Banish Gizmo Blemishes on Your Walls

From electrical sockets to air vents, speakers to thermostats, all of the little items that we rely on for modern living are here to remain. As we continue to create new gizmos, such as iPads, and building codes call for new security requirements, such as smoke detectors, the sheer amount of these little things will only increase.

Therefore it really bugs me when I tour a recently finished house renovation or a new home, and the inside ceilings and walls seem to have developed a case of acne. Rather than all of the accoutrements of modern life being considered in the plan, the sockets, switches, air vents, thermostats etc. are haphazardly placed. Just a little thought and coordination can stop this kind of scenario.

Let’s see how the walls of the next project are able to keep a clean complexion.

Legendary Luxury Homes

Think about positioning early. It’s always nice when things such as air vents are put in proximity with and to match the architecture. Placement of these things should be looked at before building starts. Either you’ll have to move the framing or be stuck with an unwanted place for the enroll if you wait until after the walls are up.

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Construct in a power strip. We will need to have electrical outlets to plug all of those tiny appliances and as mandated by building codes. Simply because we do, however, they don’t have to mar the beautiful backsplash we’ve just paid a lot for.

Consider installing a plug mold at the base of the wall cabinets or another choices shown here.


Help it become deliberate. Maintaining the backsplash free of any electrical apparatus really helps to show off the tile and overall cosmetic. However, in the event that you’d like a tv or docking station for an iPad or other tablet device, you can easily recess it into the plan, which makes it a portion of the total appearance. The trick is to ensure it is an intentional decision as opposed to an afterthought.

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Camouflage it. Odds are that concealing the electrical switches won’t be that readily done. In those situations, particularly where the switch is in a tiled backsplash, then a few camouflage will hide it in plain sight. Take care that the person performing the camouflaging gets the colors and patterns just right.

FORMA Design

Group switches. Where there isn’t the possibility of concealing a switch or bank of buttons, make certain that you set the buttons in an orderly fashion. It’s disconcerting to see buttons randomly positioned about a wall, frequently within close proximity to one another. And while you’re at it, then place the group in a spot that’s carefully chosen and use a switch plate that coordinates with the total layout.


Make them trendy. Of course, not every one of these objects have to be hidden. Many manufacturers are now producing very fashionable and enjoyable devices, such as the Nest thermostat, that can be displayed as a piece of decoration. The trick is to place these devices in a spot where they can stick out and be noticed.

Rockefeller Partners Architects

Recess them. Let’s not forget the speakers that are a part of the audio visual systems. Recessing these itemswill maintain them less obtrusive and less pimple like.

Richlin Interiors

Integrate them into the Plan. Whenever it’s not always possible to perform a media wall such as this, incorporating the speakers into the general room design really helps.

Applegate Tran Interiors

Work with all the invisible structure. Lighting, particularly recessed can lighting, actually needs to be coordinated with not only what is visible but with what is not. Finding each light centered into each coffer requires no framing, air duct or other item above the ceiling get in the way. So coordinating these components during the design and drawing on stage will pay dividends during construction.

Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker Architects LLC

Complement the architecture. Many rooms, particularly those who have tall and sloping ceilings, are not easily lit. So it is always a pleasure once the light is coordinated with and complements the architecture. Achieving the precise positioning of fixtures is the result of a coordinated plan, where construction and electrical components are all considered.

LaunchPort – $350

Be prepared for anything. There’s very little possibility that we will see fewer gadgets and gizmos in our houses. While just a couple of years ago, the iPad was not a thing a designer would have considered when planning an inside, today it is almost omnipresent. So things such as wall-mounted charging stations in every room have to be considered. Let’s face it, a beautifully designed inside considers everything that’s part of the space.

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