The best way to Decorate a Hearth Behind a Wood-Burning Stove

When installed before a hearth, a wood-burning stove can help enhance performance and the general appearance of your hearth. With cautious interior-decorating methods, it is possible to incorporate the two parts into one stunning style component which works as both basic accessory or a primary point in your area.

Wood and Kindling

Consider utilizing the fire-place as a storage device that is modern as your stove wants wood to be useful. Stack chopped wood to fill the cavity of the fire-place. When extra wood is needed by your stove, merely include several pieces. To keep your fire-place seeking tidy, change any wood parts you eliminate from your pile. Use the fire-place to put away kindling in the event that you’d rather keep the wood outside. Situate brass bucket or a big wicker basket at the center of the hearth cavity and fill it with branches and little twigs. Use the mantle to to show your brush. It offers a style that is rustic, however retains your accessories.

Art and Add-Ons

When selecting accessories to enhance the mantle or hold on the wall close to your wood-burning stove and hearth, choose for ceramic, steel and wooden items. These kinds of items not only handle high temperatures than other components, but additionally enhance the austere appearance of the wood-burning stove. To prevent harmful great bits of artwork — particularly oil paintings, which are probably flammable — hang a mirror that is big on the wall above your hearth. The area that is reflective decorates the the room, but in addition helps the area seem bigger and much more open.

Simple in the Off-Season

Throughout the off-season, when you probably won’t be utilizing your wood-burning stove, keep the decorations easy. In reality, you may consider re arranging your space to create the stoveandfireplace blend an attractive accessory as opposed to a focal stage. Give your fire-place a make over having several coats of hearth paint. To distinction the darkish colour of the wood-burning stove, select a mild colour for the fire-place, for example white, taupe or beige. Scatter a couple of vases in a variety of sizes over the mantle and fill them with flowers that are clean and sleek stones to tie the seem together.


Your wood-burning stove creates a a great deal of of warmth. To avoid problems that are dangerous, keep all warmth-delicate supplies away in the stove. To be risk-free, permit a T least 24-inches of area involving the stove and any furniture, drapes, fabrics or other supplies that are flammable.

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