a half table that attaches to the wallsocket. If you’re handy, you could even attempt your own DIY model using a wooden table.

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Dilemma: The Door Opens Onto a Stairway

Many older houses have a formal entrance that opens directly on the stairway, without a real space for a table. In this case you might choose to redirect to a wider place in another room using a complete table. Otherwise it is time to put every little sliver of wall space to work.

When the stairs are very close by and you’ve got little wall to operate with, look at installing a wall bracket or a couple of decorative hooks on the stairway wall to hold essentials.

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A wall-mounted coat tree is a smart idea for all those with a bit more space together with the door — it adds personality and performs a necessary task, yet barely takes up any space in any respect.

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Within this view of the identical entryway, you are able to see exactly what a slim profile the coat tree has, which makes it ideal for narrow halls too.

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