Quick Fix: Locate Wall Studs Without an Expensive Stud Finder

Anyone who’s attempted to hang a photo or a wall socket understands the perils that include not locating the wall stud. 1 inch too far to the left or the right, and your drywall can create an ugly hole or perhaps return from thick sheets. For Philip Tiffin of 522 Industries at Oakland, Calif., this is particularly important when it comes to installing his intricately engineered steel railings and staircases. Though he maintained purchasing the maximum quality stud finders on the current market, they never worked flawlessly. Then he discovered a fast tip he is used since.

Five Two Industries

Tiffin was having an impossible time finding the wall studs onto work site with a stud finder that was $70. Then somebody on the website recommended a refrigerator magnet that was big.

When he wants to search for a wall stud, he wraps it into blue painter’s tape, leaving a flap to use as a handle, and drags it along the wall. “When the magnet sticks the wall, you have discovered your stud,” he states. “Then use a level and mark where you want to drill your hole.”


“I have not used anything because,” Tiffin states. “It works better than any stud finder I have ever used or bought.” Tiffin buys 1-inch round fridge magnets in bulk (“The stronger the better,” he says) and keeps them whenever he is at work.

Five Two Industries

Even though Tiffin and 522 Industries uses this fast fix to install rails, staircases, and other custom steelwork, you may use this tip to discover studs before hanging artwork or shelves.

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