Great Cover-Ups: 8 Outdoor Canopies and Shades

When spring arrives it is time to dream about the perfect outdoor area, one that can host both barbecues and silent afternoons with your favorite summer read. No matter what purpose you want your outdoor space to serve, consider topping some of it off with a canopy.

Whether you’re looking for something framed in wood, draped like a sail or ribbed and rippled in a fake of a natural occurrence, the assortment of today’s designs implies you can definitely find a canopy that’s prepared to soar over your own backyard.

UBER Interiors

Eden Canopy – GBP 2,454

A beautiful modern canopy such as this creates a separate outdoor space. The sheer panels help keep wind, sound and bugs at bay without completely blocking out your environment.

Rimbou Icarus Shade Leaf

Color your terrace with something inspired by nature, like this modern “shade leaf.” Place a number of around a backyard or a few over your oudoor dining room for colour that’s easy to move and adjust throughout the day.

Go to the Shade Scapes Americas site for buying options.

Medium Triangle Sail Sun Shade – $49.99

The modern shape of this shade sail doesn’t just look slick — you can tie the sail into some three points in your yard. It could even offer shelter for those shade-loving plants in your garden.

Wicked Shade, Inc..

Shade sails can serve as a great outdoor focal point too. A distinctive sculptural shade helps draw up the eyes and off, visually expanding a deck’s footprint.

Royal Botania

Kokoon Hammock

This nest-like hammock and canopy could be the only piece of furniture you’d need to create a calm deck oasis. The hot tones will fit in effortlessly using a more conventional area, while the basic forms keep it fresh and modern.

Royal Botania

Wave Hammock

On the lookout for a small-space alternative? Think about a hammock and canopy all in one with this gorgeous floating lounger. It is the perfect answer for a treeless area — no tie-ups are needed for this particular hammock.


Crescent Pavilion

The curving contours of this pavilion add exotic allure into an outdoor landscape. The draped drapes are not just for appearances — shut them up when you need some privacy from the neighbors.

Paula Ables Interiors

On the lookout for a simpler program that may save a couple bucks? Drape a lightweight outdoor fabric underneath an outdoor arbor for subtle shading.

If you don’t possess an arbor, you may add rings into the fabric and place it on wires, which means that you may open and close it as a curtain.

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