Outdoor Lighting to Make Your House and Landscape Glow

There’s something about a home at night, glowing from inside, that beckons you home. Translate that impact to your yard and you can gain extra outdoor rooms all night long.

Start with the front door to welcome people at night, include a few lights to your garden or backyard patio, or perhaps spice up a few trees using some uplighting. Lighting can be minimal and economical as a few solar lights out of a house improvement store or may get complicated and expensive with setups that are designed. Whether you choose to invest a lot or a little, the tiniest bit of lighting can go a very long way in the dark.

Have a glimpse into a few homes at night, lit from within and without in varying degrees of brightness. Exotic patios, glittering fountains and sculptural trees all get a boost out of a little mild. Where would you add a little glow to your house at night?

Kristi Spouse Interiors

A Well-Lit Welcome

Everything begins at the front door. Simple sconces flanking the door can add sufficient lighting for people, while uplighting along posts and a warm glow from inside are even more inviting.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Ensure people don’t visit by illuminating the road to the front door. Lighting the road and the door itself is the priority with night light.

FORMA Design

Lighting Paths

When paths and steps cut trails through the garden during the night, light can be useful. Dangerous when dim, paths become a design feature with the inclusion of night lights.

Noel Cross+Architects

Start with just a few lights and add additional to amp up the intensity as guests get closer to the front door. Welcome them with a strong glowing front porch lighting.

Kevin akey – azd associates – michigan

Lighting Art

Beautiful sculptural pieces could get lost in the dark with no lighting. Lighting the house behind the sculpture provides an art installation depth and presence.

Viewpoint Lighting

Lighting Up the Trees

Uplighting trees may add drama to a night garden, particularly when the tree has a striking form. Huge, twisting branches look living when lit from within and beneath.

Try placing uplighting under trees and bushes to create cool shadows during the night. Assessing the lights during the night, or just experimenting with a flashlight prior to installing, permits you to see precisely how the shadows will perform at night.

McKay Landscape Lighting

Another choice is to uplight the tree to revolve around the contour as a whole instead of concentrating on darkness. Extra lighting below the bench seating in this photograph permits the region to operate at night instead of disappearing into the shadow.

Exteriors From Chad Robert

Lighting Up the Waters

Water features gain additional drama when illuminated at night.

D-CRAIN Design and Construction

Illuminating a swimming pool is a classic use of outdoor night lighting. Few things are bewitching.

Illuminated fountains seem to glitter through the night as the water and light bounce off each other to beautiful effect.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

Tame the Light

Lighting doesn’t have to be brilliant to create effect. Subtle light that peeks out from wall slats gives enough shine to make this backyard patio romantic and cozy.

McKay Landscape Lighting

Subtle lighting around the front door may also be powerful without going over the surface. A few spotlights give depth to a blank wall, while strip light highlights the linear structure.

Possidento Lightscapes LLC

Whether you are light human-made art or the extraordinary lines of character, pathways throughout the backyard or the plants inside, lights can alter the night landscape in beautiful ways.

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