Give Your Hallway High Style

Hallways are great areas to integrate style in your house, but most people just consider wall colour and art when contemplating how to decorate them. Instead of choosing the gallery wall that is standard, try something different. Add interest through pattern and texture to draw you and your guests through the area in a wonderful way.

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Fabulous wallpaper and a striped runner transform a lackluster hallway into something extra special. I’d love to have a cup of tea on the stairs — would not you?


A stripe on the wall makes for a hall that is complex. This tone-on-tone case in point is a no-brainer, however, daring stripes would be an alternative for a more contemporary home.

Do not be afraid of patterned wallpaper, especially in a hallway. You do not spend enough time to tire of it, and it rewards you up as you go together.

Hull Historical

A checkerboard floor layout placed on the diagonal is the real key to making this hallway feel wider and more sophisticated.

Spinnaker Development

There’s a lot of texture going on within this hallway: rough-hewn hardwood floors, paneled wainscoting and a dimensional display of family photographs. Yet, due to the neutral colour palette, it does not look too busy.


A beautiful hardwood floor pattern graces this complex hallway. If you are considering remodeling, then a herringbone-pattern hardwood or parquet floor is a great change from classic hardwood throughout the remainder of the house and visually signifies a transition between distances.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

Why not mimic the wood flooring having an unexpected wood ceiling? Applying the wood horizontally expands the hallway; applying it would make it feel longer.

Arcanum Architecture

If you are cautious of pattern in your house, try something obvious. The very subtle layout of the painted beams with this ceiling guides guests down this peaceful hallway.

Perhaps you have utilized pattern to decorate a hallway? Share your thoughts below!


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