The best way to Stain Natural Cork

Although cork seems noticeably distinct from the exact same stain, many other wood species and sealer items useful for pine, other conventional lumber as well as oak also can be used on cork. Cork is an item of the cork-oak tree. Build it Green, a non-profit organization that encourages healthy properties in the Bay Region, urges water-based stuff for cork that is staining. Just unsealed cork accepts stain. Urethane wax as well as other sealers avoid stain absorption, and the veneer can be ruined by sanding cork. If your sealer exists on the cork, sanding that is expert is encouraged.

Stain Program

Open a container of water-based wood stain.

Until no sediment stays on the base of the container stir the contents using a paint stir stick.

Pour the stain right into a paint pan.

Roll a sponge-coated paint-roller through the stain.

Put on the stain to the cork with very long. Transfer the roller in most ways to avoid runs.

Allow the soak to the cork to get 2 or a minute, then wipe off the stain using a rag.

Enable the stain to dry. Water-based stains generally dry within one hour or 2 in temperatures more than 50 levels.

The depth you would like is achieved by additional layers of stain before the colour. Allow cork and follow the producer’s recommendation for greatest layers of stain dry fully before applying sealer.

Sealer Program

Open a container of water-based wood sealer.

Stir the sealer having a paint stir stick, using care not to introduce bubbles into the fluid.

Dunk a broad, good or a wood sealer program brush -bristle paint brush to the sealer.

Apply sealer to the cork with strokes. Pull the brush over any places where bubbles form to assist them dissipate.

Allow the sealer dry. Apply 2 more layers, or as many as the sealer maker advocates.

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