Water Softener Injector Repair

A water softener brine injector modulates the circulation of saltwater from the brine tank to the water treatment medium which removes minerals from the water. The saltwater flushes accumulated vitamins in the treatment medium, regenerating the medium to treat water. The injector, typically situated on the top or to one side of the softener control mind, can become clogged over time. In most cases, a fantastic cleaning may restore it to normal operation.

Injector Parts

The injector is made up of cylindrical filter screen where saltwater from the brine tank enters, together with a throat and control wax which regulates the flow of salt brine to the treatment medium. The pieces are held in place from the injector housing by a circular, oval or rectangular gasketed cover plate secured by two screws. Before starting work, then disconnect the softener from the water source by closing the in and out service valves and opening the bypass valve. Unplug the softener from its electricity source. Briefly turn the manual control to the backwash position to relieve water pressure from the unit.

Cleaning Procedure

Undo the screws holding the injector cover plate on and remove the plate and gasket to expose the injector’s functioning parts. Lift the filter out screen, clean any accumulated issue from it using a detergent solution and rinse with clear water. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the hands nozzle in the injector throat, then unscrew the throat in the injector body. Clean any accumulated issue in the parts with soap solution and very clear water rinse. After inspecting the parts to make sure that they are clean, reinstall them in the opposite order of elimination. Replace the cover plate and gasket and tighten the rods. Turn the water back on to the softener, plug from the unit and run it through a complete softening cycle.

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