Guest Groups: 20 Gorgeous Perennials to Plant Now

For the majority of us at the USA, spring is here. Now is the time to get yourself outside and find some plants at the ground to acclimate to moderate temperatures and take advantage of richer spring rains. Whether you are adding to a bed or garden you presently have or are beginning from scratch, I’ve assembled an assortment of must-plant perennials that thrive in a selection of zones across the country. Let’s get planting! — Sarah in The Estate of Matters

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Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

This beautifully layered border backyard comes with a whole lot of elements that I use quite frequently in my landscapes in North Carolina. I love the blue junipers at the trunk and the beautiful hydrangeas at the center layer with assorted perennials in between.

Plant Delights Nursery

Lantana Star Landing – $11

The hardy Lantana with orange-red and yellowish blossoms steadily blooms the whole season. You will have a massive mound of it until you know it, plus it is deer resistant. Pictured is a cultivar called ‘Star Landing’ (Lantana camara L.)

Plant Delights Nursery

Geranium Rozanne – $13

I watched that this hardy geranium (geranium ‘Rozanne’) within my mother’s perennial garden a few years ago and have marveled at how it just keeps spreading and blooming. She finally gave me some cuttings that promptly took off and are thriving. It’s low growing and good for interrogate at the front of the planting bed.

Plant Delights Nursery

Agave Kissho Kan – $15

I understand I’m supposed to be speaking about perennials, but I could not leave succulents out. My mother implanted the Lucky Crown Century Plant (agave ‘Kissho Kan’, zone 9 to 10) in a container, but I like them at the ground for a drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plant. I also recently watched them gathered around a citrus tree.

The Vermont Wildflower Farm

Purple Coneflower Seeds – $2.95

Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea, zones 3 to 8) is a absolute must. There are several cool varieties to choose from, and they are all pretty easy to grow.

Patron Gardens

Heavy Metal Switch Grass – $10.49

A modern landscape is not complete without ornamental grasses. They provide so much movement and feel. This is a switch grass called ‘Heavy Metal’ (Panicum virgatum, zones 2 to 10).

Plant Delights Nursery

Gone With the Wind Blackberry Lily – $13

A more recent perennial to present to your garden is the ‘Blackberry lily’ (Belamcanda chinensis ‘Gone with the Wind’, zones 5 to 10). The foliage is a beautiful blue/green, and it appears similar to a iris but using more blooms and longer bloom time.

Wayside Gardens

Raspberry Sundae Peony Plant – $36.95

Can a perennial garden really be complete without some timeless peonies (Paeonia, zones 3 to 8)? They’re lovely cut flowers and are fairly substantial plants. I love to consider these as alternatives to roses.

Plant guide: Peonies

White Flower Farm

Frikart’s Aster

‘Frikart’s Aster’ (A. x frikartii ‘Monch’, zones 5 to 10) will maintain pumping electric-purple daisy-like blooms all season if you remove the previous blooms. Asters have been a backyard continuous for like.

Plant guide: Asters

Stark Bro’s

Golden Japanese Forest Grass – $12.99

I truly can’t get over Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’, zones 5 to 9). My favourite is the variegated selection. I planted mine beneath a walnut, and the contrast was genius and it’s so much movement.

Wayside Gardens

Actual Joy Sedum Stonecrop Plant – $13.95

Any person who knows anything about perennials will say to plant a sedum (Sedum ‘Pure Joy’, zones 3 to 9).

Plant guide: Sedum


Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum falcatum ‘Variegatum’, zones 4 to 2) is a delicate but sturdy plant, low growing with miniature bell-shaped blooms. My experience is that it’s had a effect in the South.

Plant Delights Nursery

Elaine Lily of the Nile – $15

I truly could not resist adding agapanthus (Agapanthus ‘Elaine’, zones 8 to 10) to this collection. Agapanthus provides me a small amount of a seaside feel and it matches beautifully with a boxwood or compact holly shrub.

Vincent Gardens

Mexican Bush Sage – $6.97

When what’s fizzled out in late summer, this salvia (Salvia leucantha, zones 7 to 10) is functioning it. It soaks up the sun and has delicate light green foliage.

Big Dipper Farm

Jerusalem Sage – $6.99

I’ve personally grown Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa,zones 4 to 9) at a few different gardens, and I’ve had success each time. It takes off fairly fast.

Spring Hill Nursery

Small Globe Thistle – $15.99

Globe thistle (Echinops ritro, zones 3 to 9) is one of my favorite perennials. I made sure to have it included in my wedding bouquet, as it adds interest to any flower arrangement.

Plant guide: Globe thistle

Plant Delights Nursery

Hosta Hans – $32

One of the best shade perennials by far is that the hosta. This beautiful tri-color variety is called ‘Hans’ (zones 3 to 7). As you may think hostas are somewhat ho-hum, I guarantee you this ain’t your mama’s hosta. I want to purchase some before they sell out.

Garden Harvest Supply

Goldilocks Rudbeckia Plant – $6

The rudbeckia (zones 3 to 11), or as most call it, Black Eyed Susan, is a classic. This is the ‘Goldilocks’ variety, which has a double petal effect. I’ve watched this perennial get through some intense summers at the South. It provides a beautiful stroke of yellow in the backyard.

Plant guide: Black-eyed Susan

Prairie Nursery

Blue False Indigo – $5.49

With lovely foliage, plentiful blooms and a beautiful purple hue, it is hard not to love Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis, zones 3 to 9). Try it in yellow also.

Gorge Top Gardens

Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ – $2.99

I’ve implanted Crocosmia (Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, zones 6 to 9) in several spots and it’s absolutely thrived. Plant in full sun or part shade, but be careful because it is going to spread quickly. 1 4-inch pot is a great start. It has an erect growth habit with grassy foliage reminiscent of an iris.

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