The best way to Cover Counters With Con-Tact Paper

Fabric and the colour of your counters has a powerful influence on the sense of bath or your kitchen. In the event that you are going right into a brand new house or redecorating, changing counters may be pricey and time consuming — and in the event that you are leasing, you may not be permitted to make changes that are long-term. Use contact paper to generate a short-term, although somewhat long-lasting, new appearance. Restrict your choices to heavy duty items which will withstand the rigors of existence as a counter top, then select layout or a colour that suits your individual fashion.

Unroll the con-Tact paper on a clear area outside or indoors near a window. Lay it flat in sunlight together with the pattern upward. Leave it there for many hours or before the curl in the roll flattens out. Lay it flat inside overnight in the event that you if you fail to abandon the paper outdoor.

Clean the counter completely using a sponge as well as a light detergent. Remove and dirt so the paper can adhere securely and easily. Rinse off the detergent with water that is clear, and dry the counter completely using a textile.

Place a sheet of contact paper on the counter. Line the edge of the paper together with the rear edge of the counter up. Use masking tape to to keep the paper in position.

Press the paper level together with your hands. Stop the surplus using a utility knife, if it’s broad enough to cover the whole counter.

Lift one corner of the paper. Peel the initial inch of the backing paper off and fold it back underneath the con-Tact paper. The contact paper still ought to lie flat and be aligned with all corners and the borders of the shelf.

Press on the open paper down onto the corner of the counter. Make use of a squeegee

Lift the free con-Tact paper and gradually peel back 8 to 12″ of the backing. As you take away the backing, hold the con-Tact paper tight. Smooth it in to location together with the squeegee. Cover three to four inches of paper with each squeegee stroke.

Duplicate the skinning and smoothing procedure in 8-to-1 2-inch sections before you’ve got attached the complete sheet of con Tact paper. Examine the alignment of the paper after every section. Pare it back and fix it, then place it it with all the squeegee if it h-AS transferred.

Overlap an additional piece of con-Tact paper by 1/2 inch, if needed. Stick at it in location with masking tape, cut the excess having a utility knife, and duplicate the smoothing and skinning procedure.

Take away. Pop them having a pin, in the event that you’ve got air bubbles trapped underneath the paper and smooth down the paper using the squeegee.

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