About Potato Vines

If Simple is your middle name, a potato vine should match seamlessly with your life’s philosophy. This climber is a multipurpose plant which will scale arch over an arbor, a trellis, add height to your own garden or sit in a fairly planter when supported. Once you’ve decided where the potato vine functions by means of your landscaping artistry, simply take good care of it so that it thrives but doesn’t dominate your room.

Vital Data

Not to be confused with all the sweet-potato vine, the potato vine (Solanum jasminoides) is a semi-evergreen, perennial scrambler that likes to show off its tiny, star shaped white flowers with bright yellow centers. The vine usually blooms summer through autumn, as well as a wonderful fragrance that add to the backyard atmosphere is emitted by the flowers. In the fall, the plant generates an inedible, spherical purple- fruit. This climber is a quick grower and may reach 20 to 25-feet large or extended, depending on where you’ve put the vine. Deer -resistant, it’s oval, slender gives and leaves of attracting bees and hummingbirds to its aromatic flowers, the backyard reward. It’s suited for Sunset Climate Zones 8, 9 and 1224.


The potato vine prefers at least six to seven hours of sunlight a day and enough water to keep it wholesome; before the roots are moist, it needs to be watered frequently every week. It’s tolerant of humidity and heat. However, there are periods without rainfall or in the event the temperatures hit extremes, it’s necessary to water the vine frequently. It tolerates sandy soil and clay and needs to be fertilized throughout the fall and summer months using a complete fertilizer to market curiosity that is floral. Prune the vine again to several feet large in the drop after it’s made fresh fruit and its flowers.

Visual Curiosity

Help it using a trellis, arbor, tree-trunk or post of some kind therefore it will not drop over on it self, in case you plant the potato vine in your garden or lawn. Tie the woody stems with backyard twine to the help construction as well as floral curiosity will be provided by the plant and certainly will camouflage construction or an unsightly fence. In the event you choose a busier style, plant a flowering shrub (in a complementary shade), bulbs and perennials before the vine to round out the the room. In case the vine is planted in a pot, secure it into a pot-sized cane tee-pee or trellis for help.

Pests and Warnings

The yellow of the facilities that are floral is a track to aphids; thrips are little, winged bugs that may plague the plant with larvae that feast upon the flowers and leaves and thrive in hot and dry circumstances. To r-ID the potato vine of thrips and aphids, purpose a stream of water from a hose directly in spray insecticidal soap on the vine to wash them a-way, or the plant to dislodge the pests. The good fresh fruit made in the drop can trigger stomach issues whether it’s it is consumed by animals or people.

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