Decorate with Yellow Stripes

I have often heard that yellow is a stimulating color, and it makes sense. Yellow simply awakens the senses and feels as fresh as the lemon fruits which use its own color. Adding stripes of yellow is a daring, lively approach to deliver a vibrant mindset to a space. Yellow is my joyful colour. Below are a few suggestions for making it work in your home.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Horizontal stripes open up a room to make a room look larger. That is a very good thing for a tight room like a bathroom.

Hint: To get a more dramatic effect in a small area, paint your stripes across all four walls and the doorway. It will make the door vanish and make the room look larger.

Scheer & Co..

This home office is so bright and cheery — what an uplifting space to get the job done. The vivid yellow ticking stripes on the wall would be the perfect shade of sun yellow.

Scheer & Co..

Bright yellow stripes in a bathroom give the room that summer cabana style.

Hint: remember that painting stripes in a bathroom is tricky with the tilework and light fixtures to paint around. Be sure to use a flat so that your stripes come out straight.

Timothy De Clue Collection & Design

To get a more traditional style, choose a softer shade of yellow for painting stripes on the wall. Then choose accents that draw on the exact same shade for less contrast, hence the stripes don’t pop as much. Here, the curtain and shower curtain mix in well with the walls.

Kathleen Burke Design

If you paint stripes of darker yellow on milder yellowish, you produce a black effect. The stripes add dimension to this bedroom, however, the layers of yellowish keep the stripes from feeling as vibrant and daring as yellow-on-white stripes. This is a mellow yellow.

Paige Merchant Designs

Wide horizontal yellow stripes add a sense of whimsy to this bedroom. The black-and-white striped pendant colour increases the lively vibe.


The pattern in this area rug feels like yellow and white stripes. The daring yellow draws the eye in instantly, and also the pattern brings you round the space, as stripes could do.



This rug is in my wish list for our flat. The citron yellow stripes will immediately make our living space feel happy and look more cohesive. The excellent thing about stripes is the pattern contrasts across all styles, from country to modern.

Gretel Home

Large Yellow and White Omaggio Vase – $98

This coloured ceramic vase looks amazing on its own as a decorative thing. Or I’d display some big white peonies in the vessel — the lush blooms will balance the straight-line stripes.

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