How to Clean and Maintain Residential Windows

The windows provide you with a view to the outdoors. They are the only connection your home has to the outside and as such, it is very important to make sure that they are clean and well maintained all year. Windows are an important part of your home because they complement its outside look. However, if they are not maintained well, they can easily turn into an eyesore. In addition to this, windows will bear the brunt of tough weather conditions. Whether it’s dust or snow, they will face it all. Regular cleaning can ensure that even with such weather the panes remain sparkling and beautiful as always.

The following are a few simple DIY tips that you can explore today for effective window installation.

Clean the Glass Regularly

The glass is the most important part of the window. It’s the center of attraction and the window draws most of its beauty from it. Therefore, cleaning the glass is essential. The great thing is that the process is not really that hard. If you can do this with a dry cloth and some water once a month, then your home will look stunning from the outside. There are a number of things you must look for as you clean the glass. Dust and debris are the least of your concern. Pay attention to fingerprints too and cracks.

In order to have a better view, open up the drapes and curtains to view the window in sunlight. This will make it easier for you to see any issues that need to be fixed. There are also modern glass cleaner detergents that can offer great results. Although you can still use water, the special glass cleaning agents are far more effective.

Always make sure that the glass is properly rinsed after every cleaning job. The last thing you want is to have dry soap stains form on the panes. They will not just look bad but all the work done in window repair would have gone to waste.

Deep-Clean with Vinegar

Deep cleaning with vinegar is not something that can be done daily. But if you can do it once or twice a year, it will be great. Simply fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and add some hot water. Spray the vinegar on the glass to form an even layer. Wipe off the vinegar gently using a dry and clean sponge. Don’t forget to cover the window seal with some paper towels to avoid any spillovers from above.

Protect the Glass

The glass on your windows is very delicate so you have to protect it. As you work on other home improvement projects, make sure there’s as little contact as possible with the glass. Things like paint can really put a stain that will take a lot of time to clean.

Proper window cleaning can make your windows look beautiful and sparkling.  The simple tips above will help you out a lot.