Photo of the Week: Sleeping on Air

Odds are you will have to do a double take after viewing this photo. Nope, it isn’t Photoshopped. This mattress in London’s Notting Hill area gets its floating appearance from a smart structural trick. Installed by British designer Kia Sundra, the mattress remains in place thanks to some hidden leg.

Kia Designs

Lago, an merchandise designer designs the bedframe. The model’s name is Fluttua (“float”). A metal leg in the middle holds the mattress, which is also anchored securely into the wall behind. “It certainly is not going anywhere,” says Sunda.

This mattress was something the client had seen previously, but she was not convinced it would work for her because it removed the possibility of under-bed storage. But Sunda integrated wall cabinets on the left side of this space to compensate, allowing this bed to seem to float on air.

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