Here's Why You Need A Residential Window Tint

As energy prices increase year after year, more and more homeowners are now on the lookout for good ways to save money on utility bills. Most of them opt for the addition of insulation in their homes. Some also replace their old appliances with newer ones which are already made to be eco-friendly. Another option is to switch to light bulbs that are considered as “energy saving.” However, not a lot of homeowners realize that they actually lose a lot of money because of the energy that’s lost through their window companies.

At least 30% of the heating and cooling of a home is lost through an ineffective window treatment or the window itself. A portion of the loss may be due to air leakage through the window installation. But, a huge portion of the loss is due to the heat that constantly flows through the windows’ glass and frame. You can reduce the energy loss by replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones. However, not all of us can afford the replacement of windows as it surely costs thousands of dollars. A good alternative that’s already a good solution would be the addition of a residential window replacement.

Window Tint – Insulation

In colder months, residential window tinting can help prevent heat from escaping your home through your window cleaning. A tint acts as a layer of insulation as it prevents heat loss while still allowing visible light to get in. You won’t have to worry about your home getting dim because a window tint can still be able to make your home’s interior bright.

During warmer months, the sun’s heat will enter through the many windows of your home. This will cause your AC to work even harder just to keep you cool inside your home. A window tint will block no less than 99% of the UV rays of the sun. With the window tint’s insulation effect as well as its ability to ensure UV rays won’t be able to enter you home, the heat from outside won’t enter through your windows’ glass. Cool air that’s from your AC will also be kept inside.

The insulation properties of a window tint greatly help in equalizing your home’s temperature. In turn, the heating and cooling system that you use in your home won’t have to work hard just to maintain the temperature that you want. You won’t just be able to reduce your energy costs but you’ll make your home much more comfortable as you’ve eliminated large temperature fluctuations.

Additional Benefits

By blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun, your possessions such as your valuable pieces of furniture will have less chances of getting damaged. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause fading, premature aging, and disintegrating for some materials. For sensitive electronics, UV rays will cause damage. With a residential window repair, you’ll preserve the quality and condition of your household items.

If you are ready to benefit from a residential window tint, then don’t hesitate to seek the help of professionals. They will ensure that you will enjoy all the advantages that a residential window tint brings about.