Man Space: A Guy Likes a Nice Closet

Take just about any closet space shared between a woman and man. The man’s portion will probably take up one of their distance, while the girl’s dominates the rest. Sure, we all guys know: You’ve got more things than we do (despite hating 95% of it and just needing to wear clothing).

But a man still needs his own well-designed and organized distance, also. Our style collection might not be as massive as most women’s, but it encompasses nearly as numerous categories: jewellery (ties, cuff links, rings); accessories (belts, pocket squares, watches); bags (briefcase, knapsack); and, yes, sneakers (work, play, exercise, summer, winter). And since you have made it crystal clear that the bathroom floor, hallway floor, bedroom floor, desk chair and kitchen counter tops are not appropriate storage alternatives, it all has to go somewhere.

The very best part of our transformation from apparel piles to organization is that lots of dudes are realizing that their closet is the one place where they can excercise a little personal style. Our girls might not want dark, classy wood along with a shoe-shining station in the living room for all the visitors to view, but we can still have a small bit of liberty in the closet.

Branca, Inc..

Custom closets vary from a few thousand bucks for a small corner area all the way up to an great walk-in for $200,000. But for some the splurge is well worth it. That’s because getting ready in the morning is a ritual. Whether you are heading to a job interview or an important meeting, or you only want to feel energized and confident throughout the day, choosing time to pick out the perfect outfit and wear it well is important.

Using a distance that keeps things organized makes this process easier. Here a pullout shelf and brass wall hook allow the homeowner display and select his outfit carefully, while rich, classy wood, a Persian-style rug along with a tufted foot stool help set the tone for your day.

Atlanta Closet & Storage Solutions

A closet doesn’t need to be on the top to make a big impact. David Buchsbaum at Atlanta Closet and Storage Solutions created this smart custom-made unit to perfectly match a corner area.

Since guys do not generally have long articles of clothing, piled double hangers for tops and trousers help maximize space and keep things organized. A oversize bottom drawer here’s really a pullout hamper.

Cost: About $1,200 to $1,500, such as installment

Boudreaux Design Studio

“Believe it or not, guys do have a lot of sneakers,” says Jessica Boudreaux, who designed this custom-made system to get a minimalist homeowner’s slim closet in Miami. Open shelves hold numerous pairs of sneakers, while pullout drawers have holders for multiple pairs of sunglasses, a must in Florida.

Boudreaux believes the closet is one area where guys can get creative with fashion. “You might love the colour green but do not want to do this colour on your living room, in which you entertain frequently,” she says. “But a closet can be a fun place to play up your character.”

Cost: Around $6,000

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Floor-to-ceiling storage units can turn tight and narrow spaces into absolutely coordinated solutions, while masculine materials and colors create a private, inviting area where guys can start and end their day.

Poliform USA

This freestanding unit with vertical panels by Senzafine is among the most well-known designs at Poliform, a company that produces custom closet spaces. Elena Sladkopevceva, a marketing partner at Poliform, says dark colors tend to work better for men’s cabinets. “They seem organized, along with the richness shows off the substances longer,” she says.

These units have inside light, are simple to install and include custom enhancements like glass doors, pullout hangers, drawers with coordinated dividers for cuff links and links, and even room for a briefcase.

Poliform USA

Poliform’s Ubik unit can also be popular. It attaches to a wall — unlike a modular unit — and comes without doors for simple access. The shelves have been melamine board, whereas the drawers are sold in eight different types of wood and lacquers in more than 30 colors and textures, such as leather.

Poliform USA

California Closets Twin Cities

“Men do have a taste for dark colors,” says Ginny Snook Scott, chief design officer at California Closets. Scott has been making custom cabinets for more than 25 years; she’s discovered that guys lean toward modern aesthetics to get a more streamlined and clean look without overpowering detail or decor, unlike girls, she says.

“Girls like more cubbies and containers,” she says. “Men want more open baskets and shelves they can see”

Smart and fashionable closet theories aren’t only for walk-ins. Custom modular units can turn into a tight place to a stunning area.

Cabinet Innovations

Having a place for each and every item is key to creating a walk-in cupboard. Suit trousers, for instance, are always the bane of a guy’s existence. Twist and hang them wrong, and you’ll receive awkward, messy creases up and down the pant legs. Hang them correctly, and they’ll remain neatly pressed.

This hideaway pullout for match trousers keeps each pair only far enough apart for them to remain immaculately folded.

Richard Ross Designs

Sure, hanging all of your knotted ties on a single hanger and then shoving it in your closet worked when you were in school and owned department store ties. But expensive wool and silk ties can’t take that sort of misuse.

Custom drawers, revealed here and below, keep them wrinkle free and simple to access.

Twin Cities Closet Co..

Cabinet Innovations

This vertical drawer creates an organized mini wall for ties and other accessories.

Cabinet Innovations

In precisely the exact same area, acrylic dividers keep undershirts and socks colour coordinated and coordinated.

Cabinet Innovations

Meanwhile, a clever wooden plank folds out to make a shoe-shine station.

Cabinet Innovations

And figurines create suit jackets easy store to get a clean look and to rifle through.

The Closet Lady/Manhattan Murphy Bed Inc..

Even a few straightforward options for hanging trousers, ties and shirts can turn an average closet into a fashionable space.

Hall Developments

Richard Ross Designs

If your wardrobe does not contain dozens of matches, smart storage can still jazz up your closet.

TransFORM | The Art of Custom Storage

Small closets get the most benefit from high-minded design. This cool sliding door helps hide a perfectly organized area.

Jill Greaves Design

With graphic carpet, rich wood, marble flooring, cool light and black and white photographs, this closet and the one over rival any ritzy country club.

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