Refinishing Old House Gutters

In case the aluminum gutters on your home are older, faded and weather-worn, have them replaced by a professional and they’re not adding to your house’s curb appeal, but don’t hurry to devote hard-earned cash. This is the refinishing project for your DIY homeowner that is budget-minded. The key to a professional appearance would be to use the right primer and then to prepare the gutters with a good cleaning and paint.

Protect your hands. Position your ladder securely and large enough to get to the gutters. Climb the ladder and wash all leaves and debris from the gutters out using a garden hose. Scrape flaking paint with a scraper. Use a wire brush to remove any rust stains. Sand the uneven areas with sandpaper to ensure a smooth surface.

Create water in a skillet and a sudsy mixture of liquid dish soap. Wearing rubber gloves, use a grout sponge to wash and wash the gutters thoroughly with the sterile mixture. The gutters must be as clean as you can, to ensure a good bond with the paint. Rinse all the soap away and permit the gutters to wash.

Apply a coat of clear acrylic bonding primer with a paint brush. This is the second vital step to refinishing your gutters. Before you use it, check the components of the primer. Do not use one that contains ammonia, since this can have an adverse chemical reaction with the aluminum, creating gas bubbles. After the primer has dried, apply another coat. Permit the gutters to wash.

Apply a coat of exterior oil-based paint utilizing an excellent brush. This should be done within 48 hours of applying the primer, to ensure a good bond between the primer and the coat. Permit the paint to dry completely and then inspect the end. Where the primer shows or the surface is rough in spots, lightly sand with fine-grit sandpaper, wipe the dust off with a damp rag and apply another coat of paint.

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