The best way to Prune Iberis Sempervirens

Iberis sempervirens, known generally as Alexander’s white or candytuft, is a plant native to western Europe and southern. It thrives in the Environment Zones 1 to 2-4 of Sunset. The species name “sempervirens” is Latin for “usually green,” discussing the plant’s ever-green dark green foliage. Blossoms so are white with traces of lilac and lavender and arise from spring. Known for the value, candytuft is simple-developing and thrives in nutrient-poor soil, 18 to 24-inches broad and expanding to be 6 to 8″ tall. While minimum treatment is required by the plant pruning is advised to avoid over-growth and self- and to preserve backyard aesthetics.

Avoid over-watering the soil to avoid crown rot. Candytuft enjoys no more than an occasional mild watering and is drought-tolerant.

Shear the candytuft by one third to one half of its own size using a pair of pruning shears or loppers following the plant has flowered in the summer.

Discard or compost the cut plant issue. Cut flowers may be put in a vase and endure for up up to week.

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