Wake Up Your Kitchen With Eye-Catching Color

If you are itching to change up the look of your kitchen but a full remodel is not to be, there are still lots of approaches to punch up your space with refreshing colour and bold details. From painted ceilings, floors and patterns to colour scheme ideas and much more, join us now and discover 12 creative ways to add colour to your kitchen with little more than a can of paint and imagination.

California Home + Design

Lift your mood using a cheery striped ceiling. Your arms will beg for mercy with all of the taping and painting overhead, but your eyes will thank you if the job is done. Wide stripes in sun yellow and white are a daring choice, but kept to the ceiling that they feel fun and unique without overwhelming the space.

Janna Makaeva/Cutting Edge Stencils

Attempt an all-over stencil. Want the appearance of wallpaper without the high price tag? Why not try your hand for an wall stencil? There are lots of cool, modern versions available on the marketplace, as well as doing a single accent wall could make a large impact.

Read up about the method in this handy tutorial.

Camilla Molders Design

Use superpigmented colors to get a wealthy effect. Vibrant turquoise is stunning by itself, but it really stands out when paired with equally bold red and a glistening metallic touch, such as the chairs and pendant lights displayed here.

Ana Williamson Architect

Map out a new colour scheme with large-scale wall art. A large way to immediately deliver a splash of colour into the kitchen would be with an oversize item of art. It does not need to be precious to perform the job; believe topographical maps, classic school graphs and botanical illustrations.

If you enjoy what you see, then you can further the appearance by yanking your room’s paint colors from the art for a built-in colour scheme.

Loop Design

Double up on tropical colors to get a bold, zesty appearance. Fresh lime green or sour blue could be striking by itself, but put the two together and you can immediately evoke the laid-back speed, swaying trees and crystal-clear waters of the tropics. Sterile, stripped surfaces and modern stainless steel assist steer this appearance into glossy instead of gimmicky land.

Modern Craft Construction, LLC

Add colour and pattern using carpet tiles. The kitchen floor has to withstand heavy traffic, spills and regular cleaning, making it a less-than-ideal candidate to get a traditional rug. However, adding softness and colour on the floor can be achieved in a more practical manner with carpet tiles, which may be removed separately for replacing or cleaning.

Asher Associates Architects

Paint the ground to get an easy-care “rug.” Another attractive alternative for the kitchen would be to paint or perhaps stencil the floor to get a built-in rug impact. The glossy pale blue revealed here is mild and fairly yet will not show every single crumb that falls, and it cleans up easily.

Wm Ohs Inc..

Enlarge your area with sky-blue ceilings. Blue ceilings are often discovered on porches, but not give them a try inside? A blue ceiling in the kitchen will make you feel like you are cooking in the open air, increasing the sense of distance.

Hufft Projects

Accent wood cabinets with warm sunset colors. When you’re wanting to add to an current kitchen scheme, working what you’ve got into the new design is essential. If warm forests are already in play with cupboards and counters, try laying down sunset-hued rug tiles and painting the walls sharp white for a fresh appearance.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Utilize a focal wall in the conclusion of a galley kitchen. When a narrow galley-style kitchen is cramping your style, try taking the emphasis down the hall with a daring painted wall in the breakfast nook. Insert a sculptural pendant lighting and shapely chairs tucked into a round table to complete the scene.

Roost Interior Design

Start small with a single painted accent. I really like the notion of painting the inside of one cabinet (with doors removed and holes filled) or the wall supporting a pair of floating shelves to frame a selection of your favourite dishes or cookware. It is always surprising just how much impact a little change like this will make to the whole room.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Clean your kitchen in soothing colors of a single colour. To get a tranquil appearance, try working in several colors of the same cool colour in various areas of the kitchen. Here, a fairly turquoise was used to counter tops, while a paler, watered-down version of the same colour was utilized on the walls to great effect.

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