10 Quick and Easy Ways to Dress Your Bed

Making the bed is not my favorite activity. Mind you, I love the way the mattress looks when it is created, and I always want the mattress created when company comes over, but that I simply don’t enjoy the action of doing it. Obviously, if it is not done for my liking, I waste no time in making alterations. We designers are tough animals .

My favorite made beds are those which appear beautiful, but also approachable, not too fussy, and surely easy to reverse. I will venture a guess that most husbands and boyfriends, not to mention lots of women, favor fewer cushions on the bed. For the most part I’m in agreement, but let us look at some styles (even with a handful of cushions ) that will not overwhelm anybody and look good — and company-ready — everyday.


1. Partial roll-down. Have some snappy pillows you want to showcase? Well, roll that comforter down a bit and prop the pillows up!

Claudia Leccacorvi

2. Complete roll-down. If using the comforter up by the pillows appears too hot (as it does right now, what with Texas’ 100+ degrees weather!) Roll down the comforter to the edge of the mattress to expose beautiful sheets and make a fun band at the end. The appearance is simple and casual but tailored — easy to create; much easier to un-make and grow into!

Chr DAUER Architects

3. Tucked band. Like the roll-down but more tailored, the tucked band is often achieved with a accent textile. If you’ve traveled and brought back a stunning piece of fabric you’re not sure what to do with, think about making it a part of your bedding scheme. You’ll get to love it everyday without over-using (and maybe destroying ) it.

Kuth/Ranieri Architects

4. Total coverage. By far the simplest bed-making technique is just pulling the quilt all the way up and tucking it in a bit at the front edge of the pillows. Make sure it’s all straight and call it a day. No shame in this! Jazzy bedding and well-coordinated accessories and furniture do not hurt, but this really can be a simple, good-looking alternative that does not have to break the bank to look tailored and completed.

Amy Lau Design

5. Tight and tucked. If you have a fabulous bed framework worth displaying (or, if you just don’t like dust collecting at the end of of you bedding), then perhaps you prefer a more tailored appearance. If that’s the case, tuck your duvet or blanket under the mattress. Decorative pillows at the head of the mattress bring in layers and texture.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

6. Stacked and tucked. You enjoy pillows? Pile them on! But try to keep them to a helpful minimum. Within this set up, the decorative pillow sits up-front while the sham and pillows most of us sleep are stacked. The look is simple, clean and complicated.

Amy Lau Design

7. Working in the body pillow. A great deal of people swear by their own body pillows, but integrating them in to your bedding scheme can be challenging. Not anymore! Have a cue from Amy Lau and find that pillow at a coordinating case, prop it up in front of your other pillows, drape a stunning textile lightly at the end of the mattress and voila: the entire body pillow is effortlessly coordinated.

Michelle Hinckley

8. Mixing and matching. Add interest and texture with mismatched-but-coordinated pillow cases. Stripes, a daring picture, a small pattern and a solid will always work nicely together in the right color combination. Mix scales to be sure there’s enough difference between the routines, and love.

Glenn Gissler Design

In my opinion, any kind of bedding and bed-making style works nicely with interesting textiles chucked into the mix.

John Maniscalco Architecture

9. Let’s not forget the children. Bunk beds are not easy beds to create. Let us face it: Who would like to dangle off the top bunk with one hand and foot while balancing and making the bed with another hand and foot? I will tell you: no one. Keep it simple.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

These twin beds appear complicated without being overdone. The stripes stretch the bed and introduce a nice texture to cancel the Moroccan-esque headboards.

Willman Interiors / Gina Willman, ASID

The band approach works nicely for twin beds, too. This room could accommodate kids or adult guests with its elegant appearance.

10. Mixing and matching, twin-style. Twin beds do not have to match! I love the idea of making each bed reflect the personality of this little person sleeping inside.

Inspiring Murphy Beds
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