A Window Above the Bathroom Sink: Feature or Flaw?

I believe it’s safe to say that most men and women love a window over the kitchen sink. But place that window over a bathroom sink, and that I believe most people would find this to be a defect. A mirror directly above the sink is pretty convenient — you can see exactly what you’re doing when you brush your teeth or shave your face. So if you’ve got a window instead, what can you do? Check out 16 baths where that window over the sink is not a flaw, but a feature.

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Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

This marble vanity stands within a bay window, and the mirror was designed to be suspended in the front of this window. What an impressive and luxurious space. The window is definitely a characteristic of the toilet, and functionality is handled beautifully.

MN Builders

Are you ready for some imaginative genius? This mirror slides on a track so that when it is positioned over the sink it reveals that a medicine cabinet. Developed by Malcolm David Architecture and constructed by Mueller Nichols Cabinets & Construction, this can be a totally custom piece.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This long, horizontal window operating over the entire counter area lets abundant light into the toilet while mirrors are placed at intervals in front of it. Fluorescent lights inset into the mirrors provide light at face level.

Moroso Construction

This round mirror is held in place by a metal pole attached to either side of this window. In the morning, you’d have wonderful natural light emitting your face from all over, so you can see yourself while enjoying the view, too.

These mirrors are attached above and under the top of the backsplash and a customized header. See that the electrical has been run through the header, and wall sconces are dangled out of it involving the mirrors. So, they have ample natural light during the day and extra lighting around the face level when it’s needed.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

There’s something to be said for its simplest and low-tech approach. A freestanding makeup mirror keeps this window completely unobstructed for sun and the opinion. What a cheerful place to start the morning.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..

A large freestanding mirror solves the problem by standing directly behind the vessel sink. The faucet is offset to the right.

MN Builders

This easy swing-arm mirror is simple to pull into place when it’s needed. And it can be pushed out of the way when you’re more interested in gazing off into the distance during your morning ablutions.

David Howell Design

Attached to the side wall, that this mirror does double duty as a practical piece and sculptural accent. Oh, I would love standing there looking out at the greenery.

Northbrook Design

Hanging a framed mirror from the ceiling is befitting the conventional style and Old-World charm of this bathroom vanity.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

This bath is firmly tucked into one of my own inspiration ideabooks for favored baths. A massive field of glass block allows in abundant light while maintaining privacy. Flat metal bars running from backsplash to ceiling hold the mirrors set up.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

In the front of the glass block in this toilet, medicine cabinets with mirrored doors and lights are attached to a metal frame at the ceiling and countertops. Not only do you’ve got the light and mirror, but your toiletries are within handy reach too.

Jim Tetro

Shoji screens gently filter light in this modern Asian-style bathroom. The mirror is placed inside the window frame, and pendant lights dangled from the ceiling put the light directly where it’s needed to either side of this mirror.


Here’s another great example of a traditional bathroom with an oval mirror hung in the front of the window. Simple is good.

David Vandervort Architects

A toiletry shelf over the vanity is the best place to prop a tiny mirror and enjoy sunlight in your face.

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