The best way to Prune Passiflora Frost Damage

Passiflora, also called maypops or passionflower, grows vines that bear colourful, tropical-looking flowers. In warm climates, where passion flower has uninterrupted, year round development, fresh fruit is produced by the plant. Your passion flower plant suffers harm and might even die-back to the floor in case your area experiences several frosts each year. Pruning lifeless, wilted vines out of your passionflower enables the plant to recuperate. Shoots will develop to replace the ones that are dead as the weather starts to warm.

In the event that you used them to reduce a plant disinfect your pruning shears. Fill a bucket with one part chlorine bleach and three parts water. Soak the shears for FIVE MINUTES minutes and allow to air-dry.

When energetic development is stopped by the passion-flower prune back dead or weak vines close to the conclusion of winter.

Cut broken stems in the soil level in the beginning of spring to one or two feet. Leave side shoots or wholesome buds. This can speed the recovery of the plant.

Apply a balanced fertilizer containing phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen to elements after pruning to the soil to provide the nutrients required for development to the passion-flower.

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