Orange: Still Hot, Sexy, Sexy

For three straight seasons, orange has dominated the fashion runways. Certainly, the color is still on fad, and now that we’re in the center of autumn, more appropriate than ever. Whether such as the bold shade in an outfit or within your home’s décor, orange carries with it an unparalleled burst of energy that may radically alter the appearance and feel of your scheme.

On the flip side, because it’s such a bold color, it needs to be used properly to prevent cringe-worthy reactions reminiscent of the’70s. If you’re considering adding the color into your house, have a look at the following pics to get some inspiration from fellow ers.

Elad Gonen

There’s no doubt about it: orange is a show stopper. Employed within this setting, the orange cloth contemporizes the pure wood coffee table and games console behind the couch. Mixing orange with organic elements makes it a statement without overpowering.

Mosca Photo

If your house has a rather open design, it helps to differentiate one space from another with different colors or patterns. By using largely neutrals in the living and kitchen areas, this house’s orange dining area with contemporary floral rug feels separate and distinct.

Ed Ritger Photography

In this instance, the designer used orange to designate a seating area within this long and narrow living space, using different colors of orange on the wall and couches to make dimension. Notice the orange was pulled into the seating area with the dark couches, via area rug and lamp, to make an entire cohesion.

Create an orange platform to build from by pulling in orange through rugs bedding or rugs. From there, consider using light colors, such as light pinks or purples, or neutrals to soften the potency of the orange.

ARTISSIMO – Idit Deutsch

Here’s another example of using sofas to make a platform of orange. The white cushions and mild yellow walls neutralize the orange.

If you’re hungry for orange, then go all out, just be certain that you’ve got the big picture in your mind. White architectural details help balance the impact of orange ceiling and walls, while impartial furniture grounds the space.

Such a strong shade of crimson with dark, neutral furniture may have felt too heavy: The addition of green velvet chairs feels fresh contrary to the orange and helps the space feel much less formal.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

This orange is thicker compared to that exhibited in the previous picture, making it blend better with the darker colour of this bed. Neutral bedding and vibrant pillows round out the appearance.

Nurseries and kids’ rooms are the ideal places to exercise a bold color, since they are meant to feel a bit more playful. A natural wood crib with mild bedding tones down orange walls in this particular nursery.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

On the reverse side, because orange can be a challenging color to wear, fashion stylists frequently recommend working it in as an accessory vs. a main bit. This principle also functions in interiors.

Based on an area’s light, arrangement, dimensions, etc.. orange as a dominant color may be overpowering. In this case, orange throw cushions or side tables may present the color and make an impression.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

In this dining room, orange places the shelving units and wood flooring on fire accessories and also a patterned area rug.

H&H Design

Rather than painting the entire wall, then paint an orange square to act as an accent for artwork or photography.

On the lookout for an easy and cheap method to sneak orange into your toilet? Consider towels. Hang them on racks, fold them on shelves or roll them to both keep them accessible and display their prominent colour.


Obviously, the orange accent seat is always an alternative. This seat stands out from light blue walls, white furniture and a soft, neutral shag rug.

Vision Homes & Remodeling

Or, if you’ve got a wooden cabinetry and flooring in your kitchen with slick, modern appliances, consider orange barstools for an unexpected modern addition.


Le Versha Chair, Orange – $248

This wrought iron seat from Anthropologie could work outside on the patio or inside as an accent.

Modern Pillows – $140

Scatter some of them in your couches and chairs for extra comfort and a spoonful of orange.

Inside Avenue

Orange and White Ceramic Garden Stool – $290

Garden stools make for excellent end tables, and this you also supplies texture and pattern.

Naked Decor

Queen hitter in Orange – $49.95

Contain orange and your own sense of humor with this particular Queen Clock from Naked Décor.

Jayes Studio

Umbrella Stand “Coptic Trellis Orange” – $99

Need a hint of orange on your entry? This umbrella stand will prove as practical as it is decorative.

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