Chairs with Flair

Chairs are a necessity in every house, and they are available in a plethora of designs, colors and shapes. That said, why does it seem like we are so frequently seeing exactly the very same styles? Not that there’s anything wrong with a great French Bistro seat, a classic Hans Wegner design or a cozy wicker patio loveseat, but sometimes the eye only wants to see something unexpected.

If you are wondering how to bring a little bit of pizzazz to your interior, consider swapping out your seat from something on the unusual side. Not certain what to search for? Check out the photos for a bit of inspiration.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

No space is secure from a personality makeover as soon as you plant these seats within its walls. Wood chairs’ beauty is you have the ability.

Glenn Gissler Design

It’s not unusual to put a lone chair alone somewhere in the house, but if you do, search for a person with a little spunk. This bow-tie shaped back provides this traditional seat a motive to stand by itself.

MusaDesign Interior Design

This wall-mounted chair is indeed cool and complicated, you almost think it’s a work of art. It mixes seamlessly into its environment for a sleek, contemporary appeal.

Envision living

If you really want a show-stopper, seek out chrome backless seats with white upholstery for a look that will dazzle. When checking these stunners out you might need your sunglasses.

Adeeni Design Group

For an unusual juxtaposition, seek out wood seats with a contemporary design. The fact that the backs of these chairs remain the same thickness from top to bottom gives them a smooth texture that is so alluring.

VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Settees are fairly common, but a four-seated settee? This piece makes its mark in this conventional foyer.

Sometimes is a bright splash of colour. This yellow chair adds a lively energy to a fairly neutral area.


It’s difficult to divert your attention away from the magnificent bed, but after you do, you might notice the totally unexpected chair to the right. Even though it’s a conventional Louis design, it’s been created distinctive with a dash of lime green paint and a painted face.

Ed Ritger Photography

Want a simple way to refresh the seats you presently have? Give them a unique paint treatment. These were once everyday Thonet chairs, but they’ve got their own creative spark.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

In case you have a dark room that needs a lively addition, look for a colorful and unusual seat to do the job. The Vermehla seat consists of 500 meters of cotton ropes that were red that were woven.

Elad Gonen

The jury is out on whether these seats are comfy, but you need to admit they are pretty damn intriguing.

The Lettered Cottage

Pair your distressed island with spiral stools to boost the rustic appeal of your country cabin kitchen.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

It’s likely the only thing you will need to do to make your seat more interesting would be to stick it in a very unusual spot. Talk about a bird’s-eye view!

ddc nyc

DRDP – $8,747

Here are a few unusual chairs to delight the eyes. The fluid shape of the splurge loveseat is sure to catch anybody’s eye.

Addison House

The Alaska Chair – $3,356

Another splurge: This futuristic chair looks like it might have been possessed by the Jetsons.

Cub Children’s Chair – $238

How fun is this kids’ corkboard seat? Who needs a wall as soon as you can pin your artwork directly to your seating.


Lucerne Chair

Shaped like a tree stump, the Lucerne seat lets you bring the outside in via totally unexpected style.

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