Can I Legally Someone Out Of My Property?

You have the duties of any landlord when you rent a room in the house in which you live. The person renting the room — known as a lodger has rights as another tenant. There are two important exceptions. Since the owner and occupier of the house, you are in overall charge of the house and are permitted to enter all areas, including the lodger’s room. Without needing to go to court, Furthermore, in the event that you simply have a single lodger, then you can legally evict your lodger. So long as you provide your lodger notice to vacate — and also the time to leave has expired — the lodger could be removed for trespassing.

Prepare a notice that is written to your lodger stating that he cannot continue renting the room. Say in the notice the deadline for him to vacate your house. This date must be equal to the period of time between rental payments. As an instance, if the rent is paid each month, your lodger is entitled to a month’s notice. If the rent is paid a week’s notice will suffice. Sign and date the notice.

Give the notice. You can hand him it or attach it to the doorway of the room is that he isn’t readily available.

Wait to perish. If your lodger hasn’t vacated by the expiry date, it is possible to call the sheriff or police and have the lodger removed as a trespasser.

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