Can Birdseed Start Weeds in Your Yard?

If you’re inviting flocks of birds to go to your yard by enticing them with birdseed, then you could also be inviting weeds. When seed falls from the feeder into the ground there is potential for germination. This is not a issue with all kinds of bird food. By being a conscientious shopper you can enjoy the birds while avoiding extra weed growth.

Contents of Birdseed Mixes

All weeds are annoying, but some packages of birdseed are identified as having numerous varieties of invasive weed seeds. When these seeds are scattered from a feeder and spread in the yard, they could quickly become a maintenance nightmare. To avoid purchasing bird seed containing noxious weeds, then read the label or contact the seed manufacturer and find out what was done to make sure the contents are not invasive weed seeds. Birdseed which contains a great deal of filler seed like red millet may result in more bud growth since birds do not tend to like this type of seed. Rather than eating the stitch, they push it aside and induce more to drop to the ground as they hunt for the seed they need. Know what kinds of birdseed you’re purchasing in a mixture and if it’s desired to the birds you want to attract.

Kinds of Bird Food

When seeds are baked, then they lose the ability to germinate. Some birdseed manufacturers offer baked birdseed. This type of seed won’t cause weeds to grow in your yard but will still attract birds. Other kinds of bird food, like sunflowers hearts, peanut butter, raisins, mealworm and suet cakes, won’t sprout if scattered around your yard by messy eaters.


Keep in mind the birdseed will not grow weeds in your yard if it doesn’t get to the ground. Placing a tray under your bird feeder to catch overflowing seeds can prevent the issue of weed growth. Although birds may be messy eaters, squirrels are occasionally a larger issue. If you discover squirrels scattering seeds from your yard, consider another type of feeder which will prevent the squirrels from obtaining the seeds.

Managing Weeds

Weeds will be an issue in any garden. Regularly monitoring your yard will provide you a good idea about what maintenance has to be done. By doing this you can see where weeds are popping up and remove them before they flower and spread into other areas of the yard. They’re also much easier to remove when they are small.

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