Wonders: Vintage Crates

Root beer, bananas, vino, ammo … classic wooden crates have held onto all of it at one time or another. These enchanting boxes have to live another life. Not only do they make useful storage vessels, but their aged wood, faded painted logos and old nails add a exceptional patina and character to a room. Vintage crates are easy to find at flea markets and antiques malls, in addition to online; I did a quick Etsy search today and found small crates starting at under $10. See if any of these clever applications for classic crates hit your fancy.

Annie McElwain Photography

Utilization: Wall-mounted shelves
Result: A unique composition that can display your collectibles in an organized way.
Hint: Start with a direct line throughout the top of your arrangement and line the crates together it. A uniform look is lent by maintaining about the exact same amount of distance between crates.

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Utilization: Vertical backyard construction
Result: A conversation starter that holds succulents in a sudden way. This endeavor is by Renee Garner.

Dreamy Whites

Utilization: Side table filled with character and history
Effect: only the ideal dollop of crusty patina within an otherwise white and clean shabby chic area.
Hint: If the cage is irregular, use felt pads (the sort that protect floors from scratchy table legs) to level it.

Erika Bierman Photography

Utilization: Stacked shelves
Effect: Tall storage that’s even more intriguing if not perfectly calibrated.
Hint: If you’ve got more than a couple of crates on your heap, nail them together for safety. You do not want a tower of heavy boxes and crates to collapse on anyone.

Splendid Willow

Utilization: Rolling storage crate
Effect: A useful and attractive way to store everything from cleaning supplies.

Learn how to make one of them yourself

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It’s The Little Things…

Utilization: Collection screen
Effect: The segments from old soda crates offer a grid of compartments for shells, teacups, photographs or whatever else you want to display.

The Virginia House

Utilization: somewhere to stash extra cushions
Result: Really, you can throw anything in crates like these and store them outside in plain sight; their wood, painted logos and old nails bring age.

Jeanette Lunde

Utilization: Tabletop bookshelf
Effect: A portable way to store your books, magazines and records.
Bonus: The crate on top can round up three beautiful vintage glass bottle vases.

Rikki Snyder

Utilization: Nightstand
Result: A bedside table that will hide that heap of magazines, a flashlight, your journal and anything else you prefer to have local.

Utilization: Candleholder
Result: I love when one multipurpose wonder and yet another one get married, in this case mason jars and classic crates.

Ira Lippke

Utilization: Vintage-modern kitchen storage
Effect: A great way to corral smaller kitchen items to get a uniform look on open shelves.

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