8 Master Bedrooms Where Everyday Is King

While flipping through house design magazines, I’m often discouraged by the master bedroom inspiration. The looks are often heavily designed and do not appear to fit in with my everyday way of life. My husband and I have five kids, and a few of them make their way into our area a few nights. It doesn’t make sense to have loads of cushions, furniture and pricey art strewn about to have tripped over.

The other day when searching for thoughts here, I was amazed by the number of stunning casual bedrooms. I’ve picked my favorites and can’t wait to share with you what I learned from every one. These notions can be implemented into real spaces. Let’s begin!

sarah & bendrix

Although I said not wanting to buy expensive art to get tripped over, I don’t have any issue with it being displayed on the wall. The piece displayed in this image is so stunning and really sets the mood for the room.

Everything I heard: Purchasing one amazing art piece can take a room to a completely different level.

Nightstand space comes at a premium. Publications, clocks and telephones all vie for room.

Everything I heard: Wall-mounted lights over the nightstands make a great deal of sense in smaller spaces.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Bedding is pricey, especially once you discover the ideal duvet, pillow shams, throw pillows and so forth.

Everything I heard: Keep the bedding simple and splurge on great fabric for curtain panels along with a few throw pillows.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

They say less is more. They are right.

Everything I heard: If your area has great architectural bones similar to this one, you do not really need much more. The space speaks for itself.

I’ve frequently thought of a neutral color scheme as being boring and safe.

Everything I heard: Neutral colors can be calming and invoke a feeling of restfulness and peace.

Schwartz and Architecture

When I think of custom drapery, my thoughts often envisions thick cloth overpowering a room.

Everything I heard: Once done right, custom drapery, like these Roman sunglasses, can include a degree of simple elegance.

Cardea Building Co..

Area rugs are frequently used to tie a space together. I really like this carpet is the room’s focal point.

Everything I heard: Should you discover what you love, like this bright rug, adopt it. Build a room around it.

Moroso Construction

Broadly speaking, most nightstands are square or round. Who says you’ve got to follow these rules?

Everything I heard: when you’ve got a table that has an appropriate height to be a nightstand and goes with the room, make use of it. Even if it is a rectangle.

Inform us: what’s your trick for a beautiful bedroom? Please share insight and photos below.

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