Poppy Crops for Fall Planting

Oriental poppies (Papaver orientale) are perennials that create spectacular, bowl shaped flowers with big, fragile petals. Following a burst of flowers in early summer and late spring, poppies enter a post- bloom stage when growth stops as well as the plants die-back. Poppy crops are perfect for planting in fall and appropriate for developing in Sunset’s Environment Zones A1 through A3, 1 through 11, 14 through 21 and 30 through 4-5.

Oriental Poppies

Poppies are indigenous to western areas of Asia, where they grow in meadows that are open. The plant generates grayish- green leaves in springtime, accompanied by by tall stems in the period. A bud that is really big, ovoid tops each resemble crepe-paper and stem, opening right into a big flower with four to six petals which are crinkled. The petals surround in the event the flower stays on the plant, a knob that creates seeds.

The best way to Plant

The tap-roots of poppies split to create new crops and could be dug following the dormant stage starts. In early fall or late summer, obtain both bare-root crops or undivided crops that are dormant in containers. Choose an area for the mattress that is poppy that receives sunshine that is ample and contains well-drained soil. A planting hole somewhat bigger in relation to the root ball to get a container plant or a hole wide enough to to allow for a bare-root plant, using the crown of the root about 3″ below the area. Fill the hole with great-quality soil, firming nicely around the roots, and water-well.


Even though they tolerate some afternoon shade poppies do best in a sunny area. They choose soil and moisture at neutral pH, and flower properly if offered a mild dressing of fertilizer that is well-balanced in early spring when development starts. Poppies are resistant to the majority of diseases and bugs but are vulnerable to root-rot if exposed to soil which is wet. Cover your crops with evergreen boughs or another layer throughout cold temperatures to avoid freezing and thawing which may heave the plant from the ground.

Poppy Types

The oriental poppy that is typical creates vivid orange red flowers comparable to all those of the authentic, native-plant. However, cultivation and hybridization have made several poppy cultivars that were diverse, with flowers of diverse types and various colours. Good for example Elegance of Livermere, with extremely big, bright red flowers that are red bearing a unique blotch on Burning Heart, and every petal, with huge, purple-pink flowers with red facilities. Some cultivars have the fringed petals of Curlilocks or flowers of strange shades or types, like the flowers of Coral Reef.

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