The best way to Cut Wall Paneling

Wall paneling needs to be cut using methods and specific blades to make sure that it will not chip. Care should be taken to preserve a 90-degree account retaining straight lines which are visible. It’s possible for you to add some character to your own home by even adding paneling into a section of wall for an accent or including wainscoting produced from paneling. You should use a tablesaw to cut paneling.

Blade Choice

Install a panel- a cabinet-maker cross-cut blade on a tablesaw or slicing blade, a blade that is laminate. Raise the blade to 1-inch in the tip of the tooth that is very best, to the idea where the blade emerges in the table. Saw blades are the greatest issue when reducing paneling. The blade that is incorrect splinter and will chip the fragile edges of paneling. Most dining table saw blades are made to reduce deep and quick. They’ve teeth that slice and tear wood. Panel-cutting blades, cross-cut and laminate blades have short teeth that will not chip paneling effortlessly.

Table Saw setup

Measure width or the size which you wish to cut from a sheet of paneling. Set the fence. You parallel to the grain or can cut over the grain. If you’re planning to slice the both instructions to the paneling, it is recommended to cut across or perpendicular the grain because it is simpler to manage a complete sheet of paneling in this way. In the event that you rip a sheet length-wise right into a slim piece, after that it becomes becomes quite difficult for the reason that it becomes floppy and hard to manage, to reduce it to size. Constantly make sure there are saw-horses in entrance and beside the observed to to aid the paneling when reducing paneling on a dining table observed.


Mark the entrypoint along with the ex IT point-of the noticed blade on the paneling. Stretch a bit of masking tape from both points of the measurement, and press it down tight. The thought is s O the blade will reduce down through the guts of the tape. The tape stops the blade from splintering or chipping the fringe of of the paneling. The ex IT factors of the blade are moving-in an upward movement as the saw blade passes throughout the paneling. They’ll chip the area off the paneling in the event the teeth occur to catch on-the-edge of the paneling as it ex ITs the blade. The tape stops the paneling from chipping


Place the paneling on the noticed. Place one-hand on the paneling on both sides of the blade. As you maintain it push back on the paneling. Push the paneling ahead over the blade before the blade emerges out the again of tape and the paneling. One hand should pass to the proper side of the blade on the left and one. Let go of the paneling and change the noticed off. The the thing when slicing paneling is consistently and to move easy. Jerky or stopping actions reduce or can burn up tiny divots in along side it of the paneling. It could also direct to cuts which might be not square.

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